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KBF was Expelled From PF and Cannot Attend the Party’s General Conference-Davies Mwila


The Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has said that Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube, popularly known as KBF, is not a member of the ruling party as he was expelled.

Responding to a question on the eligibility of KBF to attend the general conference and challenge the incumbent, President Lungu, Mr. Mwila said that Mr. Fube does not qualify to attend the general conference because he is not a member of the PF having been expelled.

Mr. Mwila announced that the PF Central Committee has set April 10th and 11th 2021 as dates for the General Conference of the Patriotic Front to elect the Party President and Members of the Central Committee, adding that the Central Committee met on Saturday 13th March and among the issues deliberated upon was the conference.

“In accordance with the Party Constitution and in line with our democratic practices and beliefs, the Patriotic Front must hold a General Conference every five years to elect the Party President and Members of the Central Committee,” he said

He said the Central Committee in its last sitting, approved and adopted the new Standing Orders in conducting the General Conference to ensure that compliance to the Health Guidelines on Covid-19 as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

“In view of the above, the Central Committee resolved that the General Conference shall be done virtually to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The General Conference is expected to be attended by over 2300 delegates who will participate virtually from their respective provinces across the country,” he said.

He added that all members of the Party who are eligible in accordance with the Party Constitution and Electoral Guidelines are free to contest any position of their choice.
Further, the party SG announced that the Lusaka provincial conference will be held on Thursday 18th March 2021 as Lusaka is the only province countrywide that is to hold its Provincial conference.

“As a truly democratic party, the Patriotic Front has been conducting free, credible and fair elections in all the 10 Provinces of Zambia, starting from the branch up to the Provincial level. So far, we have conducted Provincial Elections in all the 10 provinces except Lusaka.”

“All those that eligible in line with our Party Constitution and Electoral Guidelines are free to contest any position of their choice at the Conference,” he added.


  1. What about Kaizer Zulu, what electable position does he hold in the party. Or which will he be contesting? We get confused by positionless people telling us incorrect things

  2. KBF was only expelled bcoz he was seeking to challenge ECL for party presidency.Lungu has dictatorship over PF there’s no intra-party democracy.

  3. KZ will be in charge of rigging and logistics of moving ballot boxes. Igniting violence and being a cadre, he will please his boss a convict by profession

  4. The small boy thought he was a kalulu. Let him concentrate on dealing with his son who is in diaspora robbing people and being a thug.

    Twende I am a senior civil servant and loving father and husband. All three positions are not electable. Some people are born to lead others like hh are born to be led.

  5. Scouser only those claiming rigging before election have taken place are inciting violence. Have you become a prophet to know what will happen? Is seer your f00lish pastor

  6. Uko lelo, PF will be in legal battles from all fronts.
    1. they are breaking their own constitution, who expelled KBF because there no mandated executive in PF to executed such an expulsion. They could have done better if they had allowed him to contest, if he wins he wins and if he loses he loses.
    2. Eligibility for ECL is still hot
    3. Grade 12 school certificates, PF has the least educated MPs who will be hugely affected by the con court ruling. I am seeing a lot of casualties in PF. ECZ AND ECZ SHOULD BOTH BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR CERTIFICATES MANAUFACTURED IN MATERO


  8. KZ you even know that KBF politics is better than you and he has a better brain compared to you. No wonder the late president appointed him campaign manager in 2011.

  9. Lungu is a paranoid moron who is even suspicious of his own shadow…….

    he should have taken on KBF , but fears opening a drum of worms because of what KBF knows…..

    I see KBF being paid off to keep quite……

  10. Computer scientist , he was employed as a campaign manager, not as acting president. There is a reason for that.

  11. Spaka EC Lungu is a mere member of party just like any other member. He doesn’t choose or decide to stand or not. The party has given him the platform and want him to stand. If kbf believes he has the balls to be president let him open his own party. What is he scared of? Why does he want to force himself on a party that doesn’t want him as leader

  12. In accordance with the Party Constitution and in line with our democratic practices and beliefs, the Patriotic Front must hold a General Conference every five years to elect the Party President and Members of the Central Committee,” he said

    You HAVE to say that when you are a dictatorship.
    South Korea is a democracy. North Korea is not but which one calls itself ;Democratic?’

  13. Fear. They have previously stated that he is not a factor, that all the PF Central Committee members have endorsed EL.
    Allow him to stand and challenge Lungu, if the PF in their wisdom allowed him to stand and let him lose the election (with rigging in favour of Lungu) at least they would have some semblance of democracy.

  14. “US ambassador recalled after dispute with Zambian government over gay rights and corruption.”-CNN

    “Recalling an ambassador is rare, especially when an ambassador is arguing for American values abroad.”- CNN

    “Speaking Out on Gay Rights and Corruption Costs Ambassador His Job
    Zambia’s president wanted U.S. Ambassador Daniel Foote gone after he criticized the government for corruption and for sending a gay couple to prison.”-The New York Times.

    PF time out.

  15. “South Africa’s main opposition leader has been expelled from Zambia to prevent him from attending the treason hearing of his detained counterpart.”-BBC

    “This kind of aggressively hostile behaviour towards any kind of opposition may be expected from the governments of Zimbabwe or Angola. Until recently, it would have been unthinkable in Zambia.
    But this is just the latest in a series of disturbing actions from Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s government. Zambia is supposed to be one of Africa’s most celebrated democracies; instead, under his rule, it is displaying a deeply worrying authoritarian streak.”-BBC

    PF time out.

  16. “In this paper, we assess the impact of Zambia Electricity Supply Corporationrsquos (ZESCO) power rationing (load shedding) on the cost of living of the Zambian people. We also assess whether the businesses and households have capacity to resort to alternative sources of energy in the time of crisis. Our results show that, although the rationing does not last for 24 hours in most places, the duration that businesses and households stay out of power is long enough to impact negatively on the livelihoods of the Zambian people and consequently itrsquos Economy.”-George M. Mukupa
    , Musa Phiri , Douglas Kunda.

    PF time out.

  17. The Impact of Load Shedding on The Cost of Living: A Zambian Perspective
    George M. Mukupa, Musa Phiri, Douglas Kunda
    Published March 2018

    PF time out. This is 2021
    Ubulimi bwakele tabatalikilako umwana.

  18. UPND had virtual convention and Sunday mocked them ati social media convention. Lets see how yours will be.

  19. #15  Kaizar Zulu
     March 15, 2021 At 10:14 pm

    “Spaka EC Lungu is a mere member of party just like any other member. He doesn’t choose or decide to stand or not. ….”

    Stop lying , lungu himself told CK that he is the alpha and omega of PF before expelling CK because he feared a leadership challenge……….

    We all know , lungu is an encompassing dictator MU7 wannabe………

    Even the PF violence rocking zambia can be ended with one phone call by lungu……but the violence serves the moron and he pays lip service against violence

  20. Was Kelvin Fube Bwalya (KBF) expelled because of the video in which UPND Kalulushi Candidate Evaristo Mwalilino’s driver revealed how Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s Kalulushi Constituency votes where concealed went viral after it was aired on Prime TV.
    In the video, Wanna Chiyanga is confessing that his boss Mwalilino was given K21000, K360 000 for 21,966 votes and dropping the election petition respectively.
    He disclosed that former President Rupiah Banda, former Information Minister Kapamba Mulenga and axed PF Deputy Chairperson for Elections KBF
    and Mwalilino were heavily involved in the scheme of things.

  21. KZ is a senior civil servant, what does the code of conduct stipulate on insulates and partisan politics. Can the secretary to cabinet help us?

  22. KZ, I truly hope for you that you have planned an escape route for August 12 to leave the country and travel far, far away. Because the victorious citizens of Zambia will want you and your corrupt thieving president behind BARS after that day. “Hard working civil servant, loving husband?” My foot, you only know how to steal the country blind. So, take my advice, leave the country when you still can!

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