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Additional consignment of the COVID-19 dose of AstraZeneca vaccine expected in Zambia this month


Zambia is expected to receive an additional consignment of the COVID-19 dose of AstraZeneca vaccine later this month and another consignment in August 2021, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Kennedy Malama has announced.

Dr. Malama says the government has already finalized the requirements under the COVAX facility and the donation of Sinopharm doses by the Chinese government.

Speaking during the COVID-19 update in Lusaka, Dr. Malama urged all those who have received their first dose of AstraZeneca not to worry as he guaranteed that the government has secured the second dose which will commence next week.

Keeping in mind the sharp rise of COVID-19 positive cases during the third wave, Dr. Malama explained that the vaccination programme remains a key pillar among the nine-pronged response.

“The pause in the vaccination campaign has given us ample time to prepare for the roll out. We are also aware of a number of key questions being asked by the public regarding the vaccine. Top most being the date when the second dose of AstraZeneca will be administered,” Dr. Malama stated.

The Permanent Secretary announced that Zambia has recorded the highest number of deaths at 28 cases in the last 24 hours.

He advised that with the alarming numbers, calls for people to put all their different opinions and beliefs aside and bind together to effectively respond to the current situation.

“The breakdown of the new deaths by Province and facility is as follows: Lusaka province 20, with Levy Mwanawasa hospital recording 10 deaths, University Teaching Hospital(UTH )three , Maina Soko two, Kanyama First Level two, Chelstone one, Chawama First Level one and Chirundu one.

He said Copperbelt province recorded six deaths where Kitwe Teaching Hospital had five deaths and Roan Antelope one.

He added that in the Southern province, Livingstone and Choma recorded one each.

Dr. Malama revealed that the country has continued to record a surge in COVID-19 cases with 2,690 new confirmed cases out of 11,999 tests conducted, giving a 22.4 percent positivity in the last 24 hours.

He indicated that the cases were reported from all the ten provinces with Lusaka recording the highest number of 869 cases, thereby, bringing the cumulative number of positive cases recorded to date at 115,824 cases countrywide.

Dr. Malama disclosed that there are currently 14,485 active cases, of whom 13,764 are under community management and 721 are admitted to COVID-19 isolation facilities of which 195 were newly admitted patients within the last 24 hours.

He said a total of 901 discharges were made from both the COVID-19 isolation facilities and home management, which brings the cumulative number of recoveries to 99,895.

Among those currently under admission, Dr. Malama stated that about 485 are on Oxygen therapy and 101 (14%) are in critical condition.

The Permanent Secretary, informed that health facilities are now operating at 100 percent bed occupancy and also still mobilising more bed space.

He however, noted that the 766 health workers who were recently employed by the government are now reporting to their respective stations to join the COVID 19 fight and in the provision of routine health services.

He said some multilaterals and organisations have also committed to supporting recruitment of extra health personnel to strengthen the response towards the virus.

Dr. Malama urged Health Care workers to focus on caring for those coming to the facilities during the critical period of the pandemic.

The Permanent Secretary has sternly warned some unscrupulous people in both the public and private sector who are taking advantage of people’s desperation and anxiety for their own personal gain, charging exorbitant amounts for COVID-19 testing among other malpractice.

He reiterated that a team of Permanent Secretaries met to review the current measures to curb COVID 19 in the country and appropriate recommendations have been made and the nation will be communicated to.


  1. So a new consignment of doses is coming next month, but they don’t say HOW MANY doses. The shameless PF government has not spent even ONE KWACHA on vaccines, they rather give the money to criminal PF cadres, and in the meantime we totally depend on donor handouts! While the third wave is going round like wildfire! Shame on you PF!

  2. Hope, very soon it will be available for all age group because the Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in Africa.

  3. We are glad that the other countries’ government are keeping their commitments, and sending the vaccine dose to Zambia.

  4. I think our country has the best health care facilities! Our system is actively working towards protecting the lives of millions of Zambians.

  5. President Lungu’s government is focused on improving the lives of Zambians, they are unbothered about the upcoming elections and its campaign!

  6. If Zambians want to stop the wave of the deadly virus then taking the Covid-19 vaccine shot is essential, no one should run away from it.

  7. We must appreciate the hard work and dedication of our health system, all the doctors, health, and frontline workers. Without them, it would be tough to defeat the coronavirus.

  8. I am Italian and I love Zambia, I have few Zambian friends which works in Hospitals… I believe, as it happen in Europe, that people working in contact with potential infected patients should be the first to be vaccinated. For a better future all over the world

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