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ZAMRA cautions public against self-prescription of drugs


The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has reiterated its position and cautioned members of the public against self-prescription of drugs.

ZAMRA Senior Public Relations Officer Christabel Illiamupu said in Lusaka yesterday that members of the public should not engage in self-prescription, including the unauthorized or irrational use of medicines in order to avoid experiencing adverse drug effects.

Ms. Illiamupu said ZAMRA has noted with concern revelations of a recent article published in the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper on unauthorized use of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19.

The article indicated that preliminary findings by the Ministry of Health suggest a causal association of renal failure and other kidney complications among individuals who have used Ivermectin or similar products to manage Covid-19.

She has since advised members of the public to adhere to the current Ministry of Health guidelines on prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

“Members of the public should refrain from self-prescribing with any unauthorized medical products as their quality, safety and efficacy has not been established, therefore posing a risk of experiencing adverse events or even death,” she advised.

Ms. Illiamupu further disclosed that ZAMRA has continued to intensify inspections for compliance monitoring to discourage illegal importation and sale of the drug in question.

“ZAMRA wishes to reiterate its communication to pharmaceutical outlets and the public to refrain from illegal importation and sale of Ivermectin or risk regulatory action and or prosecution by law,” she warned.

She however said the authority will continue to support researchers as they investigate possible treatment or prevention of various diseases of public health importance.

She added that ZAMRA will make public such information once marketing authorization is granted.

In Zambia, Ivermectin Injection has been registered and authorized for veterinary use only.

Currently, there is no conclusive clinical evidence to support the use of Ivermectin for prevention or treatment of Covid-19.


  1. While we await your research conclusions, other countries have already adopted the drug as first line treatment for covid 19. Your results will probably be available after the pandemic shows a negligible mortality rate. Too late as usual… Meanwhile lives are either being lost due to a delay in the much needed treatment, or due to a wreckless use of the veterinary alternative.

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