Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Siame and Njobvu aim for gold in Tokyo Olympics


With the delayed 2020 Olympic Games now just around the corner, Zambian hopefuls Sydney Siame and Rhoda Njobvu talk up their chances of mining gold.


  1. I love sport especallly athlete my2c ,please train mu mumpili ,you will bé more stronger within six months . because l run half marathon,and i train in mountains when i go for marathon its flat and i get good résults. Athlete vive zambia

  2. How can you win Gold when you never come close in international events…you can’t win Gold based in Zambia without facilities.

  3. Sorry I havent watched what are the two saying will make them win gold? Have they won anything before this? If Matete who won plenty of events and a world athletics gold medal didnt win Olympic gold what is making these pedestrian atheletes so confident? We should nt raise expectations if there are none.

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