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Mapoma challenges women take up leadership positions


Women have been challenged to take up leadership positions and participate in the development of the country.

And the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General, Josephine Mapoma, notes that women being the backbone of a home are capable enough to jump on decision making positions.

Ms Mapoma stressed that women should not be scared of the unknown, but be courageous and demonstrate the capacity to lead when given an opportunity.

ZANIS reports that Ms Mapoma was speaking during the women celebration Mass held at Saint Theresah Parish in Chainda, today.

The IBA Director General, stressed the need for society to appreciate the women folk for the role they play in society.

“On March 8, 2021, we celebrated women’s day, however we thought that we should appreciate all the women at St. Theresah Parish, because they have really worked very hard to build the church of Christ. They matter a lot because they carry out many beneficial activities,” Ms. Mapoma stated.

She added that women being caregivers should encourage households to be observant of the COVID-19 guidelines if the country is to win the battle against the virus.

And St. Theresa Catholic Parish, priest, Moses Chileshe said God can also use women as a point of inspiration for the world.

“God wants to let us know that he can lift up human hearts, he can touch groups so that we become points of inspiration for the women. Even as we celebrate women’s day, we want to appreciate God for elevating our women,” Father Chileshe told the church.

St. Theresah Parish incoming Women’s Vice Chairperson, Mary Chileshe noted the importance attached to the women celebration day, saying that it is evident of women’s potential in society.

“Women’s Day means a lot to me because we are able to gather in big numbers which means that every woman knows their potential and has risen to the occasion,” Ms. Chileshe stated.

She indicated that women are very instrumental in today’s world and that the notion of women belonging to the kitchen is long gone as they are now vision carriers.


  1. I agree. Women need to pull up their socks and do better. We in pf have given them the tools and opportunities to get into leadership. It is now for them to take it up. Don’t be like female upnd diasporans who are only good at complaining about our government and lying on their backs

  2. I think we should ban all these international days that are totally meaningless.
    How much difference do these things make?

  3. This hen Mapoma has no shame at all…who is she to challenge other women to leadership positions when she is an appointee only there to kiss a$$$…the moment she disagrees with Dora that board she sits on will be dissolved

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