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Water shortage resolved next month

General News Water shortage resolved next month

Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company (LWSC) has confirmed that the 150 million United States dollars Kafue bulk water project will be commissioned in the second week of October 2021.

LWSC Managing Director Jonathan Kampata disclosed to ZANIS that the project is at 98 percent and could have been finished if not for the delay in the delivery of some equipment.

Mr. Kampata stated that the interruption to complete the water project is due to the delayed delivery of four transformers from China and India that have been stuck at ports due to congestion.

Mr. Kampata explained that the four transformers are expected to arrive in the country next week in readiness for testing and connection.

“The Major equipment which we are waiting for is the four transformers which are already in transit and will be arriving in the country next week, once these components are connected to power, the plant will be in full operation,” he noted.

Mr. Kampata disclosed that once the remaining components are connected, the challenge of water in Lusaka will be resolved.

“The challenges of water and sanitation services will soon be the thing of the past in Lusaka Province. The US$150 million, Kafue bulk water project, will be operational in October 2021 and it will bring relief to consumers in accessing water service,” said.

Mr. Kampata observed that over 480 thousand people in Lusaka want running water from their taps and the Water Company is working towards commissioning the project.

He explained that the company will not relent in improving water and sanitation services in the Province despite the huge demand for the commodity.

“We are way aware of the need to complete this project quickly, the constraints have been beyond our control, in terms of the supply chain interruption, in terms of having the equipment on time is what delayed the project mainly,” he stated.

Mr. Kampata has also thanked the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited (ZESCO) for working hard towards connecting the project to electricity.

The Kafue Water bulk project will bring relief to areas such as Matero, Mandevu, Chelstone and Kaunda square.

Other places include Kanyama, Kalingalinga, Chilenje, Chalala, and Chelstone, which have been hit with challenges of water.


  1. #4Tikki I was speaking ironically. It’s a long term project which is now coming to fruition. No praises required because that’s why we pay them. We pay them to work for us.

  2. Project conceived under MCC under MMD, delayed and nearly messed up by the PF and finally commissioned by UNPD. This world is interesting baba. But striking water blues with one hammer is what people need. We are one Zambia one Nation One people.

  3. Some comments are not worth reading. How do you praise UPND for this project. This is being shallow minded. You will even praise one who he is puking in the toilet. This is a long term project not initiated by upnd. Let us be serious in giving praises especially this tribal inclined no 1


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