Saturday, April 20, 2024

Zambia Police told to arrest serial killers


The Zambia Aged People’s Association has appealed to the police in Muchinga province to quickly arrest the people behind the killing of elderly men and women in that province for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

According to a statement made available to ZANIS in Ndola today, Zambia Aged People’s Association National Secretary, Cyprian Pombolokani said this behavior is barbaric and should be curbed immediately.

He observed that families have disintegrated and have therefore left the aged vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the association has strongly supported the candidature of President Edgar Lungu in the August 12 general elections.

Mr. Pombolokani said President Edgar Lungu and his Patriotic Front (PF) government has recorded great success in the health and education sectors.

“This government has constructed many primary, secondary schools and universities as well as hospitals and health centers across the country”, said Mr. Pombolokani.

The National Secretary noted that success in agriculture is as a result of the government ensuring that farmers received inputs on time thereby recording bumper harvests.

He added that infrastructure development has been witnessed countrywide saying Zambians are grateful and hopeful that President Lungu and his government will be given another term to complete developmental projects embarked on.


  1. What were they doing before this? Just sitting obviously. ZP and it’s cadres. Maybe now they’ll start arresting them.

  2. Meanwhile the former Katondo St Currency Dealer Stephen K has built a state of the art building with cameras all over the city to monitor citizens via a huge Chinese loan instead of investing in the Forensic and Crime Investigation Dept.

  3. Good idea, give the man who has reduced the Police to mare PF cadres, another mandate… Really laughable.
    Also they are yet to arrest the gassers

  4. ZPS failed to arrest :the Gassers of 50 Zambians, PF Cadres who burnt UPND Regalia and Billboards etc. Can ZPS arrest the Serial killers? Does ZPS have the Capacity and Political will to arrest the Culprits? ZPS has been State Captured and only acts to please the Appointing Authority .

  5. ZP arresting serial killers? They can only arrest opposition party leaders! And even if they manage to get them, they will be out in five minutes flat after bribing their way out!

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