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Help stop cyber bullying, teachers implored

General News Help stop cyber bullying, teachers implored

Central Province Minister Sidney Mushanga has challenged teachers in the region to use their influence on learners to impart knowledge on the dangers of cyber bullying.

Mr Mushanga says teachers should get involved in the fight against cyberbullying, and encourage pupils to use social media productively.

Addressing teachers during his inspection of the observance of COVID-19 health measures in schools, Mr Mushanga urged teachers to utilize their profession to teach pupils on ways to embrace national values, morals and principles.

“You are not only teachers but also parents to take care of pupils by imparting in them good morals national values and principles which President Edgar Lungu has continued to emphasize in his address to the nation” Mr Mushanga said.

He noted that cases of cyber bullying have become widespread, adding that it is the reason why government wants to enact a law against the scourge.

The Minister stated that cyber space should be used productively to better lives and not to spread hate speech and obscene materials.

“Schools are the best places where values and principles can be propelled. The use of social media for good deeds for the good of humanity is to be observed always,” Mr Mushanga said.


  1. I am bullied every day by cyber bullies on online platforms. I am called ugly and all sorts of names. However, I have thick skin and realise these bullies are sad and insecure. They wish they had the money and woman I have. They are jealous and will rot in diaspora

  2. It will be very difficult to fight cyber bullying as its a new thing which people are using to do good and evil. This a global problem which needs global efforts not only Zambia alone. The fight against cyber bullying should start at household level. In addition some film contents being screened on TV channels are a contributing factor. There are a lot factors which are contributing to moral decay in our society. There is need to include moral contents in our primary school cirricurum otherwise there is little that can be done as long as its a global problem which we have to live with for some time to come.

  3. This cyber bullying thing is really for wimps. Some of us were physically attacked by bullies. What is this cry cry about words on a phone or computer? Toughen up. The good thing is that to get back at bullies one does not need to be bigger or stronger, just words.

  4. It’s the police, first and foremost; the teachers can do their part by integrating it into the curriculum, but the cyber unit of the police has to be vigilant.

  5. Now each and every PF official will be talking about cyber this and cyber that since they are so eager to pass the cyber bill before campaigns.

  6. Desperation sure, you don’t need a bill to fight cyber bulling but education. You don’t even own the internet or the platforms many people are using. Just too many ways people can circumvent your laws

  7. It is high time, we must demand action to stop the social media crimes like cyberbullying, hate speech, posting fake videos and information, etc.

  8. The only solution for this is to impose strict laws on the social media platform. And, that is why we demand the Cybercrime Bill should be passed in Parliament!

  9. Cyberbullying is rising among the young population. Teachers, parents, and guardians play an important role in this, as they can teach the kids about the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

  10. The social media platform was launched with an aim to connect people, spread positivity, promote good things, and share knowledge. But, some people are using it in all the wrong ways. It could turn worse if not controlled in time.

  11. Due to the Pandemic, social media usage among youths has been increased which gave rise to social media bullying. This needs to stop.

  12. Yes, teachers should get involved in the fight against cyberbullying. They should teach students about the negative facts of social media. Teachers should also promote national values, morals, and principles.

  13. We must encourage our children to use social media productively… Not for bullying people and making fun of them.

  14. Even on the official page of President Lungu, we see several hateful and meaningless comments. How could someone speak disrespectfully with the Head of the State?

  15. Yes, moral values and principles are learnt in schools. So the student needs to learn the use of social media for good deeds for the good of humanity through schools.

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