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The PF led campaign on alleged sickness of HH is sickening-Senior Chief Mukuni

Headlines The PF led campaign on alleged sickness of HH is sickening-Senior Chief...

Senior Chief Mukuni of the Leya people in Southern Province has said that he is deeply troubled by a sustained and vicious campaign by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and their surrogates to paint United Party for National Development (UPND) Hakainde Hichilema, a very healthy man, as a sick person, at a time when elections are drawing near.

In a statement released to the media Chief Mukuni said that as Senior Chief Mukuni, he will not take this misinformation lying down and warned those preparing evil acts to stop it, adding that Mr Hichilema is a bonafide citizen of Zambia and must not live around-the-clock life of threats and intimidation by the PF government.

Below is the full statement

Press statement for immediate release from Senior Chief Mukuni

18th April 2021.

The PF led campaign on alleged sickness of HH is sickening

I am deeply troubled by a sustained and vicious campaign by the PF and their surrogates to paint Hakainde Hichilema, a very healthy man, as a sick person, at a time when elections are drawing near. This is not a mere coincidence but a strategy and psychological preparation for the minds of Zambians to harm Hichilema, and then blame it on his purported sickness that doesn’t exist.

One of the rigging mechanisms Dictatorships use around the world is not only at the polling station, but by incapacitating their main political opponents into a sickness well before an election, and this is what the PF are trying to do to Hakainde Hichilema.

This sustained propaganda that HH is unwell is meant to prepare people’s mind as the PF plan to poison him during the any arrest and confinement and then say ‘we told you that he was sick’.

Well, I Senior Chief Mukuni will not take this lying down! Enough of this! Let all those preparing this evil act be well informed and stop it. Hichilema is a bonafide citizen of this nation and must not live a round-the-clock life of threats and intimidation by the PF government.

Hakainde Hichilema like any other Zambian is my subject and is born with certain inherent, natural and inalienable rights which includes life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness and this he will have whether the PF want it or not. Can’t they let the wheels of democracy turn freely?

How can it be normal that only one man on a daily routine attracts headlines in the Daily Nation of being the only opposition politician? How many opposition party leaders do we have in Zambia? The PF better prepare for real trouble should they carry out their evil intentions because the people will not accept this. Let them not say they were not warned. The must hear the drums of war beating.

Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba Districts and all the Bene Mukuni


  1. Even the non partisan Chief Mukuni can see the political PHD (Pull Him Down) issued by the unrecognized PF University of Dirty Politics whose main campus is in Chawama slums.

  2. Mmmm that sounds worse from a senior chief? Well is it a lie that HH is unwell? In 2018 the same UPND were saying ECL was sick and would not finish his term of office but why did the senior chief not come to comment. Politics from Zambia.

  3. Well said Chief! ECL and his surrogates are now on a Mission to harm HH so that he is eliminated from the Presidential Race. Jezebel Nawakwi is on record saying she will not rest until HH is arrested b4 August 12 Elections so that his name is removed from the Ballot Paper. Other PF Cadres and surrogates have said the same. ECL knows that in a free, fair and credible Election HH will beat him at the Ballot Box and hence eager to eliminate him by other means. We and the whole World are alert to ECL’s Evil schemes against HH. ECL knows he is unelectable and besides he is ineligible to contest the 2021 Elections. The Constitution forbids ECL from standing for the third time. An impartial, Objective and Professional Concourt will find ECL ineligible to stand becoz he has held Office twice…

  4. Stupid threat from Under 5 Chief. Your Watchdog was full of malice on Levy, Sata and even ECL, hoping their demise will pave way for four your Under 5 but wala. Takatekepo and alebwelelapo waumfwa iwe Chief?

  5. Now we know why KZ the Election Rigger was falsely telling us that HH is in Covid-19 induced Comma. The Plan is to abduct HH ,detain him and in the process Poison him and then claim that HH died from Covid-19 complications. The Plan has been exposed and the whole World now knows that ECL is desperately trying to eliminate HH from the Ballot Paper in the 2021 Elections. All these schemes are just making HH more popular while ECL is sweating over his Third Term Eligibility issue. The whole World is watching to see how Concourt will declare ECL eligible for the 2021 Elections. Concourt will have to prove that the 18 months ECL served as President in 2015 is not his first term in terms of the 1996 Constitution. We anxiously wait to see what shenanigans Concourt will play to grant ECL an…

  6. PF Evil Plans on HH are now exposed. No wonder Jezebel Nawakwi is so concerned with the Hatembos. The Plan is to incriminate HH, abduct him just like they have abducted the Hatembos and Ackson Senjani and three others. While in State Captivity they will poison HH and kill him and then claim that he died from Covid-19. No wonder KZ was saying that HH is in a Comma with Covid-19. How did this Election Rigger know this? It’s part of the Election Rigging Scheme of Arrangement aimed at blocking HH from filing his Nomination Papers with ECZ. We shall see if these bundles of tricks will eliminate HH from the Presidential Race.

  7. So this chief has become UPND spokesperson and fully fledged member of UPND….thought chiefs are supposed to be non partisan…….and this is why people are saying UPND is just a tribal grouping masquerading as a Political Party….if you’re not from the Southern Province…chances are you’re just being used …
    PF bandits also are looting left right and centre…whilst UPND also is busy with its dark tribal agenda

    • Those who are calling Chief Mukuni a UPND cadre, have we not heard other Chiefs publicly tell us on ZNBC TV 1 news that they are going to support the current president. Can we call them cardres? They have a right to support anyone but because of their positions they must not publicly show us. What all chiefs are doing now is wrong. They are confusing us. It is like in a church where a Pastor openly tells his members the part he supports

  8. The Chief feels SICK because rumours are flying that HH is SICK.

    This is classic self destruction mantra !!!

    In politics if you respond to TRIVIAL ISSUES, you end up making those issues become BIG STORIES.

    In life, if you worry about every GOSSIP that goes behind your back, you will not PROGRESS or find PEACE within. You drain and burn yourself..

    Someone from UPND must ask the chief to keep Zzzzzzzz !

    Best for the Chief to just concentrate in helping HH get votes he needs for State House.

  9. The concerns raised by Senior Chief Mukuni of the Toka-Leya people of Kazungula are real. But the Senior Chief should realize that our politics get nasty as the temperature is raising every day. In the past there used to publicity wings of every political party which used used old methods of disseminating information but today its a different story including the target group. What the PF is doing through the Media Directorate is to feed the information to would be voters by swinging the mind set of the voters to their own advantage. The UPND media is operating at a low rate and they need to up their game even if it means beefing up the current team otherwise the PF media effort has been at its full strength for sometime now. The PF will not stop creating stories of all sort against the…

  10. The last thing anyone would wish is to spread falsehoods and with excitement rejoice on another persons well being being compromised, it almost always does not end well! For PF to be the ones singing about HH’s wellness it only brings to the fore their harbored wish or prayers for HH’s health to face challenges! All believers under the Christian umbrella pray to the same God and I have issue on how God can be preferentially divisive on the flock he is the shepherd! Sheep follow the shepherd and goats are the ones driven directionally! PF has borrowed the Trump strategy of spinning lies in the media championed by online Mwebantu and ZNBC! As for the traditional leadership busy aligning politically they are doing themselves a disservice as its their subjects who chooses political…

  11. contd…. leadership and it could result in these chiefs eating humble pie to redeem relationship with government and maintain levels of esteem among their subjects.

  12. According to UPND , the way they portrayed and told us how ECL was sick ….he would have been dead by now!! But he is still there as President and will be for next 5 years.

  13. KZ zeey! The Evil Scheme has been exposed. So that’s why KZ was spreading false rumours about HH being in a Comma with Covid-19 Complications. They want to incriminate HH over the Hatembos abductions. They want to abduct HH,kill him and then claim that he died from Covid-19 complications. KZ u are on Radar and we can see all your Election Rigging Schemes unfold.

  14. Mwe mfumu, this is part of politics and as UPND we should learn to live with it. We should focus on more important things. Our media team must do the important work of selling the party and HH. The problem is our party gets distracted by small little issues of no consequency. We we hear more of these things. It is part of the campaign stratergies….What our strategy?

  15. They know what they are up to in the background. If they are not stealing his votes, they are busy trying to change his current residence for Mukobeko maximum prison or send him six feet. There’s no smoke with out fire.

  16. Chief mukuni it’s common to have such rumours during election time.As UPND you
    Should continue focussing on winning the
    Election not rumours as Zambians don’t want excuses if you happen to lose.

  17. This non partisan chief is reminding us that HH is infallible. He has a very sound health incomparable to ECL. HH can never be sick!
    UPND earlier lectured us that sickly ECL would die within a year after 2016 general elections. One wonders why he has lived this long.

  18. ECL is determined to steal a Third Term and the 2021 Elections. He will still need to contest the Election against HH. ECL fears loss and hence he is trying to eliminate HH from the Ballot Paper by any means. ECL is trying to incriminate HH so that he is arrested , convicted and as a Criminal Convict eliminated from the Presidential Race. They have abducted Ackson Senjani and three others linking this to the suspected Hatembos abductions. The next step is to abduct HH and block him from filing his Nomination Papers. ECL is desperate to remove HH’s name from the Ballot Paper b4 August 12. ECL realises that HH is a formidable opponent in the 2021 Elections. He knows that if these Elections are free,fair and credible HH would win the 2021 Election with a landslide. ECL’s Third Term is…

  19. As a Christian nation let us pray for HH he is also the son of Zambia. in my language they say Chaoona mzako mawa chilipali iwe. I rest my case.

  20. No sane person can arrest HH as at now. Ba chief, take it easy. PF is not that dull,, this I can assure you. HH will just win or lose at the ballot,, full stop. Stop this early early jittery..

  21. President Lungu is a kind-hearted man who is continuously busy initiating development for Zambia. His speech and campaign are based on development only. This article is wrong and baseless!!!

  22. Hichilema always claims nonsense. When the cybersecurity bill was passed in the parliament, he openly opposed it in the name of freedom of expression! Why that time Chief Mukuni didn’t come in support of Zambians?

  23. We, the people of this country are saying that HH is sick! The upcoming election made him crazy, he is speaking nonsense and hence needs a good physiatrist.

  24. It feels sad that such a senior chief uses false words against the ruling party just to give UPND a political benefit. We are not saying PF is perfect, but our government working very hard to attack development and to improve our livelihoods.

  25. He must show us one hate speech of President Lungu against HH, I will vote for him. Smart people know what is good and bad for this nation and they will continuously do it without getting influenced by any people.

  26. I never saw UPND leader Hichilema praising the government, ever! President Lungu initiated the development and infrastructural projects, bills, etc. that benefited millions of people, and yet no kind words from HH. Why he always drag innocent Zambians in his dirty politics?????? Does Chief Mukuni have any answer for it???

  27. Leaders will come and go, and even this political circus and blame game will be disappeared after the elections. Only President Lungu and his administration would be there for Zambians and no one else! Give your vote wisely!!!

  28. We are not dull to believe anything blindly. We have witnessed development across the country under President Lungu’s government and we will choose it over anything else.

  29. Is it true Hakainde Hichilema can NOT fall sick. If so UPND are living in fools paradise. If true, it actually is a sickening discovery

  30. Zambia will burn because of the selfishness of two tribes” The BEES from northern province and those from Eastern don’t say I have not warned you. Zambia is for everybody who lives in it. Who has a green NRC we are bound by the flag and the Moto “one Zambia one nation”

  31. This chief is sole william despite all the rituals he claims to possess including sleeping at the graveyard…he has not come up with a concoction for his subject to go to plot 1…..but all people see is an interesting traditional persons who is in business with the subject in question…other more dignified paramount chiefs are at another level…this one want to come were people now take a poke at him….


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