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Sylvia Masebo bounces back, Wins the Chongwe constituency seat

General News Sylvia Masebo bounces back, Wins the Chongwe constituency seat

United Party for National Development (UPND)’s parliamentary candidate Sylvia Masebo has won the Chongwe constituency seat. Ms. Masebo who was declared winner by Chongwe District Returning Officer, John Lungu around 13:15 hours at Chongwe municipal council chambers scooped the seat with 32,433 votes.

Former Member of Parliament for the constituency Japhen Mwakalombe who contested for the seat on the Patriotic Front (pf) came second with 23,533 votes. A total of 63,340 votes were cast and 1,625 ballots were declared invalid.

UPND’s Christopher Habeenzu also scooped the mayoral seat beating PF’s Evans Mhambi who came second in a tightly contested race.

Meanwhile, newly elected Chongwe Member of Parliament Silvya Masebo thanked the people in the constituency for giving her another chance to represent them in Parliament and assured them that she will ensure that all developmental projects which had stalled in last five years are completed.

Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo

And Former Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has been voted back as Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament in Shiwang’andu Constituency in Muchinga Province on the Patriotic Front ( PF) ticket.

The ruling party in Shiwang’andu District has also returned the Council Chairperson seat and has further won 15 Local Government seats out of 17 wards in Shiwang`andu Constituency.

PF candidate Stephen Kampyongo has returned his seat for the third term as Shiwang`andu Area Member of Parliament in Shiwang`andu District of Muchinga Province.

Shiwang`andu District Returning Officer, Joel Lungu declared Stephen Kampyongo as dully elected Shiwang`andu Constituency Area Member of Parliament after scooping the seat with 16, 451 votes while his closest opponent, Albert Munanga got 7, 214 votes.

The other contestants, Martin Kaluba got 1, 237 votes while Andrew Kapasa got 1,090 votes.

And in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) shortly after being declared winner, Mr. Kampyongo thanked PF Leadership for giving him an opportunity to run for the third term in Shiwang’andu Constituency.

“It`s not easy to run for a third term and bounce back with huge numbers of votes,” he said.

Mr. Kampyongo has further thanked electorates in Shiwang`andu for having confidence in him and has promised to ensure that he pushes for development in the Constituency.

Mr. Kampyongo said, he will ensure that unfinished projects are worked on and completed, following his return on the seat as Shiwang`andu Area Member of Parliament.

“I promise to represent the people of Shiwang`andu to the best of my ability,” said Mr. Kampyongo.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kampyongo has applauded the combined security team for ensuring that peace is maintained in Shiwang`andu District during the election period.

He has therefore, encouraged them to continue working in a professional manner.

And Shiwang`andu District Electoral Officer Alex Zulu declared Sampa Bwali as Council Chairperson for Shiwang’andu District.

Mr. Bwali beat his 2 opponents with 17, 912 votes while his closest opponent from the United Party for National Development (UPND ) Michael Sichone had 6, 306 votes and Kangwa Shadrick from Democratic party had 1, 626 votes.

The 15 local government seats that the PF has won are in Mayembe, Chandaula, Chamusenga, Lukalashi, Chibinda and Chimpundu Wards, among others.


  1. Good for her. We hope that she continues the development in that area. Nothing special about this news. We hope you will report when ECL is declared winner. LT we know who you are siding with. Be careful

  2. Former Deputy Mayor of Lusaka in the early 90’s, once Contested Lusaka Central and lost, contested Chongwe seat under Zambian Republican Party (ZRP) and won and then later under MMD and now again under UPND. Always reinveting herself

  3. Congratulations to Masebo but I still feel that seat should have been given to the Chieftainess daughter…Masebo would have been an appointed member I dont see the need of someone going back to the constituency after a while like Miles Sampa what is it you want to do that you didnt do back then. Hakienda would have nominated her for a ministerial job. It had to take the USAID to bring development to Meanwood Masebo didnt want anythingto do with it when she was MP.

  4. She has also been sharing, switching this seat with her cousin Mwakalombe for a very long time that it even looks like a family constituency. When she was mayor, the media in error would say mayoress as she was first of a kind. Congratulations

  5. I would prefer Kampyongo as minister of rural development in UPND, and no position for Sylvia. UPND should avoid scandals.
    Stephen was not stealing.

  6. Chishala Kateka for Minister of Foreign Affairs in UPND please.
    KBF minister of Justice.
    Jack Mwiimbu Minister of Presidential Affairs.

    Reshuffle after 6 months.
    Yours Nostra.

  7. The same name since the 90’s….,is this real change……all her friends are either retired from politics or dead

  8. Hullo Mr Kaizar Zulu, welcome back. We were wondering what had happened to you. We have been waiting to hear from you some NEW Insults that you have for us. We had endured your insults for quite some time. We patiently and agonisingly waited for this wonderful DAY. Ifwe we have no insults for you because we are bigger than you. We are not cheap like you. I hope you have learned some NEW manners. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is what you lacked in PF party. God bless you and welcome to the real Zambian.

  9. @Nostra there always must be something to tickle me in feel-good way with your postings! Why reshuffle after only 6 months? It would indeed be nice and a good move if Chishala Kateka were to accept being a nominated member of parliament and then appointed to the Foreign Affairs Ministry. There are many good and dignified people among Zambians that could readily serve in government with honesty and clear conscience and the only task is identifying them!
    Well done Sylvia bouncing back but let experience help guide to improve on your failures for all the years you previously served the constituents who have still shown kindness! Yes you have worked for it it’s now time to serve! By the way its government that delivers development and not MP’s!

  10. She has outlived her usefulness and SHOULD AND DOES NOT deserve a ministerial appointment. One important and urgent areas she can focus on is reclaiming forest 27 and other Chomgwe river basin environmental impacts such as upstream development which is slowly beginning to dry the water source of the district as more construction takes place.

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