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UPND play social media politics and assume there is a wind of change-GBM


Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said that the United Party for National Development (UPND) will never form the government as their idea of politics is social media trumpeting.

Speaking when he appeared last evening on the Patriotic Front Interactive Forum with host Nakiwe Simpungwe, Mr. Mwamba GBM, who once served as UPND Vice President and 2016 Running mate, said that the opposition UPND has no countering political ideology and merely plays mere social media politics that has not created any wind of change.

“They play social media politics and assume there is a wind of change. There is no wind of change. Maybe this wind of change is in their backyards, it’s a joke of the year but I know them that is how we were practicing politics in the UPND,” Mr. Mwamba said.

Reflecting on his political journey, the journey having once left PF to join UPND, Mr. Mwamba said that the UPND experience was bitter and unwelcome, calling UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema a selfish, divisive leader who runs the party on sole administration and surrounding himself with handpicked political consultants who do not respect party hierarchy or decisions.

Mr. Mwamba advised anyone toying around with the idea of joining UPND to stop stating that doing so is at the owner’s risk adding that he had ‘seen red’ when he was in the UPND because of the way Mr. Hakainde Hichilema treats people.

Mr. Mwamba said if you don’t belong to the select few confidants of Hichilema, then your stay in the UPND was a miserable one.

Mr. Mwamba said despite adding so much value to the party by using personal resources for 4 years to campaign for Hichilema, he was unceremoniously booted out of the party when Hichilema arranged for the 75 NMC members, most of whom had become his close associates, to pass a vote of no confidence in him when he served as Vice President and Hichilemas running mate.

Mr. Mwamba said that showed him beyond any reasonable doubt that the UPND and its leader were a very hostile and toxic environment to belong to and hence his decision to return to the Patriotic Front and President Lungu where he was received with open arms.

Mr. Mwamba said he had even advised Dr. Chishimba Kambwili not to go to bed with the UPND and was happy his counterpart was also back home in PF where he belongs.


  1. Look at this overly fat blubber guy. They don’t call him one half of “the obese brothers” for nothing! And he is telling Zambians what to vote for? LOL!

  2. Ah! KZ! I thought you had died! We had given your cell in Lusaka prison already to GBM and CK! But don’t worry, we will find another horrible place suitable for you and Edgar China Lungu! LOL! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  3. UPND’s popularity is based on social media “likes” and views. They have paid up dull bloggers who use the same words while changing blogs names and then they like their own farts. The votes are with the people you call poor and uneducated who have little or no access to social media. The votes are with the people that receive farming inputs, social cash transfer. The votes are the people that are afraid of the statement “only a Tonga can rule UPND”. And when the results are announced ati bandibela ma votes when you likes were coming from Zambians maids and cleaners in the UK.

  4. The same GBM who consistently told us that PF are thieves, liars and plunderers when he was UPND Vice President must today tell us evil about UPND being bad. Why does Zambia have so many of these non credible politicians. Could it be the reason why all our neighbours economies are doing better than us. How can one say mealie meal and cooking oil are more expensive in South Africa than Zambia when South Africa is such a strong economy with better wages. South Africa GDP is 400 billion US dollars whilst Zambia is a paltry 25 billion US dollars, not sure whether GBM and Kambwili will understand this due to limited education

  5. I just like the way PF is making these former rebels work for them as punishment of what they were saying when they were on the side, this is really tough piece work

  6. Why only GBM and kambwili speaking about
    UPND? Are they regretting that they are not
    With the wind of change?The big names in
    Both parties are silent.


  8. If ECL accused HH of selfishness I would understand because they are both nicely slim. It is an insult to the readers who can clearly see for themselves who is selfish between obese 1000 Lb GBM and the slim HH. FATNESS ITSELF ALONE IS SIGN OF SELFISHNESS.

  9. Ba UPND have created fake accounts on face books. Thousands of them with chewa and bemba names.I know some of my friends.GBM is right.This party is too tribal.Never vote for a party which can divide Zambian people.

  10. GBM is back to his normal weight. Comparing prices between Zambia and South Africa reminds me of a story my former boss used to tell. A certain wealthy man was recognised by his bank manager as one of his former classmates who was very bad at Maths. ‘How have you become so wealthy?’ the banker asked. The man replied nonchalantly, ‘Ah, you know how it is. I buy for $2 and I sell for $5. The 3% profit I make goes a long way!’ This is the problem her, lack of understanding of Arithmetic. There is what is called ‘standard of living.’ South Africa’s Purchasing Power Parity is $12,100 while Zambia’s is $3,400. This means that to be nominally equal in value, South African prices should be nearly 4 times those in Zambia. So 4×150 = 600. That is what mealie meal should cost in RSA!!!!

  11. The police and government of Zambia have no powers to retire noise makers, the Zambian people do. The sooner we realise that the power to change our nation lies in us the better. Zambian politicians are playing with the people of Zambia because they know most suffer from election amnesia. Choose your candidates wisely and adopt politics with values. Vote the trouble makers out to send a serious message to those looking to do the same.

  12. GBM knows the cases he has + committed when he was at Ministry of Defense! He was about to be nabbed so he rushed to Chitimukulu who negotiated for him to go back to PF. These are the issues UPND is supposed to be talking about. UPND has been so nice to GBM. UPND needs to wake up and take on GBM. He is just a bag of mealie meal

  13. Just accept it that you were just an opportunist. period. the rest fisushi…
    Its campaign period, why centre your message on one person called HH? How is he adding value to PF in this regards? Zero….
    Shouldn’t he be talking about PF achievements and why they should stay? Yet wasting resources and time to talk about Hakainde, what a joke? Ba PF is this the type of politician you are selling to voters?

  14. GBM should continue burying his head in the sand like an Ostrich. Apart from the “Ubomba Mwibala Alya ifya Mwibala Alya” Team nobody sane can vote for ECL and PF. Its suicidal for Zambians to vote for the continuation of PF Corruption, PF Cadre Violence and thuggery, PF extrajudicial killings etc. Who wants to live in a Police-PF Cadre State? All our rights and freedoms will be taken away by these PF Cadres, Militias,Commanders and Generals? The only way is vote out ECL out of Power. That way PF Military Wing will be disbanded and Peace and Stability will be restored. The writing is on the wall.

  15. Anyone who jumps from party to party is not worth listening to. These are the same people who will apologize and jump back to the winning party after elections.

  16. Why is the picture in the background only showing roads , what about new industries? Are people going to eat roads?

  17. When GBM went back to eat his Vomit in PF he lost his Sense of smell. GMB is not living in the Information Age so he doesn’t appreciate how Powerful Social Media is. In the absence of Physical Rallies and Road Shows the use of Social Media as a Campaigning tool is very effective. On August 12 we will judge how effective Social Media has been in this Election. GMB is Computer illiterate and thats why he doesn’t appreciate how Powerful Social Media is.

  18. Its not a social media issue Mr. Mwamba. There is a wind of change in this country.. Am on the ground and l know what am talking about. Even PF knows that there is a wind of change because they are zambians.

  19. He thought he could buy popularity with his so called wealth. Sorry it failed. Majority Zambians have brains. It’s just unfortunate that we have selfish ones that found their way into political leadership and found an embracing leadership for corrupt activities. What exactly was the interview about? Was it about seeking his opinion about UPND? If so why? Why was he not asked about the filth he said about PF when he was born n opposition? Why was he asked about you Hy he said HH will not be allowed to step foot. Why was he not asked to explain what he understood democracy in a multiparty system to lean? I think we have poor journalists who look for sensational stories at the expense of quality intelligent questioning if politicians. The change should be extended to selection journalism…


  21. We all know that Hichilema is popular only on the social media platform, he hired people to promote him and spread lies about the ruling party!!!

  22. What people think, from where series of fake videos, images are circulated on social media? HH PR media team is doing it in order to paint a bad image of President Lungu and his PF party.

  23. UPND can never form the government because all the well-known members left the party to join PF and now it only has all new young faces that lack political knowledge and experience.

  24. Let HH and his so-called team do whatever they want, PF is the clear winner of the upcoming general elections.

  25. GBM said it right, UPND has no countering political ideology, it shared a fake stolen manifesto in the name of development vision.

  26. HH aka #Bally only shouting that change is coming in Zambia. But we actually don’t know what kind of change he is trying to bring. We are just a month away from the elections still we don’t know any development plans for UPND.

  27. UPND is now only famous for bad things such as violence, spreading lies, etc. HH has destroyed UPND completely only to fulfill his evil selfish need.

  28. True Zambians know what to do with UPND in the August 12, elections!! We are going to throw Bally out of the election race.

  29. HH and his supporters are living in their own fairly tail dreams where Hichilema is the dictator and people are his slaves…

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