Chisenga (formerly known as C.R.I.S.I.S ) unveils ‘Energy’ music video


Chisenga (formerly known as C.R.I.S.I.S ) unveils ‘Energy’ music video. which features Kuda Mic and Qzee.

Directed by Eli for Flashlight Photography and CHISENGA for Diamond Chain Media Production Assistant: Nathan Davey



  1. We are mourning a great father and you decide to post this f00Iishness. Can you show some respect. Kk fought so that we could be free and proud of our culture. And yet here you are posting a video of a lost boy who thinks having a stiff whlte woman in a video is achievement.

  2. Here we go again. I think this is a Lusaka Times problem. Have the decency to shelf this nonsense while we mourn. Who cares about these silly videos. This editorial team is the problem in my opinion. Please use good judgment in such matters

  3. Lusaka Times is run by millennials yo ballys….i don’t think they’re mature enough…..posting a house negro who has so much hate for himself and his own kind…despicable….this is not KK stood for…..KK was a Pan Africanist

  4. Some comments above are misplaced.
    Nobody is forcing anyone to read this article let alone watch the video.
    It seems we have people here who want to out-mourn others or mourn so loudly so that people notice them at a funeral.
    Thats not right.


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