PF should be judged not on their plan for the next five years, but failure to implement their old Manifesto


By Joseph Lungu UPND Head of Policy and Research Bureau

The UPND has taken time to peruse through the newly launched ruling Patriotic Front-PF-88-page 2021-to-2026 Manifesto.

Our findings as a Government in waiting is that the document is full of ambiguities as it falls short of giving a clear-cut guideline of how the PF would make “manna rain from heaven” and how they intend to create the so-called jobs that the country desperately needs.

How could a government that promised heaven on earth, but delivered hell in the wrong run continue insulting the innocence and dignity of Zambians by pledging to use the same failed methods to fix the country’s ever-increasing and complex problems?

Like we have already stated, it is not a new piece of writing that is lacking in Zambia to provide the numerous solutions needed by the people, but new, credible, tested and tried leadership like that of President Hakainde Hichilema.

The PF should be judged not on their plan for the next five years, but on the failure to implement their manifesto for the last five 10 years they have been at the helm of national leadership.

The PF’s failures are there for all to see. Zambia is in an economic, social, political and cultural crisis. Our young people are unemployed. The price of food, fuel, cooking oil and other essential commodities is on a daily rise. Parents cannot afford to feed their children, late alone take them to school. There are no medicines in hospitals. There is intermittent load shedding. Rural and most township roads are in a deplorable state and impassable. Water is scarce and most households depend on water from shallow wells, or, they have to queue for long hours at communal taps to have a bucket full of water. The list of problems is endless.

After 10 years in office, this government has failed. Whatever they promise, we know they will not deliver and that another term of Lungu will not bring the much-needed change. With Lungu as president, nothing will change, and the next five years will look like the last five – if not worse. HH and UPND are the only solution to a better Zambia. It is Time for Change!!

Indeed, a party with a manifesto like the one for the PF is both a danger to itself and the people of Zambia.

We, therefore, urge the people of Zambia not to fall cheap traps by the PF and buy into the numerous lies that is contained in the 88-page long Manifesto not worth the salt.


  1. Common sense says the incumbent party should not be telling us what dreams they have for the next 5 year, but why they have failed in the last 10.
    It’s a no brainer that this government has failed miserably and people are suffering as a result.
    There is no development to talk about, they think development is to build a road (and steal half the money that was meant to build it). They have provided nothing but misery.
    But the those who support this party don’t want to talk about the abject failures of the last 10 years, it’s not convenient. Zambian are just not bright, they will continue to suffer.

  2. Yes judge the PF on their track record,(a very poor one at that) and not on their next plans as they have proven themselves to have sight but no vision.

  3. True what are they going to do in 5 years which they have failed to do in 10 years. Wina azalila shonongo

  4. Yes ECL and PF should be judged on their Performance Record and not on their dreams. In their 2016 Manifesto PF made many Promises to the People. It’s now time to point(sonta) their Successes and Failures. They haven’t done this assessment becoz PF broke their Promises to the People. The Economy is in a mess with high prices,inflation,debt levels etc. People are suffering at the hands PF. People want a change of Govt. HH and UPND are their only hope. HH with his Economic and Financially literate Managers will fix the Economy. ECL and PF have miserably failed and on August 12 we must send them “ku wire”.

  5. LT

    Why ate you not publishing the video of the hatembos where they say they are not kidnapped but on the run ?????

  6. It even makes thing hard that they keep using the photos of a failed conman on everything they do. How sad for all the PF zombies that keep on worshipping Lungu.

  7. Joseph lungu kwisa? Stop giving your tonga vuvuzelas fayke eastern names. We know that f00l is called hatumbulo hagande

    The f00l even says government in waiting hahaha. The same way that upnd said only a tonga can rule them, the same way the Zambia people have decided that a tribal party like upnd cannot lead them

  8. The first step 4 PF is to correct itself and admit failure. PF should have looked at the Promises made in the 2016 Manifesto and make a critical analysis of successes made and mistakes made. PF should be correcting mistakes made during the 5years and building on the successes made during the same period. U can’t abandon the 2016 Manifesto and come up with an entirely new Manifesto. It’s not useful becoz Zambians will judge PF based on its Performance over the last 61/2 years of ECL’s Rule. People are not happy with ECL and PF Rule. Their lives have been ruined since PF took over Power from MMD in 2011.Their lives are worse off under ECL and PF Rule. People are Angry and Hungry for a change of Govt. ECL must go and for a change we give Team HH a chance to turnaround the Economy and…

  9. HaTarino, let me guess, having hh face on upnd manifesto is ok but not ECL on pf manifesto? You f00lish tribal Tonga boy

  10. Cizungu cinatuomana: Shouldn’t it be “long run” instead of “wrong run”? Shouldn’t it be “let alone” instead of “late alone”. Muzitifunsa we edit for you before you go to press. Otherwise well said my friend Lungu. Well said.

  11. akapS – how do you publish a video of someone who was alleged to abducted but are still in hiding…what if the camera man has a gun pointed at them? The best they could have done is appoint a lawyer to talk on their behalf in the video.

  12. IWE KAIZAR ZULU!!!. Who made tribal remarks in Chilubi during a bye election campaign in Chilubi? Is it not that UNCIVILIZED Nkandu Luo? Grow up. Why do you like lying through your FILTHY STINKING TEETH?

    Since when did Hakainde Hichilema become tribal?. Tell me???. You compare the ethnicity of names in the NMC of UPND leadership with that of PF and see who is tribal.

    UPND NATIONAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE embraces all ethnic groupings from every region of this country. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to realise this fact!!!.

    PF is a party of Northerners and Easterners ONLY. That is the plain truth!!!.

  13. In 2011 when PF came to Power inflation was 8.7 % p.a now its 22.8%. Exchange Rate was 1:9 now it is1: 22.8. Prices have tripled in 2021 than they were in 2011. People are poorer now than they were in 2011. Then on the Governance side we have seen an increase in lawlessness, Cadreism and thuggery, people have no money to buy food and others necessities etc. Anybody who votes for the Corrupt and Visionless ECL and his PF thugs want to continue suffering beyond August 12,2021. ECL and PF have failed and have no Capacity and Competencies to turnaround the Zambian Economy. For a change let’s vote 4 HH and his Economic and Financial literate Managers in UPND. ECL and PF “ku wire”. Forward with HH aka Bally will fix it.

  14. @ Chirwa.

    You won’t get a conclusive argument from that imbecile KZ. The C0cksucker knows his boss and his minions have devastated the country to enrich themselves.

    They know should they lose power, jail awaits. The lavish lifestyle will come to an end. Corrupt means of money will dry out. They will no longer have police protection.

  15. PF has a very good track record. But if opposition is full of hate, they can’t see the good side. The goodness is a that this jealousy is only in a few. The masses still want to give the Patriotic Front another chance. Zesco no longer rations on electricity, good roads are everywhere, Copperbelt mines are afloat after foreigners abandoned us. Several jobs were saved in the process.

  16. The Hatembo family that is held by UPND for fear of their president’s eventual loss on appeal of Kalomo land 1924 are bribed by HH. Why have they not reported the death threats insinuated to have come from Edith Nawakwi? UPND always runs to the police, the courts, AU, SADC and UN. Since when did HH become protector of the weak? Suddenly HH is more benevolent to the Hatembos he earlier swindled.

  17. Pf has totally failed. How do celebrate of being a great father after buying chicken for your family with borrowed money? Would the family happily enjoy it?
    Kuya bebele

  18. A good manifestly is suppose to list down their old agenda and take note of all the contents listed in it. Point out what has been achieved out from the list and what has not been achieved. Tell the nation as to why they did not work out that which they did not do, and when to do it or mention
    To me this is not a proper Manifestal that will help the Nation but doing something in despiration because they want to remain in power.
    The old list has been dropped off not even a mention of them like,
    Link Zambia 8000 within 10 years- ( instead they have put up bridges where there are no rivers)
    Low tax
    Low fuel
    Farming – low fertilizer
    One digital figure- reduction on inflation
    Industrialization- putting/opening up industries
    Service deliveries
    real Job creations
    list is long

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