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Parliament to dissolve on May 12-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu has disclosed that Parliament will dissolve on the May 12th, 2021, in preparation for the Country’s upcoming general elections slated for August 12th, 2021.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu disclosed this when he received letters of credentials from newly appointed Ambassadors for Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal and Greece at state house today.

“as you may be aware, Zambia is preparing to go to the polls on 12th of August, 2021 and in this respect, our parliament will dissolve on the 12th of May, 2021 and this will mark the start of the campaign period.” he said.

He has however, assured the ambassadors that government is committed to ensuring that the upcoming elections are held in a peaceful, free and fair manner and further said that invitations have been extended for international monitors and observers for the elections.

President Lungu has congratulated the newly appointed Ambassadors and expressed gratitude to the nations represented for their continued bilateral relations, especially at this time when the world has been hit by the global pandemic.

“Your appointments come at a time when enhanced cooperation and collaboration on the global arena between countries has become even more crucial. This is in view of the emanating regional and global threats to their national lives, their livelihoods and to their lives. Global challenges such as the COVID19 pandemic, climate change and terrorism and many others call for enhanced and collective engagement of world leaders to tackle these threats. In this respect Zambia stays ready to continue collaborating with like-minded partners including your respective governments” he said.

President Lungu further informed the Ambassadors that government is implementing the economic recovery program aimed at restoring growth and macroeconomic stability in response to the economic effects of the global COVID19 pandemic and adverse climate conditions.

President Lungu has further appealed to all the nations represented to consider investing and collaborating with Zambia in the fields of Energy, Agriculture, Scientific research, manufacturing, education, health and tourism among other sectors.

He has further appealed to the newly appointed Ambassadors to take time to explore the country to better understand and appreciate the people.

And speaking at the same occasion, newly appointed Brazillian Ambassador to Zambia Arthur Henrique Villanova Nogueira said the Government of Brazil commits to further strengthen the 50 year bilateral relations between Zambia and Brazil with more focus on health and Agriculture.

Mr. Nogueira has disclosed that despite the Covid19 pandemic, efforts are being made to keep the relations between the 2 countries alive, including the plans to donate medical material to help the pandemic, 45 scholarships to Zambians to enhance their skills in critical areas of development for the country.

Meanwhile, his Portuguese counterpart Miguel de Mascarenhas de Calheiros Velozo has disclosed that his country plans to strengthen the 46 year old diplomatic relations between the two countries despite the restrictions experienced in the last 5 years that restricted collaboration between the two countries with concentration in the field of construction in the region.

Among the Ambassadors that presented their credentials today include; Arthur Henrique Villanova Nogueira of Brazil, Moataz Anwar of Egypt, Istem Circiroglu of Turkey, Miguel de Mascarenhas de Calheiros Velozo of Portugal and Loukas Karatsolis of the Hellenic Republic.


  1. ECL has send invitations to international Election Monitors and Observers to come and oversee the 2021 Elections. ECL has also promised these Monitors and Observers free,fair and credible Elections. On the ground u have a flawed Voters Roll, there are Arrests, Abductions, and threats to arrest,poison and kill HH the main Opposition Leader and eliminate him from the Presidential Race,ECL’s Eligibility is being Petitioned at Concourt etc. With all these devts how does ECL expect these Election Monitors and Observers to declare the 2021 Elections free,fair and credible? What will ECL do on the ground to ensure that these Elections will be declared Credible? Does ECL know what he is doing we wonder? Aim I missing something?

  2. “ Zambian government wants foreign diplomats to be compliant, with open pocketbooks and closed mouths .”
    Mr. Foote’s comments set off recriminations in Zambia, a copper-producing,” Zambia’s president, Edgar Lungu, said he did not want Mr. Foote in the country, even if Zambia risked losing its annual $500 million in American aid.”

    “We don’t want such people in our midst. We want him gone,” President Lungu told the state-owned television channel ZNBC on Sunday.”-The New York Times.

    PF time out. GRZ what’s going on?

    Separation of powers.

  3. Immediately after losing elections, premeditatedly, Michael Sata would straight pick himself up and go campaigning under very odd circumstances. Is there any other political party since 2001 that is that much consistent? Maybe there is, perhaps not. Winning elections doesn’t come inadvertently. August 12 is fast approaching

  4. Pay their gratuity on 1st May so they hire trucks to take their acquired wealthy from Lusaka.
    Pay them, we don’t want excuses again that no Ba Edgar asked to continue working illegally. Clear them off next week bro!!

  5. This is puzzling indeed! Does ECL seriously want these invited Monitors and Observers to declare the 2021 Elections in Zambia credible when they are incredible? How can these Elections be credible with a flawed Voters Roll, Opposition Activists are being arrested, abducted, harassed and the main Opposition Leader HH is being threatened with arrest,poisoning and killing?They are even threatening to remove his Name from the Ballot Paper. How can this be when ECL is prepared to steal a Third Term and the Election itself? Does ECL think these Monitors and Observers are naive to declare a violent, rigged and disputed Election free,fair and credible? Doesn’t ECL know that for these Elections to be declared Credible they will have to comply with SADC,AU,EU,UN etc Guidelines for holding…

  6. How much is gratuity? Make clarification on ministers working.
    Ambassadors can see the country
    But keep their mouth shut or else
    They catch next flight back.

  7. Great message my boss. August is getting close. I am very excited about being part of yet another successful campaign.

  8. You can walk and chew gum at the same time. What does closing parliament accomplish? Parliament and Government officials should still do their jobs and I don’t understand why this is necessary and I know we do this in every presidential election and I hope next President stops it and continue running Government until power is handed over.

  9. We should just continue with parluament because after all pf is winning again. Meanwhile prayers for hh who is apparently still in a vegetative state in a coma. Let upnd swallow pride and tell us government so that we can fly him off to south Africa for medical treatment

  10. Folekani – Use your head even now before Parliaments has closed Ministers and PS are nowhere to seen in their offices but are out and about in their constituencies in GRZ vehicles campaigning and taxpayers are paying for all those expenses in hotels,…do you understand why those Ministers were ordered to pay back those monies in 2016?

  11. ECL has promised Election Monitors and Observers a free,fair and credible Election. ECL must walk the Talk if 2021 Elections are going to be declared Credible. ECL must not delude himself to think that he has invited these Monitors and Observers so they will declare them credible. Already the New Voters Roll is considered flawed,there is no level playing field in the Campaigns, Opposition Activists are being arrested, abducted and harassed. HH the main Opposition Leader has been threatened with arrest, poisoning and murdering him. ECL ‘s Third Term Eligibility is b4 Concourt. How impartial Concourt will adjudicate the Petitions will also affect the Credibility of the Election. Concourt needs to interpret,obey,defend and enforce the Republican Constitution as they Hear and…


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