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Help sensitise public on cyber-crimes bill, media implored

General News Help sensitise public on cyber-crimes bill, media implored

Government has called on the media to assist in carrying out mass public sensitisations on the contents of the Cyber Security and Cyber-Crimes bill.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga says there is need to step up publicity on the Cyber Security and Cyber-Crimes bill, before it is assented to by President Edgar Lungu.

Parliament yesterday, March 9, 2021, passed the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes bill.

The bill is now awaiting President Edgar Lungu to consent to it, before it can be enacted into law.

“I called you the media to see how we can start sensitising the people on the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes bill,” said the PS

Mr Malupenga called on the various media houses across the country, to include a component of programming specifically to sensitise the public on the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes bill.

He explained that this will enable citizens get an insight, and be made aware of the contents of the bill, before it is enacted into law.

“I thought that we could utilise ourselves as the media and see how we can go about with massive sensitisation, in order to educate people on the bill.” Mr Malupenga said.

The Permanent Secretary reiterated that the cyber law has been crafted in the interest of the public, adding that it is aimed at protecting all Zambians against cyber bullying regardless of one’s political or religious affiliation.

“This cyber law is in public interest, it is there to support and ensure the safety and security of all Zambians regardless of one’s political or religious affiliation,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Malupenga revealed that the cyber law empowers the cyber security officers to monitor or inspect certain gadgets suspected to be used in committing cybercrime.

Mr Malupenga cited smartphones, laptops and computers as some of the electronic gadgets that are going to be monitored by the cyber security officers.

He dismissed assertions made in certain quarters that the cyber law is aimed at spying on people.

The Permanent Secretary argued that if government intended to spy on certain people or individuals, the authority would have silently spied without announcing to the public.

Mr Malupenga said the propaganda of spying is being peddle by people who are against the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes bill.

He said government was however just putting measures in place to ensure that the security and safety of all Zambians is enhanced.


  1. is there such a thing really-‘Meanwhile Mr Malupenga revealed that the cyber law empowers the cyber security officers to monitor or inspect certain gadgets suspected to be used in committing cybercrime.’
    Are the homes of criminals monitored so they don’t still valuables of the neighbour next door? Or is the neighbour next door not supposed to put protectives around his home? Only after the home is broken into does he/she report it so the criminal could be brought to book.
    and so should cyber laws be devised or look like, not the other way around. That of spying on the imaginary criminal…

  2. There is a saying in my cyber circle, “laws are only there to keep honest men honest”. An individual of great resolve can’t and is never deterred by any law.


  4. Any opposition political messaging group can be called a threat by anyone and its members arrested and banned from using SM……..

    Opposed this law lungu is rushing into law just before elections, to be used during elections

  5. It is every Citizens responsibility to enforce this law. I am very pleased about this. We will soon sort out these cyber thugs from upnd diaspora team. They thought I was joking when I proposed to enact this law. You cannot go around insulting a country you left and inciting violence from the comfort of your bedsit abroad. F00ls

  6. Thank you!!! The only chaps complaining are those who do not understand how this law protects them as individuals/organisations, opposition parties that see wrong in everything GRZ does and those who make statements that violate civil laws using the internet.

  7. People that are scared of cyber law know what they do online. Nothing I do online is illegal so I am not scared of the law that will protect me from being insulted, hacked, identity theft and lies being paddled against people without proof. Some tribal grouping thought this is bill 10 and they have Pizza in new Kasama.

  8. An impotent Parliament (composed mainly of non-thinking PF stooges) has yet again failed the people it represents. Right thinking people, on the other hand, know the objective of this Bill – to enhance witch hunting and the suppression of free voices. Typical Museveni stables politics now entrenched in Zambia

  9. Stu.pidity of the worst order. This is not about cyber bullying. There are already laws that can deal with that. This is about the PF dunderheads spewing what they like on every forum, but asking for more draconian power to use State resources (which they control) to suppress everyone else. Bas.tards!

  10. In other words, Amos is saying that Ba Edgar is going to sign a law which people don’t understand.

  11. There is a lot of fake information and misleading campaign about the Bill. Surprisingly the so called social reformists are leading this campaign.

  12. The irony is that no women in UPND has courage to speak up when Hakainde Hichilema is blatantly opposing the Bill that will put an end to abuse and molestation of women on social media. Women need to understand that the Bill is for their safety and those opposing it are the vultures that want to abuse and molest them. Don’t forget Chellah Tukuta the molester is still blue eyed boy of Hakainde Hichilema.

  13. What are you smoking these days? Don’t you read after you write? Or think before you write? Don’t be so dull. The cyber law empowers the authorities to inspect the devise used in the crime. Have you read the Cyber security bill? It seems that you are drunk or high on something all the time. This is the result of fake and misleading information spread by Hakainde Hichilema and his gang about the Bill.

  14. I am happy that the Bill is passed. All the fake news factories operating on social media have pulled shutters overnight and vanished. They must be busy cleaning their computers now. And at the same time, real and honest media houses are still operating with their heads held high. This is the truth about the Bill. It is against the criminals and not law abiding honest citizens.

  15. You are absolutely right. An honest person will always remain honest, but the laws are needed to deter the dishonest and criminals in the society. The law will ensure safety of the honest and punishment to the criminals.

  16. I would request you to change your nick name. Don’t demean the great Lincoln. Who told you that cyber security bill is to stop corruption and money laundering? The name itself is enough to clear the objective of the Bill. Yet some dull people are making such comments. Come on, dude, use little brains.

  17. I would like to read your comment when your sister/mother/girlfriend/wife is abused on social media by some pervert like Chellah Tukuta. If laws existed to tackle online crimes, then why some so called online media houses pulled down their pages now? Why were they having free run till yesterday? Do you know that some online media houses are having sleepless nights because of the Bill!

  18. The law abiding and honest citizens need not worry at all. You are safe and no one can bring any harm to you. Only the criminals who misuse the freedom on social media and internet need to mend their ways. Their time is up. Now there is no escape for those criminals.

  19. Women and girls of Zambia need to understand one thing. This Bill is for their safety on social media. They should not fall in trap of those misleading the country about the Bill. Those opposing the bill are spreading misleading information, so that their criminal friends have a free run.

  20. Government should launch an awareness campaign about the Bill. Every one using social media needs to know the facts and the crooks need to be exposed. Opposing the bill would be supporting crime against women, crime against elderly people, spreading fake news.

  21. mwikala patalala, mwine apatalalika…. why getting so concerned of this new life trend when some few years ago…post office was our communication tool??? kkkkk. the only way out is to use ICT for for genuinely work or important and clear related business kwasila…

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