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The non-compliance of labour laws by some companies will come to an end when UPND forms government


THE UPND Chilanga candidate for Chilanga District Council (CDC) chairpersonship, Champion Tembo has assured the people of Mondengwa ward in Chilanga constituency that the non-compliance of labour laws by some companies in the area will come to an end when UPND forms government.

The residents in Mondengwa ward told the UPND council chairperson aspirant that there are some companies that have reintroduced slavery in the area by paying them slave wages and denying them leave days and off days which has even resulted in many not having registered as voters.

Speaking yesterday when he addressed the people of Chimamu, Mondengwa, Supelo and Malcolm areas in a door to door campaign, Champion Tembo assured the residents that a Hakainde Hichilema led government is not going to condone the corruption that goes on between labour laws enforcers and some companies which result in company’s administrations not to respect its workers.

He said as a faithful disciple of Hakainde Hichilema, he is not going to tolerate people who just get appointed to work to frustrate the works of the people who are chosen by the people.

“This slavery error is going to end with Hakainde’s rise to power. The man detests corruption and I am very confident that these companies which corrupt labour officers so that they get away with the abuses they’re dispensing on its workers will be made to do the correct thing,” said Tembo. “Even me as a faithful disciple of Hakainde Hichilema, I am not going to tolerate a scenario in my district where a government appointee, just an appointee, spoils the works of a government, a councillor, council chairperson and an MP who are directly chosen by the people.”

And Champion Tembo, who’s also the UPND Chilanga district deputy party Chairperson, has told the people that the UPND government is going to end their suffering because Hakainde Hichilema is a visionary leader who is going to broaden the revenue base by turning the potential in the minerals, land and agriculture into wealthy.

He said the money which is going to be saved from a halt in corrupt activities and the money which is going to be realized from the broadened revenue base is going to be used to empower women and the youths, to set up healthy facilities, to set up resource centres and put up solar powered water points.

He also assured the residents that the social cash transfer is going to be maintained and improved because the corruption which has currently rocked the scheme which even saw a former minister get arrested will be cut off.

Champion Tembo was in the area to drum up support the UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema, Chilanga constituency aspiring MP (Sipho Hlazo), Mondengwa ward aspirant (Jabulani Mutema) and his candidature.

He was accompanied by Chilanga district party chairperson, Chisambwe Chinyama and district chairlady, Lizzie Chanda.

Others were district deputy IPS – Media, Chrispine Chambwa, district deputy chairlady, Esther Mutema and some Mondengwa ward officials.

Zambia goes to the polls on August 12, 2021, in an election where the opposition is widely considered to emerge victorious owing to the current economic challenges caused by rampant corruption, and the deteriorating human rights abuses by police and political party carders.


  1. Why not work on this while you in opposition. You don’t need to be in power to serve zambian people

  2. Let’s give him a chance , the man shows a lot of good character n leadership. If he fails to perform in the first term then he’s going to be another Jack in the box.

  3. That’s the question!! How much does he pay his farm workers.Otherwise the workers will become slaves as most of the members own businesses

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