Kamanga inspects public places

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga
Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga has warned that government may be forced to take drastic measures if people continue to ignore COVID-19 regulations as new infections and deaths continue to soar.

Mr Kamanga who this morning lead a team of officers from Lusaka city council, state police and Road traffic and Agency (RSTA) to inspect compliance levels at Lusaka Intercity bus terminus, Kulima tower bus station, city market and on the great East road, noted the low levels of adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.

He noted that people continue to appear oblivious of COVID-19 resulting in the increase of coronavirus cases and thus leading to inadequate space at health facilities and morgues within the capital city.

Mr Kamanga urged Zambians to take the fight against COVID-19 personal to avoid the pandemic from overrunning the already overburdened hospitals in the city.

The team visited the City Market, Kulima tower bus station, Soweto market, and mounted a road block at Arcades along Great East road while those without face masks in public buses were told to get off the bus.

Mr Kamanga has since instructed the council police to conduct inspections in all public places to ensure compliance.

“Our people should not die because of failing to mask up,” he said.

Mr Kamanga said people travelling in public buses without wearing face masks should be kicked out to avoid the risk of paralyzing the health services.

He announced that all markets and bus stations in Lusaka province will be disinfected on Saturday and business will resume after disinfection exercise.

And Mr Kamanga also commended Kulima Tower Management for maintaining the high level adherence to COVID-19 through ensuring that all the people entering the station are putting on face masks.

Meanwhile Lusaka City Council Town Clerk Alex Mwansa said there is a problem at Cemeteries because most mourners are failing to follow the guidelines of having only 50 people attending the funeral.

Mr Mwansa expressed concern that mourners are gathering huge numbers of 200, a situation that could lead to the spread of the disease.


  1. During the 1st wave, ZAMRA assured the public that clinical trials will be conducted to establish the effectiveness of a drug that has been safely used in humans for decades…. ivermectin. This drug which has been studied, and its effectiveness in covid advocated by more competent institutions than ZAMRA and MoH.

    Wave three… and NOTHING of the sort has been done thus far!

    This is the same ZAMRA who told us that a rejected-and-expired-batch of insignificantly-studied-vaccines can be safely used in humans for three more months after they had expired! These individuals have degrees in pharmacy, apparently!

    To all those who have lost family members. Let us sue ZAMRA and MoH for this catastrophe that could possibly have been avoided with a drug that has been safely used in humans…

  2. Whats wrong with this government? Instead of finding solutions all they do is issue threats. From the president to PS’s all they do is issue threats. Find out wht people are not complying and remedy the situation. But how do you find solutions by a team comprises of Police, RSTA and counci employees without any medical or psychological experience to understand why people are not complying. Even Joe Biden never issued threats but begged the Americans to please comply. Threats dont work !!

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