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Afumba Mombotwa’s wife confirmed dead in Mukobeko Prison serial Murders


By News Editor, Barotseland Post

Emetrude Situmbeko Mwanangombe (51), the wife to Barotseland campaigner and political prisoner, Afumba Mombotwa, has been confirmed to be among the ten victims so far discovered in a spate of murders carried out by two serial killers impersonating prison officers to lure mostly female relatives of known inmates to their horrendous death.

Mrs Mombotwa, who had left her home in Barotseland to central Zambia on April 2nd, 2021 to visit her husband at Kabwe’s Mukobeko prison, was never to be seen or heard from until news of women disappearing after they had visited their loved ones at the correctional facility surfaced in the media this past week.

And those who were last with her have disclosed that Mrs Mombotwa had informed them that she had received a phone call from a man who had introduced himself as a Prison Warder at Kabwe’s Mukobeko prison and that she was required to go back to Kabwe where they were to discuss her husband’s pending release from jail on Parole.

However, news emerged last week that two inmates, who had escaped from the correctional facility, had gone on a rampage killing women, after they had raped them, before burying them in shallow graves around the prison.

This was after one of the named prison escapees was apprehended and arrested on Sunday 23rd May 2021, leading to the discovery of the ten victims including Mrs Mombotwa.

Mrs Mombotwa’s body was identified earlier this morning and officially confirmed to be among the dead victims of the murderous duo.

Central Province Police Commissioner, Chola Katanga, announced the identification of the bodies to the media.

He named the victims so far identified as Kazadi, aged 43, Pricilla Kafumbo, aged 41, Naomi Namukulwa, aged six months, all from Kitwe; Doreen Nyambe, 29, from Lusaka, and Virginia Chanda from Chingola, aged 48.

Sadly, Mrs Mombota aged 51 from Mongu, made the list of the victims who were all similarly called by the imposters to come through to Kabwe’s Mukobeko maximum and medium correctional facilities to negotiate or discuss their relatives’ possible release on Parole.

It is alleged that Joseph Chiteta and Miles Malaya raped and murdered their nine victims, while the tenth victim, was a six-month-old baby, between February and May 2021.

Meanwhile, an inquiry has been opened to ascertain how the escaped inmates acquired details and records of fellow prisoners’ relatives to call them and lure them to their deaths.

The death of Mrs Mombotwa has shocked Barotzis across the nation especially those who knew her as a peace-loving person.

May her soul, and those of the other victims, rest in eternal peace.


  1. WTF !!! A prisoner impersonated prison warders ,managed to obtain patient records and freely room about at a maximum prison and murdered 10 women including a baby and the IG of police and government haven’t issued any statements? WTF is going on in our beloved country!!!

  2. This has not been verified by the authorities. I shall not be issuing a substantive comment on unverified news or sources.

  3. Am also wondering. This article is targeting the dander heads. It lacks intelligence as well as substance. How do escaped inmates have access to a highly secured prison’s visitors register?.
    Making no sense

  4. Inmates masquerading as Prison warders in a maximum prison facility …raping and burying their victims around the prison grounds. There is something seriously wrong at this prison facility a serious lack of security. These are the people the lazy one in State House has given them the right to vote and will soon be given two week holidays only under the govt of one Edgar Chagwa Lungu. They can not secure serial killers in prison how can they track down prisons outside on their breaks…PF have turned Prisons into lodges.
    Can you imagine another 5 years of Edgar Lungu’s incompetence!!

  5. Maharaji – everyone from top Prison Director to Warders and office cleaners need to investigated and transferred …serious breach of security and corruption at Mukobeko and the Home Affairs Ministry and State House are quiet.
    Zambians we need serious people in govt

  6. Just so unbelievable!
    What country do we have.
    Their blood cries from the ground for vengeance and God hears.

  7. Sad. Parole should not be for criminals who don’t transform. There are several Zambians who have benefited from such mercy, currently leading meaningful lives.
    Other criminals even after serving the full custody term prove unrepentant. Chiteta and Malaya are such people who make the good gesture look all too wrong.
    Please investigate this dreadful Mukobeko matter more.

  8. You impersonator,! your gullible govt gave prisoners freedom to go and rape then kill those innocent women. These are some the issues that are making Zambians angry. On top of this, your president is about to sign into law to allow more rapists, criminals and robbers into the streets for 2 weeks. All this to buy votes from the prisoners?
    I hope you have managed to see how you are coming back after the elections in a transparent manner because truth be told ,a lot of your colleagues in pf will end up in JAIL starting from the real kz for violence gainst innocent Zambians ,theft and destruction of govt. property not forgetting colluding to rig the 2016 elections.

  9. Meanwhile lungu is contemplating releasing other convicted murders ……

    What a hapless sack of dung he is….

  10. Next time you see Lazy Lungu bragging about billions invested in infrastructure development show him this story…where we have such porous and corrupt maximum prisons. No wonder Keith and his friend are doing well in that prison!!

  11. The eagle has s.h.i.t.t.ed please go and find a 2metre wire, then put it on a hot stove for 10 minutes then insert it in your a.n.u.s and yourself

  12. How many Katangas are there in the Zambia Police?
    Central Province Police Commissioner, Chola Katanga,

  13. “The death of Mrs Mombotwa has shocked Barotzis across the nation especially those who knew her as a peace-loving person” What kind of reporting is this? when did this country have only one tribr shocked over a criminal activity like this? We need a lot odf training for our writers. Any Zambian murdered the whole nation gets shocked because it is terrible, inhuman crime to murder anyone. So to say the ” Barotzis” are shocked sounds like a story being written by a foreigner.

  14. Why is it that in this country people have never embraced the culture of resigning from their positions when their positions are in question. The chief prison wander should have handed in his resignation letter by now, this is just too embarrassing.

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