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President-elect hold talks with USAID

General News President-elect hold talks with USAID

President-elect Hakainde Hichilema conferred with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power through a call yesterday.

President-elect Hichilema said his administration will ensure to deliver to the Zambian people as promised.

Mr. Hichilema expressed confidence that Zambia’s democratic progress can serve as an example for other nations globally.

Mr. Hichilema laid out his plans for fighting corruption among other issues aimed at strengthening democratic values, press freedom and civil liberties.

“It is important for my new government to demonstrate that it can deliver for the people of Zambia, especially young people,” said Mr. Hichilema in a statement released by USAID spokesperson Rebecca Chalif.

Ms. Power noted that the United States was looking forward to partnering with the President-elect’s government as it seeks to meet the Zambian people’s democratic and economic aspirations.

She listed USAID’s support to the Zambian people across programming sectors such as health, education, climate change, economic development, democracy and governance.

Administrator Power congratulated Mr. Hichilema on his election as the seventh President of Zambia.

This was contained in a statement issued to ZANIS by USAID spokesperson Rebecca Chalif who stated that the two discussed the critical role played by the Zambian civil society during the peaceful election and how their vigilant oversight increased the transparency of the electoral process.

Ms. Chalif added that engagement of the civil society contributed to the widespread confidence in the results, despite the constraints imposed by the government on the President-elect, including limits on his movement and a social media shutdown that started on election day.

Ms. Powers and Mr. Hichilema also discussed the challenges that Zambia and the world are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and further pledged to work together in an effort to fight the pandemic and accelerate Zambia’s economic recovery.


  1. Thought he said he was capable of developing Zambia because he is rich and has successful business..so why is he already running to donors. Hahaha.

  2. Yes stup!d KZ, that is slightly different from your rid!culous corrupt former boss, who would have SOLD OUT the country, as he has sold off ZNBC and part of Zesco! How many billions of dollars debt did Edgar China Lungu accrue? One of the biggest reasons you guys LOST the election! Kikikiki…… HAHAHA

  3. Kaizar, are you that dull?
    USAID is a major stakeholder in Zambia’s development and any government would be wise to work with them.
    Lungu and PF also worked with USAID.

    • Can someone block him already! Why are we still reading his crap when him and his minions are not in power anymore?

  4. Zambia sold…..Zambia Auctioned…..wait you haven’t seen anything yet….America is vicious when it comes in finishing natural resources…they give you pennies and collect millions…ZAMBIAN SOLD….2026 Harry Kalaba for President

  5. The UK based troll is still crying in his council flat..really laughable..look at its ignorance regarding issues…shame on it!!

  6. At least foreigners know that there is a serious man in State House not a drunkard from the compound who loves dressing up in expensive suits and dinning with arms dealers

  7. Kaizar you are one of the people that made PF unpopular and repulsive to many of the Zambians. Best you watch from afar. A presidential adviser with thuggish behaviour . You failed to use your position to endear million of Zambians instead you abused it. People are still enjoying the newly found freedom they are coming for you. The one forgiving is HH in his personal capacity note the masses. So do provoke people when the wounds are just beginning to heal. Umulandu tawubola. I submit

  8. The comments I see on articles by Zambians are always adversarial. Is this how Zambians are wired. Why can’t there be positive thinking and propositions. Always sinking low, instead of rising up. Please learn to provide constructive criticism and comments. What exactly is the Zambian spirit? It can’t be fighting and arguing all the time. Please don’t insult me. I stop here.

  9. Look at the dullards above……..

    Of course HE HH has to talk the biggest donner of aid countries to zambia to target aid areas most beneficial…………

    Unlike that corrupt thieving moron lawyer who only talked to them to deny their money being embezzled…….

  10. Look at how angry the f00Iish upnd diasporans are. Yet they were the ones saying that we were beggars and failures for accepting covid vaccine donations. Now here is their so called rich president begging in broad day light. Why can’t hh donate his millions to cover some debts and development programmes?

  11. Why should HEHH donate his money to cover lungus stealing ????

    You were being laught at for begging because you were slagging off donners who you could not survive without…….

    With regard to donner aid and donner countries , lungus GRZ was like a roaster trying to make nationalistic noise while the tail feathers were soiled with sh.it of corruption….

  12. Kaiser Zulu you are heartless and wicked. You will be answerable to the atrocities and crimes you committed during PF violent government. You were used to control your weak former president who failed to uphold the rule of law. Thuggish and lawless characterized PF government. It is only president Edgar Lungu who can appoint a foolish person like you Kaiser Zulu to be a political advisor. All the wealth you corruptly acquired will be recovered through proper means.

  13. Really laughable…the UK based troll/ impostor has no understanding of wealth creation no point engaging it.

  14. Bwafya ku chipuba @Kaizar Zulu, ECL was just a drunkard in the sate house, Hope for the Zedians is on now.

  15. Its funny that the same guy who complaining about debt is rushing to USAID with a bigger begging bowl….hahahaha Politics of the belly…..yaba Bally will fix it with more borrowed money….this will end in tears…..will this guy last till 2026….by them Zambia will be swimming in borrowed trillions….remember he wrote a letter to the Chinese government asking for money to fund his campaign in exchange for favors once he gets elected….ZAMBIA IS DOOMED….” Be careful with a naked man promising you a shirt:….this is my message for Zambia…..HH played you and you will pay big time…AMERICA IS NOT A COUNTRY TO MESS WITH….LOOK AT AFGHANISTAN…IRAG…LIBYA…etc….

  16. ZAMBIA YOU’RE DOOMED…..CAMPAIGNING HAHAHAHA…I will do this…that…now it’s time for reality…Joe Biden thought being a President was a Joke…HH thought being a President is kids play…ZAMBIANS YOU SHOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT….

  17. Harry Kalaba….where are you….please start warming up and get ready…..you will be needed as a redeemer soon…HH over-promised and very soon shiit will hit the ceiling

  18. KZ , why should HH spend his personal hard earned finances to fund the country’s problems when you know very well who squandered the country’s money? Your mentality is so poor and no wonder you guys mismanaged our country’s resources. You have no understanding of simple economics.
    HH is not going to use his personal money to cover up your gaps. Is this why you guys were spending state money? Because you could not distinguish between what is personal and what belongings to the state? That’s total confusion!

  19. So HH simply has a bigger begging bowl than Lungu and the half baked Lawyer Elias Munshya with his biased nonsensical livestreams….Anonymous is here to take down HH and whoever is with him….i single handedly defeated all the UPND bloggers in 2016…and you will feel the heat…..am non Partisan….i called Edgar Bandit President and i will be on HH’s neck….2026 Harry Kalaba will be next

  20. Heheheheh Uuwwiii!
    Kaizar Zulu’s questions are not being addressed.
    Yap yap yap yap at him the riggers are getting. So answerless. They are suffering from answerisis.

  21. All the donor countries getting back the confidence in the new
    Government. They are ready to pump more money in zambia with
    Investment project. With IMF on it’s way zambia can get out of this
    Mess if they don’t get back to PF

  22. @Moto
    You should be ashamed of yourself…excited about receiving donations…you’re the same people Professor Lumumba talks about….with so much resources and you still dance when a white man gives you leftovers…..and you only think of People from outside Zambia as investors…you don’t know that we have Zambians who can also invest in Zambia…you’re useless

  23. The writing is on the wall…HH one term President
    2026 vote HARRY KALABA….” Kalaba talaba”…….mobilization is about to start by the time it’s campaign time the revolution against House Negroeee western world puppet HH will be blown in all 7 Provinces of Zambian except you know where

  24. @Spaka and Tarino Orange you were against donor funds when Lungu was President and now you dancing 2 by 2 Katapila by 2…Namonga yeyeyeye tunakuyanda kusobana just because HH it’s HH borrowing…you guys are not Patriotic….what’s wrong with Lungu should also be wrong with HH

  25. @Moto
    You’re also a house negroee….already HH is doing the opposite from his campaign fake promises
    Harry Kalaba get ready my brother…let’s get back our country before this guys HH auctions it to the USA

  26. Anonymous are again bringing tribalism. What’s wrong with you people. Is this what you teach your children.

  27. It wasn’t a beauty contest.
    Let’s hear his team as in ministers, permanent secretaries, dcs and ambassadors.
    Wasn’t a beauty contest at all.

  28. Too much ignorance among some commentators. You mean to tell me you don’t know the need to engage with cooperating partners as a civilised global citizen. Ubututu. You can’t even offer any good arguments about how USAID support or that of any partner is structured. Fyonse fibi coz it is HH. Get over it.

  29. He is not dull like you who got your share from unknown sources. just watch the space. zambians now feel comfortable than ever before in their own country. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  30. @kaiza, how dull can a former political adviser be? Does the president need to use personal money foe public service? He only reached out to USAID to cement the relations that were almost severed by the corrupt regime!!

  31. We will start drinking water with USAID on it. GMO, here we come. We are in trouble. After 57 years of freedom, people are dancing to auctioning our country? Just ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Libya, Palastine…list goes on. UPND is fast and furious. They will dance with you but when caught between the people and them, it will be the end of you.

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