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Cyber bullying of the Head of State was tantamount to harassing the whole Zambian Republic


Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has called on all Zambians to behave responsibly and not to demean or propagate information that touches on the persona of President Edgar Lungu.

Dr. Hamukale said cyberbullying of the Head of State was tantamount to harassing the whole Zambian Republic as President Lungu was the Chief Executive for the country.

The Provincial Minister stressed that spreading false information about the Head of State was punishable by law, and urged all well-meaning Zambians to desist from the detrimental vice.

“As Minister of this land I will not allow anyone propagating false information about the President; Ministers, chiefs and other innocent individuals targeted for unjustified reasons. We would like to see a protected citizenry where all people live in peace and happily,” he said.

Dr Hamukale said this in Livingstone yesterday, at the finale of the Awareness Walk against Cyberbullying and Fake news, led by Zambia Air Force (ZAF), Captain Thokozile Muwamba.

He further condemned online gender-based violence targeted against female ministers.

Dr Hamukale said it was unacceptable to use unpalatable language against the ministers online, adding that they needed to be given time and space to serve the public diligently.

And Zambia Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA), Director-General Patrick Mutimushi noted that the number of complaints received of people who had been cyber bullied had continued to rise, particularly in the case of women and girls.

Mr. Mutimushi was however, happy that ZICTA in collaboration with Cyber Hygiene Zambia were at the heart of the movement aimed at changing the mind sets of those yet to appreciate that access to digital platforms comes with responsibility.

He was confident that the output of the nationwide publicity to discourage cyber bullying and elaborate its consequences would result in attracting a caliber of young people who would be online ambassadors to help promote responsible use of the internet.

“The expected output of this nationwide publicity discouraging cyberbullying will help enhance the ZICTA ‘Be your sisters’ and brother’s online keeper’ initiative aimed at creating youthful online ambassadors who will promote productive use of the internet,” he said.

And speaking in an interview upon arrival in Livingstone, Captain Thokozile Muwamba said the walk had not been easy but she managed with the support of her team members and Cyber Hygience Zambia.

Captain Muwamba was confident the message on cyber bullying was reaching the masses and starting up conversations on the vice among various stakeholders in the country.

She noted that her walk from Lusaka had raised both positive and negative comments, adding that this was a good starting point for positive behavioural change.

“We have reached a lot of people during our walk and that is a good thing. Now we have to get people to use the internet responsibly and not demean each other online,” she said.

And Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General Josephine Mapoma said online broadcasters should behave according to the ethics of broadcasting.

Ms Mapoma urged online broadcasting institutions to register with IBA upon attaining a certain threshold of viewers, for their content to be regulated.

“In regulating content, we are not saying we are regulating you on what to do, you will have your own editorial policy,” she said.

Captain Muwamba is the first Zambian female fighter pilot and she started her walk from Lusaka on February, 20 this year to raise awareness on cyber bullying and fake news.


  1. That’s not true at all.The president is not a demi-god cuz even Trump,Boris Johnson ,Jacob Zuma are bullied all the time.Besides,what if the president is a dictator?

  2. Holding the Republican President to account is not cyber bullying. ECL is not a King who can do whatever he likes. ECL is Commander in Chief of ZPS and when ZPS killed Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda in cold blood and for no apparent reason u don’t expect Citizens to remain silent. People want Justice and when a President is committing crimes against humanity people should speak up. Zambia is a Constitutional Democracy by the People and for People.

  3. Technology is advancing faster than the socio-educational systems of our country. Our people are left behind. They are not participants in the beneficial applications of technologies hence the abuse. Check how youngsters use technology in countries like Rwanda. It is about the agenda set by leadership. Empowerment is not dishing out cash to chaps with empty heads. There will be abuse.

  4. PF desperation is on another level. Just amend the Electoral Act to allow for prisoners to vote, leave the rest of our laws alone please.

  5. Indeed. A good cause, and thanks, but I wish you had picked an activity like working on a farm, anyway you are a free zambian. Job well done

  6. If people blame every terrible condition on god-unknowingly ofcourse-
    Then who is a political leader not to be blamed but ofcourse in the language one can express themselves clearly-
    this cyber what what-you have misunderstood it totally
    it suits the leaders to bully others especially those with dissenting views
    You are dreaming bwana

  7. Iwe sit down, while abusing the President is wrong in all forms, I do not feel abused when they are abusing him, because he is eating alone in State House.

  8. Finally they managed to find cyber bully ku livingstone,.
    can we also have a ka high prices walk along cairo road?
    I have watched several endurance reality shows like survivor, i also watch bear grylls the former special forces british soldier, have seen how people look when they take such endurance walks or activities, man they don’t dance at the finish line they just collapse from exhaustion.

  9. How was President Lungu cyber bullied? Holding the President to account is not cyber bullying. When People condemn the ZPS Commander in Chief for the killing of Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda by ZPS armed Policemen thats not cyber bullying. President Lungu is not a King so People must hold him Responsible for his Actions.

  10. Where did these species identical to humans (humanoids) come from? Are they the Aliens who landed from UFOs? I ask because we are led by the people who are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and yet they win elections? Is there some juju they use to make us vote for them?

  11. nt great lengths without seeing any form of payment but they dared not ask for it. In 1979 members of the National Guard, including Macias Nguema’s own brother requested that they be allowed to take money from the suitcases to pay the National Guard. They were all immediately executed. It was this paranoia that eventually led to the end of Macias Nguema’s reign.

  12. Kaizar Zulu is also guilty of cyber bullying you also insult upnd and zambians living in the diaspora

  13. Useless, if meno meno was doing a good job no one will write ill about him, but because the chap has failed and in the process taken the whole country down with him why should we leave out of bullying aleya uko chi colour . The id1ot is too dull not to be mentioned on the net. the ka worst president on earth

  14. The failures of this President are extremely visible, and I am PF but I cant pretend. My point is real and in no way cyberbullying

  15. Staniyoko!!
    !dyots have learnt learnt new word “cyber”.
    Cyber bullying is new PF campaign slogan. No more bill 10.

  16. If cyber fokonyoko is allowed to graduate into a law, then Zambians wills suffer an everlasting punishment. This will take a lot of freedoms from the common people to those in authority. It is meant to protect the president and his ministers. A good law protects the citizens or weak in the society not the powerful or the kings and generals.
    Remember fellow Zambians, it is very difficult to reverse a law once enacted. We will suffer the everlasting punishment due to our own choosing. God will never be held accountable for a cause that is based on our own choosing.

  17. cyberbullying
    the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

    So, you mean someone sent messages to intimidate or threaten the president?

  18. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else

    Give examples please.

  19. Don’t include me in your fimo, fimo. If he is not doing his job, he needs be to harassed. By Zambians. The same Zambians who are enabling him to enjoy what he is enjoying!

  20. What sense do you expect to come from the vomits of someone who uses the belly to think after washing out the brain? Bamushanina bwali bonse must never be allowed to come any near to the corridors of power. NOT ANYMORE.

  21. Most of those who are accused of cyber bullying do lack space to express themselves on various issues and as such ITC has provided that space. These days leaders at whatever level are being held accountable as the flow of information is very fast. Just look at ZNBC news, its content is biased the ruling party and its govt. I pity the PF leaders who are championing cyber security to curb what they call misuse of social media, that they wont be in power forever and soon or later they will find themselves at the receiving end. We have enough laws because in the past some people found wanting on social media have been arrested and prosecuted and jailed. I fail to understand why our leaders and some sponsored voices are in a hurry to enact this cyber security law. As for Hon. Edify Hamukale,…

  22. Is he a small child to be bullied. Like I said before now everywhere you go the talk will be about passing the cyber crimes bill. Yesterday it was mushanga central province minister, today its this guy from Southern. As days go all PF criminals will be parroting the same day in and day out.

  23. The ***** doesn’t know the context of cyber bullying. Lungu is behaving like a dictator. He and his minions have looted at unprecedented level. The economy is messed up.

    As a citizen we have every right to criticise and hold them accountable which they don’t like.

    Look at lungus CV. The twat is a convicted thief, he has the audacity to steal from his client and a widow for that matter.

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