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Archbishop Chama urges chiefs tow work with government


Archbishop of Kasama Ignatius Chama has urged traditional leaders to work closely with government in order to deliver development in their respective areas. Archbishop Chama said traditional leaders and government have the same goal which is to improve the lives of their people.

He also urged the members of the public in the area to respect those in authority stating that all leadership comes from God.

Archbishop Chama, who is also president of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB), said this during the installation mass of Luka Kangwa Mandosa as senior chief Mwamba the 16th at his palace in Kasama yesterday.

He has since encouraged the newly installed chief to serve the people diligently.

“I also wish to advise all leaders to be humble and put God first in your leadership,” Archbishop Chama said.

And Joseph Mutale, who was chairperson of the chief installation organizing committee, has thanked government for the various developmental projects initiated in the chiefdom.

Mr. Mutale cited the connections of the chiefdom to the national electricity grid, the construction of the min-hospital and gravelling of the road in the area.

He has meanwhile appealed to government to consider constructing palaces for chiefs in the province as well as recruit more teachers in schools.

Meanwhile, Northern Province Permanent Secretary Royd Chakaba has pledged government’s commitment to continue partnering with traditional leaders in order to foster development.

Mr. Chakaba disclosed that government has continued to enjoy the cordial relationship with traditional leaders who are also helping to promote peace and unity.

He said government is aware of the accommodation challenges traditional leaders are currently facing but called for public–private partnership in order to address the challenge.

Mr. Chakaba has meanwhile directed education authorities in the district to beef up staffing levels in schools.

The installation of senior chief Mwamba, whose names are Luka Kangwa Mandosa, comes after he was appointed to the throne in 2019 following the demise of Brian Kalolo in two years ago.

Among the notable people who attended the installation ceremony were former Finance Minister Bwalya Ngandu, and Geoffrey Mwamba, who are PF members of the central committee, and provincial campaign managers, senior government officials and several other traditional leaders.


  1. From colonial days Chiefs have always worked with govt of the day as they rule indirectly and there is no need to amplify it. As for the development effort in Chief Mwamba’s area, on paper the plans are very good but the govt has no money in its coffers to implement its grand plans. This PS Royd Chakaba knows deep down his heart its just rhetoric .The truth of matter is no part of Zambia has been spared from the negative effects of the mismanaged social-economic well being of the country. Connecting the various areas to electricity was planned longtime ago during MMD regime and it supposed to be implemented to the year 2030 through Rural Electrification Authority (REA). It is not something new that PF should be taking credit for. As a country we have on paper many developmental agendas…

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