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Zamtel targets to double subscriber base by 2023, invests in new network capacity equipment

Headlines Zamtel targets to double subscriber base by 2023, invests in new network...

Zamtel says it is targeting to double its active subscriber base to 7 million by end of 2023 from the current 3.7 million.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta announced the ambitious plan on Friday when the company handed over a brand new Range Rover Evoque to a lucky subscriber who won the grand prize in the Win a Range Rover promotion.

Mr Mupeta stated that Zamtel is projecting to hit 7 million active customers by end of 2023 and grow its market share to around 40%.

He said to prepare for the projected growth in customers, Zamtel has been investing heavily in new network capacity equipment to enable it carry the increase in traffic.

“It is evident that Zamtel has been on a steady growth path. The growth trajectory that the business has witnessed over the last few years has exerted pressure on both network and subscriber management capacities,” he stated.

“With a firm focus on positioning the business for further long-term growth, the Board and Management have decided to invest, significantly, in new network capacity equipment that will enable the business to continue capturing new customers without compromising the quality of both voice and data services,” Mr Mupeta said.

He added, “To give you some perspective, our active subscriber base is around 3.7 million accounting for a market share of just under 20% but the business has tremendous potential to grow even further. This is what motivated the Board and Management to make this strategic business decision. With this new equipment we are projecting to double our customer base to somewhere in the region of 7 million subscribers within the next 2 years.”

Mr Mupeta also announced that the company has successfully completed the expansion works of its Core Data Network equipment to improve internet service.

“In July this year, we announced the commencement of expansion works of our Core Data Network equipment aimed at improving the internet experience on the Zamtel network. I am happy to announce that Phase I of the expansion which involved upgrading the node capacity at our Lamya House in Lusaka from 12Gbps to 52Gbps has been successfully completed,” he said.

Mr Mupeta continued, “We have now moved to Phase II of the project which involves upgrading the existing 12Gbps node capacity to 52Gbps at our Woodlands Technical Centre. We are confident that these works will be fully completed, and our customers fully migrated to the new Core Network by mid-November this year. At the end of Phase II, Zamtel data users will enjoy superior internet service.”

Mr Mupeta further pledged the company’s commitment to supporting the new government’s desire to launch a digital revolution in Zambia.

“In line with the ambitions of the new Government of transforming Zambia into a knowledge and digital economy, Zamtel is uniquely positioned to contribute to the envisioned Digital Revolution. Zamtel has developed digital solutions aimed at driving automation and digitization in various sectors of our economy, such as our Venous Hospital Management System, Council Management System and electronic Payment Gateway, among others.”

He said, “We stand ready to partner with the Government and the Private Sector to develop innovative digital solutions and services that will respond to some of our Country’s challenges.”

Mr Mupeta also congratulated Mr Bandela, 30, a businessman of Chirundu for winning the Range Rover Evoque.

“At Zamtel, all our customers are winners, and this campaign was another sign of our commitment to creating a unique and worthy customer experience. The Range Rover campaign allowed our customers to win a wide range of additional prizes, including mid and high-end mobile phones, LTE routers, MiFi’s and daily cash prizes.

It has been an absolute pleasure seeing hundreds of our customers walking away with huge smiles,”
he said.

Kelvin Bandela, winner of the Win a Range Rover promotion delivering his Thank You speech
Kelvin Bandela, winner of the Win a Range Rover promotion delivering his Thank You speech

And the visibly overjoyed Mr Bandela who received his prize from Mr. Mupeta at Zamtel House thanked God through Zamtel for the prize.

He has since encouraged Zambians to continue supporting Zamtel saying local companies will only flourish if there is a strong support from Zambians.

“I cannot believe this is happening. I am speechless right now. When Zamtel called me, I felt it was a dream but here I am and very happy. I thank God for blessing me through Zamtel,” Mr Bandela said.

He has also pledged not to sell the vehicle as it is a gift from God.

“I am keeping the Range Rover because it came from God,” he declared.

Kelvin Bandela, winner of the Win a Range Rover promotion poses in front of his new car
Kelvin Bandela, winner of the Win a Range Rover promotion poses in front of his new car

Kelvin Bandela, winner of the Win a Range Rover promotion gets a feel of his new car
Kelvin Bandela, winner of the Win a Range Rover promotion gets a feel of his new car


  1. Congrats Kelvin Bandela and congrats Zamtel .Expansion and visionary subscriber growth means HH’s economy is on the right growth path .

  2. This Sydney Mupeta is an engineer not a CEO I have said this time and time again over the years…all he has been doing is investing in tech without recording any profit. He has always been talking about increased subscriber base but never has he come up and showed us any profits…you already have monopoly of the market yet you are out performed by the other networks.
    He was asked by the previous govt to streamline the company we have not heard anything instead he was giving out bicycles two months ago to assist PF with campaigns.

  3. whats is he talking about equipment is usually in factor of 10, ie 10/100/1000/10000/100000 so is he saying he has purchased more capacity from wiocc? or has bought new equipment ?

  4. Zamtel has infrastructure all over the country and is supposed to be a leader in this field and see no reason why it is struggling. Zamtel need to re brand like yesterday. People just lost interest in Zamtel as if it was bewitched.

  5. sain – Sydney is an Engineer not a CEO give an engineer a budget and he will go and buy more equipment …the new govt has to be ruthless with these CEO of these Parastatals and get rid of them they are not competent enough bring in CEO from outside the company not these guys who have promoted from within like at ZAMTEL and ZESCO there is nothing new they can bring.

  6. Zamtel has been subjected to having to handover vast amounts of money to Edgar China Lungu and his horrible thieving government, leaving very little money (if anything at all) for infrastructure enhancement. With the new government being much more prudent, Zamtel will have much more headroom to move on.

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