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NATMAZ happy with move not to close markets amid Covid-19


The National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) is happy with President Edgar Lungu’s pronouncement that markets will not be closed during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

NATMAZ Secretary General Henry Kashiki said the pronouncement was a good gesture towards the people in the informal sector amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Kashiki told ZANIS today that traders and marketeers depend on their businesses for their daily livelihoods.

“We are very happy with the pronouncement made by the President on the non-closure of markets during this period of Covid-19 because this is a very good gesture for people in the informal sector,’’ he said.

He added that the association is also happy with the government and the Ministry of Health for making available the vaccine to the marketeers at Chisokone market in Kitwe.

Mr. Kashiki said it was going to be difficult for traders to leave their businesses to go and line up at health centres for the vaccines.

“We are also very happy that the vaccine has come through and the Government of the Republic of Zambia through Ministry of Health has trickled down to our markets because it’s very difficult for us business people to leave the markets,’’ he said.

And Mr. Kashiki disclosed that the association has engaged ZANIS to sensitise traders in Kitwe to adhere to public health guidelines in order to lessen chances of a further spread of Covid-19.


  1. If markets are not closing due covid and Lungu is criss crossing the country amid soaring covid cases then there is no need to block the opposition from campaign mobilization.

    PF a double standards will not win them elections. People have decided to vote PF out no matter what.

    PF is a super spreader of covid due to Lungu going round amid covid cases.

    Lungu and PF must go period!

    By wanzelu

  2. Covid 19 is spread through mass gatherings like markets.How do you expect to manage the highly infectious delta variant with markets open.
    Markets in hot spots like lusaka need to be closed for 21 days.During that period , the PF government must provide financial assistance to the affected marketeers.Rwanda did that.

  3. Government is tirelessly creating awareness about safety protocol, but the opposition is politicising it. They are not at all concerned about lives and earnings of common people, but their own political gains.

  4. This is the best decision. The government has taken steps to protect us. Now it is our responsibility to reciprocate in the same manner. Let’s follow safety norms and continue to work for betterment of the society.

  5. We can’t keep the businesses closed for long. Millions of people depend on them. Their life will come to stand still if businesses are closed. This is the welcome decision by President Edgar C Lungu. I completely support it.

  6. The one who has come from grass root level can understand the difficulties commoners face. Only he can take the decision for betterment of the society. Those who have taken the corrupt path to become rich, will always be seen in anti people acts.

  7. Let’s get vaccinated and continue working with caution. It is everyone’s responsibility to stop the spread of deadly virus. Only we can do it and beat it.

  8. Now, our responsibility as citizens and businessmen has increased. President Lungu has allowed us to continue with our routine. We have to stand by him and be responsible. Let’s not forget, mask-sanitization-social distancing.

  9. Thank you Mr President. This decision will ensure that people’s earning won’t stop even in the pandemic.

  10. Traders need to sensitize people about safety norms and ensure that their customers follow the rules. It is for safety of everyone.

  11. Who says President Lungu doesn’t care for people? This is the biggest indication that he thinks about people, more than anything else.

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