Thursday, June 20, 2024

President Lungu wishes KK a quick recovery


President Edgar Lungu has sent a message of good will to Zambia’s First President Kenneth Kaunda, following his hospitalisation at Maina Soko Medical Centre in Lusaka for medical treatment.

In a statement released to ZANIS by Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti, President Lungu wished Zambia’s founding president a speedy recovery, as he continues to receive medical attention.

“On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia, the people of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to convey best wishes and a speedy recovery to Dr. Kaunda” President Lungu said.

President Lungu added that, “we pray for God’s intervention in his health”.

The Head of State has also assured the nation of Government’s commitment to ensure that Dr. Kaunda receives due medical care and attention.

Earlier in the day, Administrative Officer in the Office of the First President, Rodrick Ngolo, announced that Dr. Kaunda has been unwell and that he has been admitted to Maina Soko Medical Centre in Lusaka.


  1. Zambia Oye! This morning I read that the ”DIZZY GUY” collapsed again last night at the State house and was evacuated to Morning Side clinic. The picture of the Headlines President Lungu wishes KK a quick recovery, is from KK’s birthday sometime back. Has anyone got information about the dizzy guy.

  2. The Dizzy One! Whatever Chagwa ate, it is bad sure! Maybe is “Mr” Luonyokolola trying to bewitch the Dizzy One ?, osasobelela ku mankwala akwa Nabwalya, waona manje Chagwa wagwa.

  3. It gives me hope that our second father and president has sent supporting messages.

    @ tarino you want your father to send the message to our first president? Your father who is a nobody ? Fuseke

    @tikki you must have been raised by talkative ugly women who were rumour mongers.fuseke

  4. You should try your best not to take ANYTHING trolls say seriously. NO matter how POORLY they behave, remember these people spend countless UNPRODUCTIVE hours trying to make people mad. They’re not WORTH your time of day.

  5. Wishing our founding father a speedy recovery in Jesus Christ we pray with thanksgiving from our hearts. Amen.

  6. KK is the very last of pre independence African leaders..Jomo Kenyatta,Sekou Toure ,Leopold Sedar Sengor,Moktar Daddah,Julius Nyerere …that tells you how lucky Zambia is to still have KK its a blessing. Wish you well KK.

  7. KK is just fine..
    But I like to wish Presdo Edgar a quick recovery. Guyz lets stop going to national functions with hangovers, that fainting could have been avoided.

  8. If only you knew that the old man will not live longer in order to fulfil the word of the Lord, that God would like to heal Zambia and restore it’s position through his demise. If only you knew that this year you will not pass beyond twenty twenty August 12 in order to heal Zambia and restore it’s sanity and unity.

  9. He is 96 so he is at the end of the road, same as Prince Phillip was 99 , so when it time to go , you can’t stop it.

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