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Pay levies to council -marketeers told

General News Pay levies to council -marketeers told

Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Mathew Ngulube has urged marketeers to discard the rumors of non-payment of prescribed market fees and levies to Local authorities.

Mr Ngulube says the ministry has received reports that some marketeers are refusing to pay market levies on the understanding that the Minister of Local Government Gary Nkombo told them not to pay market levies anymore.

Mr. Ngulube stated that this follows Mr. Nkombo’s previous visit to Soweto Market in Lusaka during his familiarization tour, where he interacted with marketeers on various issues that require intervention.

He explained that at no point did the Minister tell marketeers to stop paying levies to the Local Authorities

The Permanent Secretary therefore directed all marketeers to continue paying market levies in order to enable the local authorities to strengthen the provision of social services in markets and bus stations.

“We wish to clarify that at no point did Mr Nkombo tell the marketeers to stop paying the prescribed fees and levies to the local authorities,” Mr. Ngulube stated.

The Permanent Secretary disclosed that Mr. Nkombo took note of the grievances from marketeers which include issues surrounding the payment of levies and abuse of the Local Authority offices by political cadres.

Mr. Ngulube further said that the complaints regarding different fees that are currently being charged at the markets and bus stations would soon be reviewed to ensure that only council approved levies and fees are charged.

“The Minister emphatically stated that the Ministry will further work alongside the Ministry of Home Affairs to unveil the names of perpetrators of criminal activities that were taking place in markets and bus stations,” Mr. Ngulube added.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by the Ministry of Local Government Public Relations Officer, Chila Namaiko.


  1. PF secretariat was getting a cut from those illegal collections…….

    Bill them. Let PF payback every ngwee of GRZ money and payback for every GRZ facility used that opposition parties did not use……….

    Hopefully even the backers of that criminal organisation, the PF will drop them….

  2. Okay we hear you. In my district all markets and parking areas levies are collected by the council but I have noticed one thing that is the collectors pocket most of the money. The trick is instead of charging you the legal five Kwacha, they get two Kwacha without issuing a receipt. I always insist on paying K5 and get a receipt. Their inspectors are just as bad like the UBZ inspector

  3. How is he getting excited?
    Did you see a signed notice from his office requesting marketeers to stop paying levies? You sound bitter.
    Bwana, accept that your corrupt, violent, and disorganised party lost the elections even after rigging.

  4. What’s that picture in office for? Seriously…. only idyots pose in that way. Be like Milupi… SIMPLE richman.
    Yaa I said the other day, Gary’s behavior is like Bwanamukubwa Chanda when he was appointed as the Minister of water and sewage.


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