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Public Workers in Southern Province Commended for not Stealing Public Resources for 4 years


Government has commended civil servants in Southern province for exhibiting accountability and good governance in their work. The commendation follows a record of integrity exhibited since 2018 enabling public workers in the province not to appear before the Parliamentary Accounts Committee for four consecutive years.

Southern Province Assistant Director for Planning Unit in the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Michael Inambao disclosed that government officials in the province have not appeared before the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) for four consecutive years.

Speaking in Gwembe when he addressed heads of quasi and government departments on the application of National values and Principles, Mr. Inambao attributed this to good governance and patriotism exhibited among the civil servants in the province.

He recalled that government officials in the province last appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Accounts in 2018.

“As Southern province, we’ve not appeared at PAC for misappropriation of public funds. This is commendable in the way we apply ourselves be in these national values and principles of exhibiting good governance and patriotism among us civil servants,” he said.

He also called for everyone to embrace the presidential directives on the Application of Nationals values and Principles for a better Zambia.

And Gwembe District Commissioner Timothy Siakaziba urged the Zambian citizens to be morally upright on order to contribute to building a moral fabric nation.

Mr Siakaziba said national values and principles provide a moral compass and a guide for the nation in the way decisions are made, policies formulated and laws enacted.

Article 86(1) of the Zambian Constitution requires that the President annually updates the nation through parliament on the application of national values and principles.


  1. Such are the people needed in charge of government, not these pf thugs who dip their fingers in public coffers without regard for the common citizen.

  2. This the Legacy of Provincial minister Dr Edify Hamukale who tolerated no theft of public funds in Southern province . Zambia needs more people like Hamukale

  3. This is the Legacy of Provincial Minister Dr. Edify Hamukale who tolerated no theft or abuse of public funds in southern province. We need more people like Hamukale

  4. So they know when there is theft by public workers but turn a blind eye? everyone in Zambia will be rich because this government is showing them how it should be done. This is why the PF and uPND are prepared to butcher each other because the steaks for the big price are high. Don’t just commend, reward these people otherwise they will join the thieves. Look at them, do you think they will eat commendations?

  5. Excellent behaviour exhibited by our own government officials under the leadership of his excellency ECL and pf. A vote for hh means undoing this and electing a man who sold our country for peanuts during privatisation

  6. ExcelIent behavi0ur exhlbited by our own government officiaIs under the leadershlp of his exceIIency ECL and pf. A vote for hh means undoing this and electing a man who sold our country for peanuts during privatisati0n

  7. PF 1% Good and should be commended
    BUT what about the other 99% of PF who think its their right to take what isnt theirs
    AUGUST 12 cannot come quick enough to get them out

  8. I’d love Edify Hamukale to continue because he has excelled in instilling financial discipline in his juniors. Indeed, like the adage goes, isabi ukubola lyambila ku mutwe. So we now know who are responsible for the wanton pillage of public resources that are reported every year in some Ministries and Departments. Some Heads pretend as if they aren’t aware about what their subordinates are doing.

  9. This is how myopic and rotten our country has become under Edgar Lazy Lungu’s Christian nation …really laughable …it an achievement not to pilfer

  10. So it’s from the respectable province called Southern Province Hey,no wonder Zambian are eager to Elect a Man who hails from that Province.

  11. For four years? Zambia has been independent for 56 years so it’s alright for us to have lost money to theft for the other 52 years?

  12. This statement just confirms that under this regime theft of public resources has become the acceptable norm. It’s almost as if they are surprised that one province has not followed the trend.

  13. Tongas don’t steal. We work hard for whatever we have. It’s the like of Kaizar Zulu and his clans who are thieves

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