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Police caution political parties


The Zambia Police has called on the political party leadership in Mkushi district to ensure that party members understand and adhere to the stipulations of the Public Order Act.

Officer Commanding for Kapiri, Mkushi and Luano region, Brighton Mwape reminded party officials when he officiated at a police initiated meeting with political parties yesterday.

Mr Mwape stressed that the essence of reaching out to the political parties is aimed at ensuring that peace is maintained among the political players, during the campaign period.

He said that it was important for political parties to understand the tenets of the Public Order Act, adding that the cardinal principle is aimed at preserving peace, law and order in society.

He said that the force will execute their duties professionally in this regard without favour, saying that the idea of inviting political parties is to strengthen a partnership with police, in order to stem electoral violence.

“We partner with you on the matter of promoting peaceful campaigns and elections, so it is important to acknowledge that we are not enemies”, he noted.

Mr Mwape also assured the political parties that his department will not hinder any party from operating as long as that party is doing its activities within the confines of the law.

The Political Parties that attended this meeting were the Patriotic Front (PF), and the United Party for National Development (UPND).


  1. The problem is that the police is under the command of the PF government, and consequently will always take the side of this PF. If there are going to be people killed – I hope not – then it surely will be non PF-ers. Now the police commissioner says “political parties” but he surely means “everybody but PF” and that is TROUBLING.

  2. The meeting was attended by only 2 political parties? where are the others? ba Pastor Peter Chanda, where is your party representatives?

  3. I pity officer Mwape for his efforts trying to be very professional by engaging the main political players, however be reminded that last mother service PRO stated that police officers are scared for they jobs when it comes dealing with the PF. So I wonder how the political playing field is going to be leveled between the two. Its on record statement by Home Affairs Ministers that police have been equipped with modern riot control gear to ensure that there is peace during and after elections. Its like the ruling PF and govt is anticipating trouble all over the country. Its unfortunate that the police are saying something and politicians will be doing the opposite.

  4. I meant last month quoting statement from service PRO that police officers are afraid of PF cadres for fear of losing their jobs.

  5. Has PF paid Chilufya Tayali to petition HH’s nomination or is it just one of his many commercial political projects that lack empathy and objectivity?
    Watch “Chilufya Tayali Officailly Joins PF” on YouTube
    Watch “Chilufya Tayali a threat to the peace of this Nation”Simon Mwewa” – Latest Video 29 December 2020″ on YouTube

  6. Hey Christian nation, people want a level playing ground for all political players and everyone should respect and abide by the constitution. Ok!

  7. I agree..we need to respect this law to the letter. Only rule breaking upnd bab00ns are upset with this message

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