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Roan MP assures NDC Members that Kambwili is not going back to PF


The Roan Member of parliament Honourable Joseph Chishala had a tough time last week in defending the party and the President when Roan National Democratic Congress (NDC) officials took him to task on the rumours going round social media that Dr Chishimba Kambwili is headed to PF.

Addressing party members during a mobilisation meeting the Roan Member of parliament assured the officials and also took this time to update the nation that besides the rumours taking rounds on social media, Dr Chishimba Kambwili is NDC President and his ready for August 12,2021 general elections and has got no intentions whatsoever of going back to PF.

During the meeting, NDC party officials asked about the status quo of the opposition alliance.

The Roan lawmaker reminded people of what the NDC leader said when he last featured on Diamond Tv programme. Dr Kambwili stated that the opposition alliance has agreed 99.9% of its talks and they are still talking, so the alliance is still alive and kicking and the PF are only trying to distabilise the opposition alliance because its a threat to PF stay in power after August 12, 2021.

During the meeting, the Roan Member of parliament instructed party officials to immediately look for an NDC office in Roan besides the one in Mpatamatu, to easy mobilization works for the party.

Amidst the COVID-19 restrictions the government is not allowing the opposition to hold any meetings and yet them they are busy traversing the country campaigning. With a office this will make It easy for the party to hold meetings legally, Chishala said.

The meeting was attended by NDC Roan Constituency ward officials from all the four wards plus two political wards. Others in attendance were NDC Roan Constituency officials.


  1. But Kambwili is headed for prison he is a convicted criminal. He was found guilty the only thing Kambwili is doing is to buy time otherwise he is a certified criminal.

  2. If the opposition leaders unite and unite with honesty, transparency and integrity then PF will be wiped out in August, however if they don’t work together then PF will win and Zambia dies

  3. Even if CK went back to his vomit would he save the PF Titanic Ship from sinking? PF stole a big fish from UPND in GBM. What value addition has GBM brought to PF? Sellouts who go back to their Vomit are not respected by the Electorate. The desperation by PF to get CK back shows that PF have no attractive Campaign messages except to buy votes and Campaigners. The Buying Votes Strategy is outdated and won’t work for PF. The writing is on the wall.

  4. Chishimba has only two options. Go and clean the resident’s shoes or go to Jail. Being on the ballot is not possible. UPND know this very well and do not trust him and do not have him in their plans . They have moved miles ahead of him. His talk of a strong alliance is a dream that will never come true. The eralier CK realises this the better for him.

  5. Ok so is that the reason why he calls me most evenings to try and get audience with the president? Whether he joins or not has no impact on us winning the election. In fact if he joins, he will need to start from the bottom as party cleaner

  6. The manner in which CK has conducted himself after leaving PF doesn’t inspire confidence. CK cannot be trusted. HH and UPND have learnt their lessons with GBM and Canicious Banda. Once bitten twice shy. HH has to think deep b4 appointing a Running Mate. The choice of HH’s Running Mate could influence Voters. HH must choose his Running Mate wisely this time around.

  7. The Zambian people have lost trust in politicians. No matter what you say, they do not trust you. There have just been too many U turns. If PF loses in August, you will see how many of them will flock to whoever wins. We do not have SERVANT politics in Zambia, we have HUNGER politics.

  8. @SAINT hats for sure in ZAMBIA we have alot of Muselela Kwakaba type of Politicians,Even Caders will trek to who ever When UPND wins you will more ditch PF.

  9. CK is Prisoner to PF. Either he defects back to PF or goes to Jail. CK has been asked to pay a Ransom or he is jailed. Its a tough choice to make. If u can’t beat them join them.

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