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President Lungu is committed to Zambia holding the most peaceful elections ever-Inonge Wina

Headlines President Lungu is committed to Zambia holding the most peaceful elections...

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is looking forward to the most peaceful elections ever in August, says Vice-President Her Honour Inonge Mutukwa Wina.

And headmen of chief Kapijimpanga area have called for President Lungu to be allowed to continue his development crusade for Zambia.

Speaking when she was welcomed by hundreds of PF supporters and members of the general public at Solwezi airport Friday morning, Mama Wina said all Zambians should work to keep peace and protect development ahead of August.

“The President is looking forward to the most peaceful campaigns ever when the ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) declares and says on your marks, set and go. However, to achieve unity, peace and development during elections and beyond we need every Zambian to be persons that love one another. That is what the motto ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ stands for,” said Vice-President Wina.

Provincial minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu in his welcoming remarks assured the Vice-President that in North Western province there was no wind of change from the ruling PF to any opposition party.

Honorable Mubukwanu also called on civil servants to familiarize themselves with the PF manifesto recently launched in Lusaka as the guiding document for the country’s development roadmap.

And PF North Western provincial chairperson Koshita Shengamo said the ruling party in the region was ready for August and would campaign in numbers to canvass for a huge presidential vote and all electoral seats.

And later in a meeting at Royal Kansanshi Hotel where headmen met the Vice-President, the traditional leaders said they were best positioned at the grassroots to choose who was supposed to represent them.

The headmen told Vice-President Wina that they would work with the ruling party candidates because it was only the government of the day that could bring meaningful change in their communities.

However, the headmen appealed to Vice-President Wina to help them with means of transport around the chiefdom to ease traditional governance.

The headmen also asked Mrs. Wina for government to extend into the rural areas empowerment programs such as chicken rearing, egg hatcheries, and cassava value chain initiatives.

And Minister Mubukwanu explained to the headmen who raised the issue of delayed construction of township roads in Solwezi that this was due to the government’s change of policy to scale down on new projects in order to focus on those that were not complete.

He, however, assured them that with their support as the PF renewed its mandate in August, the delayed project would be revisited.


  1. The election itself is always peaceful though. Its always the after-effects of a rigged election that always bring strife…from Kenya to USA we saw the strife after.

  2. Expecting the old hen to be truthful is a little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian, OR continuing to feed a lion hoping it will eat you last – but eating you it will.

  3. Development is North West will continue after August because the ruling is expected to have a lot mps to win on PF tickets which helps to foster development.

  4. The Headman says ECL should be allowed to continue with devt projets. Allowed by who? In the USA President Obama was a Popular President but when his two Terms ended the Constitution forced him to leave Power and Retire. The Constitution is Supreme Law of the Land and every President swears to uphold the Constitution during his reign. In Zambia ECL swore to an Oath of Office which requires him to obey,defend and uphold the Republican Constitution at all times. ECL has held Office twice, was elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016 and is not eligible for Election as President in 2021. ECL shouldn’t be allowed to steal an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. President Chiluba fought very hard 4 a Third Term but we stopped him. ECL must be stopped at all costs from stealing a…

  5. What peaceful Elections is this Old Lady talking about? ECL is a hypocrite. During the Day he talks about free,fair,credible and peaceful 2021 Elections. At night he is rigging the Voters Roll, arresting, abducting, harassing etc Opposition Activists. There are plans to arrest,poison and kill HH so that he doesn’t contest the 2021 Elections. ECL is busy tearing the Constitution apart to force a Third Term on Zambians. What is ECL doing to ensure that 2021 Elections will be peaceful? We shall see whether there will be a level playing field during this Election Season. U trust ECL at your own peril.

  6. Empty promises about Peaceful Elections are useless. PF should order their Cadres to campaign peacefully and avoid violence. Recently PF Cadres invaded Ministry of Works and harassed a lady whom they suspected belongs to UPND. The Cadres locked the lady out of her Office and threatened to burn her alive. With such intolerance and thuggery from PF Cardres how does VEEP expect a Peaceful Election? PF Leadership should discipline its Cadres who are taking the law in their hands. S
    Recently PF Cadres invaded the Central Police Station in Lusaka and beat up Policemen on duty. This kind of lawlessness cannot lead to peaceful Elections in 2021. U don’t get peaceful Elections becoz u say so. Walk the Talk and follow SADC, AU,UN,EU etc Guidelines on holding Peaceful Elections.

  7. PF time out. All indications indicate that President Lungu does not have international support. He wants to remain in power because of his supporters. Not for the interest of the nation Zambia.

    8 August 1974, Oval Office, Washington DC, USA

    “I have never been a quitter. To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrent to every instinct in my body. But as President, I must put the interest of America first. America needs a full-time President and a full-time Congress, particularly at this time with problems we face at home and abroad.”Richard Nixon-Speakola.

    PF Show some love, third term does not make sense.

  8. Yes mother, since hh went into a coma, it is looking more than likely that we will have the most peaceful elections in Zambian history. Just in case he wakes up from his vegetative state, our police are fully geared for any confusion that will be created by upnd. Myself I am a karateblack belt and will kick anyone I find causing trouble


  10. “PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is looking forward to the most peaceful elections ever in August, says Vice-President Her Honour Inonge Mutukwa Wina.”-LT
    Is as good as a blinking light locating a weak point in the argument.

    PF time out, PF actions sent a chill down GRZ spine, and all branch of government, is that “the most peaceful elections?”

    If PF wins election Zambia should not be allowed to participate international peacekeeping.

    PF time out.

  11. The foundation for Peaceful Elections do not exist in Zambia. ECL has already indicated that whether we vote him out or not he will not handover Power to HH. In pursuit of Power, ECL will contest the 2021 Elections even if it means breaching the Republican Constitution. ECL has invested a lot in his Third Term Project but Zambians can stop him. ECL is determined to steal a Third Term as well the Election itself. The challenge is how Zambians can stop ECL on this dangerous path towards a One Party State Dictatorship? If we vote ECL out on August 12 in large numbers he will have no choice but to go. Lets all vote for HH aka Bally and give him a landslide then ECL will have no choice but to handover Power.

  12. The heavens allowed the late Dictator Idriss Déby taste his sixth term of office only for 1 day.
    19th April – incumbent president won reelection with 79% of the vote
    20th April – the man was taken away
    However, African politicians never learn.

  13. This old woman so she knows she’s part of the thieving bandit pompwe politicians PF…birds of the same feathers flock together…so she’s one of them…she should be ashamed of herself to be part of the looting govt and she’s looting also

  14. Yes Deby was taken and not by the rebels as there is absolutely no proof of that
    So the inner circle including his son are thought to be the perpetrators ……..
    Just saying ?

  15. This is where Zambians get it wrong, when you see a Provincial Minister who doesnt understand the difference between the Party and The Government, and I quote “Honorable Mubukwanu also called on civil servants to familiarize themselves with the PF manifesto”, Civil Servants work for the Government and NOT for PF, therefore its WRONG to force PF Manifesto on civil servants!
    It appears, the Chiefs are MORE INTELLIGENT than this Minister, because they are asking Wina for hep, NOT as PF but as a member of the Government.
    The Government of the day has an obligation to all Zambians, regardless if they support the opposition or Party in majority.

  16. Please excuse the old hen Bo Inonge …she is a shameless senile old woman who is partly responsible for putting that lazy man in charge. What is the point of lying at her age its truly sickening to the core.

  17. What we know about ECL is that whatever he says the opposite is true. When ECL promises “the most peaceful Election ever” just know that 2021 Election will be the most violent, rigged and disputed. What ECL promises and what is on the ground don’t tally. ECL by insisting on a Third Term is already violating the Constitution. We shall see if Concourt will deal with ECL’s Eligibility Petitions impartially? Can Concourt discharge its duty Objectively and Professionally by upholding the Republican Constitution? The Constitution is very clear:”A person who has held Office twice is not eligible for Election as President ” in Zambia. ECL held Office twice,was elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016 and therefore is ineligible for re-election for the third time. We stopped Chiluba’…

  18. LT where is my comment still moderating? You seriously need to update this website…very porous to hacks and trolling/ impostors seem to be encouraged.

  19. Tarino do not blame my business partners at lusaka times for moderating you, when you have constantly flouted the rules here by posting your tribal rubbish constantly. I have told my friends at lusakatimes to ensure that they fully moderate evil elements such as yourself. Chlkamba

  20. All the fake news, videos and images will automatically get disappeared post-elections. All these are aimed at creating anarchy in the country. But by God’s grace and best leadership qualities President Lungu, everything is in control.

  21. President Lungu and the people of this country share a beautiful relation of trust and respect. He trusts us that we will maintain peace in Zambia and we trust the vision of the President. Amen!

  22. Under President Lungu’s administration, you will only witness unity, peace, and development and nothing else…

  23. PF manifesto reflected the vision of President Lungu ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ by incorporating the ideas of its citizens.

  24. The people of this nation are peace-loving since independence, but HH and his cadres trying hard to damage it! Only Hichilema and cadres have been arrested so far by the Zambia police for damaging public properties.

  25. If Hichilema is the manipulator then we Zambians are smart and patriotic. We know what is best for this country and so in every election, there are more PF supporters than UPND.

  26. Zambia is a Christian nation and I believe that every province’s people follow what God, Church, and President Lungu thought us to follow, its ideology that is peace loving and respecting each other.

  27. Zambia has maintained its image of being a Peaceful nation! And, no HH or UPND cadres can damage it!!

  28. We cannot take the guarantee of UPND leader Hichilema and its party cadres. HH will create violence and blame on PF, as always.?

  29. [email protected] Henry Mulosa to Paul Kaseka….I know very well that you are a PF surrogate and therefore to sound relevant, you are masquerading yourself as all ‘those people’ when it’s only you writing rubbish. Zambia with HH at the helm will be the better Zambia ever.

    ECL is buying votes by dishing out money and so called fake empowerments that only come in an election year.
    Please voters of my beautiful Zambia I beg you OHhhhh vote PF out.

  30. “However, to achieve unity, peace and development during elections and beyond we need every Zambian to be persons that love one another. That is what the motto ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ stands for,” said Vice-President Wina.”
    WHAT IS WINA TALKING ABOUT? AM LOST. So peace & one Z one nation should only be practiced during elections which PF up to this moment has not practiced. What a shame ba VP. There is so much hatred for one another no love at all. Zambians know the hatred ECL has for HH. Keep on hallucinating ba VP

  31. There is a video doing the rounds of Bo mama Inonge distributing cash (chaotically) in Solwezi where she is visiting. Can anyone verify this shameless act

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