Friday, February 23, 2024

Netherlands praises govt. on climate resilience project


The Netherlands government and Global Water Partnership Organization has applauded the Zambian government for the outstanding work in strengthening the adaptive capacity to current climate variability in the Kafue sub-basin.

In a joint congratulatory letter to Ministry of National Development Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands’ Inclusive Green Growth Department Director, Carola van Rijnsoever and Global Water Partnership Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Secretary Peter Repinski praised government for its climate resilience programmes.

The entities stated that the SCRiKA project would contribute to various events, publications, and tools throughout the year, so that others can learn from their exemplary experiences.

The duo said they look forward to the continued partnership with the Zambian government on the National Adaption Plan work and towards the goals of securing sustainable water supply for Africa’s prosperity.

And Ministry of National Development Planning Permanent Secretary in charge of Development Planning Chola Chabala said government is grateful to Netherlands government and the Global Water Partnership Organisation for recognizing its efforts and commitment on combating the negative effects of climate change.

Mr Chabala reassured the two entities that the Zambian Government values the close collaboration for the benefit of the present generation and posterity.

The PS said he looks forward to the continued strengthening and expansion of ties with the two institutions.

The strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub-Basin Project (SCRIKA) was voted the winner of the Africa Water Change Makers Award People’s Choice under the Zambia Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience which showcases the specific challenges of climate change adaptation in sub-Saharan Africa.

The results were announced during the Climate Adaptation Summit hosted by the Netherlands on 25-26 January 2021.

The African Water Change Makers People’s Choice Awards are a parallel award process to the Water Change Makers. The awards are a global award introduced in 2020 by Global Water Partnership to make visible the teams and individuals who are building climate resilience by changing water decisions.

This was according to a statement issued to ZANIS by Ministry of National Development Planning Spokesperson, Chibaula Silwimba.


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