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Police probes burning of UPND materials

Headlines Police probes burning of UPND materials

The Zambia Police Service has instituted investigations in the video that has gone viral depicting people burning political materials for the United Party for National Development (UPND).

According to a statement issued to the media today, Zambia Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo says initial investigations have revealed that the materials being burnt were grabbed from a female adult who was going to deliver to clients.

Mrs Katongo noted that members of the public will be informed on the outcome of investigations once they are concluded.

She added that every political party is free to own party political materials for purposes of campaign and should not be harassed by any person or grouping with a contrary view.

Mrs Katongo stated that it is criminal to temper with, alter, damage or deface any campaign material for another political party.

She has warned that those that will be found to have involved themselves in the criminal activity depicted in the video will be dealt with in accordance with the law.


  1. But ZP is a branch of PF so how can they probe this violation without bias? I don’t trust ZP even though i’m not UPND fan.

  2. The problem is that Police are quick to arrest opposition cadres but the PF cadres it becomes difficulty and I may say how many cadres were arrested in that fracas at the PF secretariat who were fighting the so called commando Innocent Kalimanshi when Chishimba Kambwili was being welcomed in PF group/ gung or Party?
    Had it been at UPND camp, even HH was the time to now pin him down. We are watching

  3. You should have issued a similar statement also on what happened to those PF Cadres and th.ugs who were fighting during that chibwili members renewal. It’s violace that should be tamed.
    But because it happened within PF, who controls the police, the Police ni ndwi chabe, and grabbing an opportunity with UPND case just to be relevant.

  4. ‘Esther Katongo says initial investigations have revealed that the materials being burnt were grabbed from a female adult who was going to deliver to clients.’

    so the ‘female’ can not help with investigations-

  5. We must trust our own institutions, if we do not, like the UPND don’t why do they rush to the courts of the land when they are aggrieved? and why do they rush to the police if the police are PF? We need to trust our own institutions there is no other way of building our great nation. Those who do not trust the police are the first ones to complain about the police they don’t trust. Let us encourage the police to be impartial. If you are always insulting the police then when you are in trouble you rush to them what will they tell you. HH called the police “morons” I am not sure if he has ever apologised to the Zambia police service.

  6. Its funny how Lazy Lungu is blaming IG for the punch up of his thugs at PF secretariat ….surely any responsible leader would blame his SG for organising such a ceremony in the first place with backdrop of the pandemic. Moreover ZP as is the case need State House and Former Katondon St Dealer Stephen K to okay any decisions they make…what a weak inept leader we have who should not be given 5 more years.

  7. There is nothing to expect from the PF controlled ZPS. ZPS shot and killed Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda in cold blood but the matter just died.The PF Cadres fought each other at the PF Secretariat but there are no arrests. While PF Cadres were fighting at the PF Secretariat multitudes of heavily are Policemen surrounded the newly built Youth Command Centre Building. ZPS was blocked from officially opening the Centre. The PF Police is indeed the biggest problem that Zambia has. A lawless ZPS. This will get worse as we approach the August 12 Elections.

  8. People are even scared of putting on UPND regalia because of violence from PF thugs, very peculiar democracy ours. Leaders not championing democracy, ZNBC and public media now belong to the ruling party, very sad for democracy, and it is normal in their eyes

  9. If tomorrow ,the UPND does the same, the arrests will be swift .
    What is prevailing right now is the law of the jungle.

  10. Kelvin D Mulanga – Trust is earned and ZP so far is doing nothing to earn the public’s trust! Note that even the President stated that the public had lost confidence in ZP but as we have come to expect, he did absolutely nothing to help remedy the situation. The problem is not with the public, its with the Police or more accurately their failure to stand up to PF control and bullying. This has completely removed the respect and trust the public had for the Police. The Police should not be “encouraged” to be impartial any more than a father should be “encouraged” to take care of his kids. They should just be impartial because that is what the job entails!!

  11. Sir you publicly stated that the boxing match led by one self declared ‘commander’ with no training was the last test for the police? Well here we are property burnt and probably material already paid for…how many more tested to you want to give the IG? You gave me three months to arrest people who shot an innocent by-stander we knew he was a cop given ballistic evidence but who instructed the cops to go there armed with live armor? Must we await another killing…please instruct Stephen to give a full report on the burnt material which is a criminal offence as it is arson…and quickly bring the culprits to book….

  12. The motto has been “One Zambia, One Nation” but politics has really reached a point where we are questioning whether this is the freedom we fought for. If our leaders with the instruments of power can not combat these violations related to who belongs to what political party, am afraid the future we have hoped for will not be achieved. It’s like taking us back to total bloodshed

  13. That regalia was contaminated with corona virus. Burning it has saved some lives. Also that colour of red is very demonic. Red for blood that is why upnd is sacrificing lives close to elections.we are a Christian nation and those who burned it were acting to protect the nation.

  14. Please don’t insult our intelligence, we all know ZP will do nothing apart from this fake press release ukutishinga butter. These same PF thugs who have no regard for the rule of law will come after your officers,



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