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Archives : President Kaunda meeting with US President Reagan March 30th 1983



  1. Great history made by a great man. You cannot learn or taught to be a leader. You are born to be one. KK, FTJ,LPM,RB,MCS and ECL were all born leaders. I don’t know about that one who has lost over 5 elections

  2. I was in Grade 9 at the time but I do remember the racist Reagan who is confirmed in CIA documents as being racist, pretending to listen to our president. He was intent on fighting the Cubans in Angola and he declared the ANC as terrorists

  3. Some people set the bar so high up it seems “mere mortals” can’t reach or even just to dream. A time and a place in history.

  4. Unforgettable African giant. Still can’t believe he is no longer among us but we shall always pay tribute to him for his great life and his unmatched legacy for Zambia.

  5. I feel sorry for the great Kenneth Kaunda bcoz Reagan was later proven to be a racist behind closed doors.

  6. A great leader and President who was deservedly respected by many American Presidents including Jimmy Carter and George Bush Jr.
    Now we have a President who is revered by AMA AMELICANS.
    Thats the closest he will get to American respect.

  7. Yes its true that Ronald Reagan was confirmed in declassified documents to have said very racist stuff about Africans.

  8. If Regan was so racist why did Regan invite him to the Whitehouse and eat with KK?
    The US didn’t need KK for their pollical gain after all Zambia was at its all time low and nothing to give , maybe Regan didn’t accept American Blacks as equals thus making Regan a Racist

  9. Iwe Cosmos stop defending Slave owners like a house nigger. Just go and read declassified CIA documents and you will find racist conversations between Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. Before they were declassified we all knew that Reagan declared freedom fighters like the ANC as terrorists thus supporting fellow whites in Pretoria who preached that blacks were inferior to them

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