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Government commends church mother bodies for intervening in the fight against COVID-19

General News Government commends church mother bodies for intervening in the fight against COVID-19

Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili has commended Church Mother Bodies in the country for responding positively and effectively in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Reverend Sumaili indicated that government is impressed with the support being rendered by the church to ensure that citizens adhere to the health guidelines in an effort to mitigate the further spread of COVID-19.

The Minister noted that the church is not only following the health guidelines but also operating in accordance with magnitude of the virus as in some instances are holding virtue church proceedings.

She reminded that the church has a role to give life as well as preserve it, thus following the health guidelines is priority at the moment.

“As government we are very grateful for the way the church has responded to the COVID-19, they have really followed the guidelines from the Ministry of Health which is very encouraging,” Reverend Sumaili stated.

She was speaking during the ecumenical prayer service in the prevailing COVID-19 held at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holly Cross, which organized by three church mother Bodies.

The Minister observed that the church being a mother of faith offers prayers in various sectors which are able to rebuild the losses and also bring hope to the people of Zambia especially during the pandemic.

She indicated that the church are also praying for President Edgar Lungu to receive God’s guidance as he heads the nation in times of COVID-19.

Reverend Sumaili urged the church to continue praying for the country to remain strong as well as conquer the virus by observing the five golden rules.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Acting Executive Director, Andrew Mwenda disclosed that the escalation in the rise of COVID-19 cases has prompted the church to come together in prayers of intercession for God’s intervention.

Bishop Mwenda disclosed that the event was going on country as other churches were participating virtually because of the pandemic.

The Bishop stayed that the prayers were aimed at seeking for God to direct the nation of n the right path amid the pandemic.

“As the church mother bodies that is EFZ, Council of Churches in Zambia and Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops came together to have a joint moment of intercession and prayer that God will come through for some s because we trust in Him,” Bishop Mwenda said.

He called on Zambians not to relax in observing the health guidelines following the announced reduction in cases during the previous update by the Minister of Health Jonas Chanda.

And ZCCB Secretary General Cleopas Lungu urged Zambians to remain confident that the country will overcome the virus.

Father Lungu stressed the need for unity in the fight against COVID-19 if victory is to be guaranteed.

He noted that the pandemic was sudden and caught everyone unaware but that people should not tremble and trust in Jesus for healing.

“We are all at risk hence let us pray for the spirit of unity, solidarity, working together and we shall overcome,” Father Lungu stated.

He was disappointed that some members of the public are still ignorant about the virus hence urged citizens to follow the five golden rules.


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