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Cornelius Mweetwa challenges Vice President to Explain the Source of Money she Distributed to Solwezi Residents


United party for National Development (UPND) National Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa has challenged Republican Vice President, Inonge Mutukwa Wina to tell the nation the source of the huge sums of money she was distributing to Solwezi residents over the weekend.

Mr Mweetwa says the culture of openly distributing huge sums of money to ordinary citizens by senior government and PF party officials is alien in Zambia especially when the standard of living for the majority has become so bad.

He expressed worry that the sums being circulated wantonly by PF could be illicitly printed by the ruling party thus in contravention of the Financial and Bank of Zambia Acts.

“Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji was recently seen giving money to the people of Mwinilunga while former local government Permanent Secretary Eddie Chomba recently gave out huge sums to Marketeers in Mufulira. We want the PF to refute the existence of illicit money in circulation because this is not normal. This is the same money being used in buying off weak UPND souls,” he said.

The UPND Chief Mouthpiece further called on Zambians not to be cheated with the money being given, but should instead make a wise decision during the forthcoming general elections by voting for the UPND and its leadership into government.

“We want to appeal to the people of Zambia to receive that money, but don’t give them a vote. What kind of desperation is this? When I say they are buying UPND MP when I say they are buying candidates in the UPND primary elections. When I said the PF are buying opposition MPs, I was accused of being a joker, a political demagogue. But now people can see what we are explaining. First, it was merely common cadres such as Bowman Lusambo but now even the second highest politician in the nation has joined the wagon. We demand for an explanation from both the PF and BoZ on the source of this money before we suspect the involvement of the Central Bank in this scam,” Mr Mweetwa added.

He added that the UPND feels the 2021 elections will not be about manifestos but on who has the fattest pocket, saying this is defeating the purpose of democracy and governance where ideas are supposed to compete.


  1. Yes explain these suspect funds buying lots of new bicycles and openly bribing voters in Solwezi. The corruption is stinking high.

  2. Even Mulyokela said the people of Zambia should wake up. These government officials get money raised from your taxes. How do we allow them to take this money with one hand and give it back to us with another hand and pretend to be a gift? If you demand for good roads, hospitals and clean water, you get told there is no money. As long as we continue to be docile, these thieving politicians will continue to take advantage.

  3. Thru BOZ the PF Govt is Printing Money like confetti to buy votes in the 2021 Elections. PF has no Campaign message thats why they are dishing out illicit Money to finance Corrupt Empowerment Deals. No wonder some Churches have refused Bribery Money meant to buy votes. This is unchristian and ungodly. Corruption is rampant in PF. People should “eat” the Money and on August 12 Vote out this Corrupt and Visionless ECL. This dishing out of Money is fueling inflation. People will see prices skyrocketing and life will be miserable for Zambians. Vote 4 HH and UPND to turnaround this Economy and our lives. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  4. In the US parties raise billions of dollars for campaigns. What is your problem? If you have no capacity to raise campaign money….thats your problem.

  5. #3  osamwina 
    April 27, 2021 At 8:00 am

    “In the US parties raise billions of dollars for campaigns. What is your problem ?…….”

    Look at this one…….. trying to compare a debt and unemployment saddled 3rd world country that can’t even make a spoon with a country that files drones on the planet Mars for pleasure……….thats why you are poor.

    Lungu and PF are milking KCM , that is the source of their funds, that is why they grabbed it in the first place……to fund their campaigns.

  6. Pf will explain nothing, same with the 1d1ot Lusambo
    She also complains about the slow pace of mini Hospitals .. is the country in a serious recession ???
    are not all businesses suffering the same fate ?? which the Pf party has caused us
    for this they must be voted out

  7. Very shameful to see the VEEP dishing out Money openly and on Camera. So how can our Elections be declared Credible when the VEEP was bribing voters openly. Doesn’t the VEEP know that she was violating our Electoral Laws, SADC and AU Election Guidelines for holding free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections? Such behaviour by the VEEP points to a violent, rigged and disputed Elections in August 2021.

  8. @ osamwina, US candidates/parties RAISE billion of dollars through fundraising. They don’t PRINT money. Printing money is not only illegal, but leads to high inflation. Just ask our neighbors of the price of printing money backed by nothing.

  9. Where else would you see government dishing out millions to the public in the name of empowerment. This happening when elections are around the corner.

    No other country would do that.

  10. Mrs Wina had something like K2000 or less in her hands which she gave out to few people in Solwezi.Surely,how stingy are you guys in UPND such that you cannot give your 5 or 10 suppoters a K100 each?My gosh….UPND is a party full of greedy people!Look,in Luapula if you dont give your supporters anything,they will simply give you zero vote!!Learn to share with the poor Zambians who vote for you from the money you get.Nobody shall eat your fake promises!It is only in southern where people vote for UPND blindly.Elsewhere,voters need to benefit no matter how small.Thus,Mweetwa should know this fact!!!
    KINDLY REMAIN STINGY BO MWEETWA AND LEAVE OUT MRS.WINA FROM YOUR NONSENSE!!We all saw the little money she share in solwezi.

  11. To show how desperate and probably illegal this showering of money of unknown sources is, just ask all those who are involved, how often it will be for. Weekly, monthly, yearly? To everyone? You will then realise how unsustainable and uncouth this method is – from a PF government that has no real long term plans for how the many will be provided with an enabling environment to look after themselves properly

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