Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Zambia records 2,816 new Covid -19 cases, 52 deaths in last 24-hours


Zambia in the last 24 hours recorded 2,816 new confirmed COVID-19 cases out of 10,918 tests conducted bringing the cumulative number of confirmed cases recorded to date to 146,031, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Kennedy Malama has announced.

During the routine COVID-19 update in Lusaka today, Dr. Malama said the breakdown of the new cases by province shows that Central Province recorded 280, Copperbelt 274, Eastern 399, Luapula 96, Lusaka 789, Muchinga 91, North-western 151, Southern 463 and Western Province 273 respectively.

“On a sad note, we recorded 52 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours. The breakdown of the new deaths by province is as follows, Lusaka 22, Copperbelt 12, Southern seven, Eastern four, North-western and Western Province recorded 2 each while Central, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces recorded one each,’ he said.

Dr. Malama indicated that the cumulative number of COVID-19 related deaths recorded to date now stands at 1,967, classified as 1,289 COVID deaths and 678 COVID-19 associated deaths.

He observed that despite the bleak clinical picture, the rate of recovery remains encouraging with 2,554 patients discharged including 169 from isolation facilities and 2,385 from home management.

“This brings the cumulative number of recoveries to 121,965. We now have 22,099 active cases, of whom 20,829 (94%) are under community management and 1,270 are admitted to our COVID-19 isolation facilities,” the Permanent Secretary noted.

Dr. Malama stated that among those currently under admission, 885 are on oxygen therapy and 187 are in critical condition adding that the country has continued to record a high number of new admissions, with 246 new admissions recorded in the last 24 hours.

“Today we call upon all Zambians to show solidarity and respond positivity so that we confront the common enemy namely COVID- 19 and Save lives, livelihoods and the economy,” Dr. Malama emphasised.


  1. Nigeria the most populous country in Africa is has less than 100 new cases a day and almost no deaths. Dr Malama ask yourself and your team, what are the Nigerians doing well that you are not doing? In Nigeria Ivermectin is licenced both for prevention and treatment. Why cannot you Zambians do that? What are you afraid of? This is a very cheap drug that is saving millions of lives around the world but you want to be useful 1d10ts to the white man.

  2. New measures being implemented by government to reduce the spread. All those found flouting the rules will be whlped

  3. “Zambia records 2,816 new Covid -19 cases, 52 deaths in last 24-hours”

    And how many had also been ‘vaccinated’?

  4. Meanwhile public markets,buses,churches etc. are operating normally.This is PF’s voting block.
    So its 1 step forward…10 steps backwards

  5. And someone had a press conference saying they won’t stop campaigning and holding rallies because it’s a hoax. No care for people’s lives just selfish political ambition.

  6. That numbers are even higher as bodies are being brought in dead and mortuaries can not cope ….all this down to an incompetent govt headed by an inept lazy leader

  7. AND NO VACCINES AT UTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tikki tell your imaginary uncle to fcuk off and follow you to diaspora where black men are killed for breathing

  9. You want him to get vaccinated? …plz stick to our alternative natural herbs if he’s afraid plz advice him not to be afraid and stay positive….they withdrew the vaccination process of the astrazeneca vaccine coz it was found to be unsafe ….and many countries including the uk we’re it’s coming from boycotted it…the vaccine is not safe hence the WHO ordered for it’s withdrawal..only those that are willing to risk there lives are in need of it… otherwise otherwise all the best to uncle as he’s recovering …

  10. Smell and look of PF and ECL failure! All countries surrounding Zambia are managing, even war torn Mozambique! You should be the most useless human beings on earth!

  11. Tribalism is better than rascim. Tongas don’t kill, Tongas and Lozis just talk talk talk talk talk..
    Compare the thugs of Lusambo and Kamba, they don’t even pay for Chinese food, they demand free food.

  12. MoH should provide correct information on the efficacy of Astrazeneca vaccine. Tabbie what evidence do you have that many countries including UK where it comes from boycotted Astrazeneca!! Dont encourage people to go early to graves through conspiracy and fake information!!

  13. Still don’t understand that why UPND goons are refusing to wear masks and following the Covid-19 protocols? WHY????

  14. We must appreciate the fact that President Lungu’s administration, doctors, frontline workers are working really very hard to control the covid-19.

  15. Thank God, the ECZ has imposed a ban on all the political rallies, or else the affected numbers would be more as UPND was fully energetic to roam around the provinces.

  16. We are happy by the fact that the health facilities are providing quality treatment to the patients. We see no scarcity of oxygen, medicines, and other essentials in the time of the pandemic. Hats off!!!

  17. HH purposely spread the virus all over Zambia! There was no need to call thousands of people in Lusaka just for filing the nomination! #ArrestHH

  18. We demand investigation! Suddenly, cases are rising and we are seeing it when UPND conducted its roadshow. There is a link between Covid and HH!!!

  19. Shame on you all calling HH the spreader of the virus….
    1. HH is not the giver and taker of anyone’s life
    2. Every political party was conducting road shows but why calling HH is the only name to be blamed?
    3. ECZ banned all road shows and campaigns and you cnt blame anyone for the fake figures they are publishing to create fear in us
    4.avoid hatred without benefits weather on HH or any other person…every person gaht human rights despite their origins,race or colour.
    5. Let’s pray for peace and transparency in our country…hatred won’t take us anywhere..
    6. Let’s forget the politicians and take care of ourselves for they only seek their personal dreams to enrich themselves.whilest we kill each other on the streets…

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