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HRC calls for protection of Journalists

General News HRC calls for protection of Journalists

The Human Rights Commission ( HRC) has called for the protection and safety of journalists ahead of the forthcoming August 12, 2021 general elections.

HRC Spokesperson, Mweelwa Muleya said members of the public especially political party cadres should accord the media the due respect as the fourth estate of government after the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

Mr Muleya has since called for enhanced protection of all Journalists ahead of the August general elections.

“In a democracy such as Zambia, the government has a primary responsibility to promote and protect the right to freedom of expression without any form of interference or hindrance. The media also has a noble duty of promoting free expression of divergent and pluralistic ideas and views without any form of discrimination,” Mr. Muleya said.

He noted that government has an obligation to protect the safety of journalists to ensure an enabling environment for them to perform their duty.

“Where the lives and rights of journalists are threatened or violated, the state must take practical steps towards seeking redress for the victims while subjecting perpetrators to the due process of the law in order to end impunity,” he said.

He also called on the media to be inclusive in their programming, reporting and coverage so as to mirror Zambia as a Multi-ethnic, racial, religious, cultural and multi-party democratic state.

Mr. Muleya further said as Zambia commemorates Press Freedom Day, Journalists should continue being the frontline human rights defenders for the common good. This year’s Press Freedom Day commemoration was graced by President Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in Muchinga Province has saluted journalists in the region for highlighting various developmental programmes and other activities.

Speaking in an interview on the occasion to mark this year’s World Press Freedom Day, ZCTU Muchinga Regional Coordinator, Nondo Kasanda has commended the media for playing a pivotal role in keeping the region informed on various matters of public interest.

Mr. Kasanda who wished all journalists in the province a successful World Press Freedom Day, encouraged them to be factual, free and fair when covering events.

Mr. Kasanda said journalists should strive to be professional in the execution of their duties in line with this year’s World Press Freedom Day which is being commemorated under the theme ”Information as a Public Good”.

He said journalism has contributed to the development and civilization of the nation.

Mr. Kasanda added that ignorance is easily defeated by having a well-informed citizenry and that freedom of speech promotes peace and good governance.

“We only have one Zambia and it is important that we protect our mother Zambia through responsible reporting by caring and paying attention to the information we are giving the public through the media, “said Mr. Kasanda.

Mr. Kasanda says commitment from the Government to protect journalists from harassment especially during the run up to the August 12 general election, is highly commendable.


  1. Our president has sent a very strongly worded message to the police today. Those saying pf is not doing anything need to realise that we have no control over ZP. We are government and are a separate arm. The police is independent as it should be in a democratic dispensation..

  2. KZ what a nonsense, of course the corrupt PF government controls the police! Instructs them to not arrest PF criminal cadres, but keep other party supporters in jail without charge, or – worse – to shoot and kill innocent citizens! You yourself got involved with Saudi diplomats! Separate arm yes, but very vulnerable with blackmail! “You want to keep your job? Then do what I say!” And other interesting phonecalls!

  3. Those gangsters who attacked, not beat up the Chawama Gangsters Americans led by thug Kalimanshi are well known by Kampyongo and Lusambo.
    Kalimanshi need protection from Kampyongo .
    All humans need HRC.

  4. The violent Panga Family need to discipline its Cadres.There is no point in ECL pointing a finger to the Police while his own indisciplined Cadres are causing the violence. The PF Commisariat including the PF Presidency are fanning the violence among its Youths. In PF they now have Vigilantes and Warlords fighting for Space and the loot. PF is a lawless Party and unless ECL publicly condemn these PF Cadres and thugs nothing will Change.

  5. Appears like he looks aways when PF thugs are at it and only flowns when UPND is doing something .Politics in Zambia has gone to the dogs .

  6. Why is the HRC only concerned about journalists? Are ordinary Zambians not humans? Sure journalists need protection but not more than regular citizens. Wasn’t it two ordinary citizens shot and killed just two months ago? And to be honest I have not witnessed any brave journalists asking any difficult questions to the president, nobody has ever asked Lungu pertinent questions about the failing economy, or the 600% devaluation of the Kwacha during his time in power. Heroes they’re not!

  7. No corruption, that is your opinion, which amounts to nothing but a mere baseless opinion without any factual evidence. You are boring


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