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President Hichilema appoints new Correctional Service Chief and State House Police Chief

Headlines President Hichilema appoints new Correctional Service Chief and State House Police Chief

President Hakainde Hichilema has sworn in newly appointed Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner-General Fredrick Chilukutu.

The Head of State has also sworn in Fanwell Siandenge as Deputy Inspector General of Police (Special Duties – State House).

The Commander in Chief of Armed Forces has further sworn in Kuyomba Bwalya as Deputy Commissioner General of Zambia Correctional Service.

President Hichilema has also sworn in Wallace Chakawa as his Senior Private Secretary at State House.

And speaking during the Swearing-in ceremony at State House in Lusaka on Wednesday, President Hichilema has congratulated the new appointees.

He underscored that the new appointees have a duty to the people of Zambia which is paramount to whatever they do.

President Hichilema said it is possible for the new office bearers to forget their tasks reminding them that they need to remain on track.

He said Zambians have seen a new dawn that calls for them to actualize the people’s aspirations.

President Hichilema said the correctional service has not yet been totally transformed which made him make a careful selection of the new office bearers.

He has since called for the decongestion of correctional facilities by thinking outside the box to address the situation.

He re- emphasized the need to give bond for bondable cases and take suspects to court within 48 hours pledging his Government’s commitment to being more consultative on the issue.

He has urged Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti to ensure that blankets are available for those in conflict with the law.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has paid tribute to Deputy Commissioner General of Zambia Correctional Service Kuyomba Bwalya for the professionalism exhibited when he was detained at Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Service.

The Head of State also said Deputy Inspector General of Police Fanwell Siandenge should not use his position to fight back anybody but serve the nation professionally.

And President Hichilema said the nation will be happy with the appointment of Ministers under his government.

He has directed his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Anthony Bwalya to arrange media programmes where the President will answer questions from ordinary people.

President Hichilema said no Zambian will be intimidated for asking him any question.


  1. Amen, that is what the Chilean President does every day or week at a given time and via email or phone call
    and I have participated

  2. Good riddance to Dr. Chileshe, that man was highly biased.
    HH should have a weekly address to the public, lit it show on ZNBC, on radio and on social media and he could answer questions posed online as well as by journalists.
    There is need for that.

  3. Generally I think HH will be good president..at least better than Edgar Lungu. He might not clear all the mess but I like his approach.

  4. Maybe Commissioner Siandenge should setup only one hour to sort out those fools who burned his village. Just saying.,,,,

  5. Hahahaha senior Private secretary….what kind of post is this….this will be a massive Government…wait till appointments are done and then calculate how much he will be spending on salaries and allowances every month as compared to the previous Govt…pay close attention to the names also

  6. “Fanwell Siandenge, former Police Commissioner for Western Province has returned to Zambia.
    He was in exile when he together with Obvious Mwaliteta in the company of others ambushed a truck which was suspected of caring ballot papers in 2016. They were charged with aggravated robbery. He went into exile and started living in the USA. His wife died a month ago and he did not make it for her burial.”

    Another good cop who couldnt do his professional job as he was surrounded by PF crooks…the man had to escape his own country

  7. Saulosi – Are you not ashamed? Fanwell was vilified trying to do his job in 2016 not even the inept leader Edgar helped him whilst in exile he has lost his mother and his wife,
    Shame on Lazy Lungu, Shame on you!!

  8. When are you appointing the Police Officers who were unfairly fired by the PF in Sesheke for being professionally. Please give them their lost salaries and benefits

  9. Yes, reinstate the Sesheke police officers with full benefits. We are happy that sadists like Charity Katanga are out of the Police Service

  10. Pensulo – Lungu’s govt was a criminal gang of thugs where people thriving to make an honest living were ridiculed …can you imagine him getting another 5 years Zambia would have been a banana republic.

  11. Pathetic. Firing genuine patriotic professionals and replacing them with his blind loyalists. We thought he was going to hire on merit and interviews were going to be part of the process. So what are the chances that all civil servants under pf are not as meritorious as hhs choice? Fuseke hh. Corrupt bugger

  12. @Mafikizolo
    so there will be a Junior private secretary also kikikikikiki….am not bitter but i hate liars and HH lied his way to the State House….bufi by Pilato will be making sense very soon

  13. At this rate, he may even bring back the deputy ministers.
    IG at state house special duties, then there is senior private secretary at state house. This reminds us of another capitalist who had vendors/cadres’ desk at state house. Cadreism is institutionalised in a new format

  14. These appointments… when is he appointing a Tonga? And why no Indian? ZP was supposed to be headed by an Indian or Chinese, ZAF got a white guy!!
    All these strange names, and too many Bwalya again.

  15. KZ is an irritant to many on the blog, but I like his consistency and passion for the PF. Of course the tables have turned and this was least expected from the PF camp and they are still in shock and will condemn everything the current president will do. But I hope that sooner or later even big bro KZ will appreciate the new administration. Ichibote kulimwebonse!

  16. The observer of course you will support your fellow tribesman. Tribalism is a sickness that in engraved in you.

    The funny thing is that your tribesman is only employing bembas and easterners to stay in power. How does that make you feel? Hahaha

  17. Mr KZ I’m actually Bemba/Tonga but I simply identify myself as Zambian everywhere I go. I usually support what I consider right regardless of their last name.

  18. I would really need that, how is weekend like I can jump on the night train? Hook me up on this number kaili I changed +358 41 4730457

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