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Emerald Production Watch of Zambia raises eyebrows over Musonda’s cash saga

General News Emerald Production Watch of Zambia raises eyebrows over Musonda’s cash saga

The Emerald Production Watch of Zambia ( EPWZ) says it looks forward to hear embattled Lusaka businesswoman Faith Musonda’s explanation on the alleged emeralds she sold.

The Association president Musa Kafwimbwa says his organization is keenly looking forward to hear Ms Musonda the origin of the emeralds in question she sold.

Mr Musa said in a statement that his association’s Anti- Emerald theft department is concerned on claims by the Lusaka business woman that part of the money found at her house were from sales of emeralds.

“ The Emerald Production Watch of Zambia and the Anti-Emerald theft department lodged is deeply concerned in the matter on which mine produced the emeralds sold, “ he said.

Stating that his organization wants to know who bought the minerals and deposited cash at which bank, Mr Musa said his organisation was looking forward to hear Ms Musonda’s explanation on weather auction channels of emeralds were followed and if taxes were paid.

The EPWZ president revealed in the statement that his organization has records of emerald auction and which mine produces the precious minerals.

He says they would want to check the records and the ministry of mines if the claim is genuine.

Police this week recovered K 65 , 330 000 and USDS 57 350 at Ms Musonda’s residence in new Kasama residential area after a tip off from members of the general public.

The embattled businesswoman accompanied by her Lawyer Makebi Zulu yesterday appeared before the police for interrogation.


  1. Please correct the figure LT it’s not 65,330, 00 you need to Include the other zero it’s 65,330,000. Not are mere 6 million but K65 million

  2. Whether she sold emeralds or she sourced the funds from any business venture , ZRA first needs to access her annual tax returns for the past 5 years.
    In her case its either money laundering or Tax evasion.
    Currently their is a monetary fine of 52.5% of the tax amount evaded plus interest at the Bank of Zambia rate of 5% will be applied with an option for a jail sentence.

  3. Just go to lufwanyama especially on Fridays and you will see the illegal transactions. Most sellers just end up buying Alteza cars and nothing else. There are cars parked near Chief Nkanas village just waiting for these guys as they come from the mines for their weekend holiday. One would have thought that ZP, ZRA and others would have picked this up.

  4. @Trigo, by the end of the month, another zero might be taken away by Sean Tembo, and we will be left with K653.30. I think she will have a tough time producing ZRA receipts and returns. Unless they have asked for more time to go and cook some documents. My biggest worry is that these big institutions such as ZRA are still under PF appointees.

  5. We are all keen to hear and review her evidence. Best advice to the madam is come clean and spill the beans early so we start digging information on the big fish behind this issue. It’s very clear, the nature of business transactions is very suspicious. Bank of Zambia must also explain how it allowed any bank in Zambia to let a citizen hold this much money at home. If we allow this type of things to go on we are in serious problems. Sources of funds need to be explained and traced.

  6. Everybody knows Faiths connection to Edgar China Lungu, so this is a good reason to LIFT the former president’s immunity and get him to Central Police for an interview

  7. The emerald story was a hoax, some kind if joke by Mpanga Ya Mambwe yet many people and institutions have taken it seriously. This is how social media is misleading people.

  8. Emerald business has been made complicated by successive governments in Zambia. Any police officer deployed to the emerald mines suddenly becomes a millionaire. Even the ZCCM police who were seconded there became millionaires. It’s time people started to reveal how they came to ammass such wealth. Looking at the houses people are constructing in Kitwe, tells you that there’s something wrong somewhere. Regardless of their connection people must be made to explain where the money is coming from.

  9. Ms Faith Musonda has to provide a legitimate explanation regarding the source of that cash. If she can do that, the case will end. Otherwise, there is jail term at the end.

    Our memories are still very fresh regarding the seizure of the buried K2 Billion (Unrebased) at Austin Liato’s farm in Lusaka West. He was later convicted for having failed to explain the source of that money and for having suspiciously kept the money. Liato’s case is very much similar to this one for Ms Musonda.

    We are watching the space….

  10. Someone is lying to her that everything will be sorted out…Faith my dear-tell the law enforcement the true story and stay clean. The end result in this regard is jail time…nothing less…I want you to close your eyes for second and imagine, you leaving you New Kasama house to Central Police jail…this will come a reality soon if you don’t make the right decision.
    Trust me…who ever gave you that money for safe keep is not making the calls anymore.

  11. Shes willing to loose half of the cash just to scot free trust me,this world is very interesting when u have money even layers employ themselves i just hope the right thing will be done because with these levels of poverty in zambia anything is possible.I personally just need justice possibly enough taxes should be atleast paid with a fine.

  12. Which emerald buyer carries bags of cash ?

    And if that Senegalese grisly mining company wants to entangle itself in plunder ,……..

    Gonasee , you will lose more……

  13. This story is dead already…..just wasting time nothing will happen to her…and this will be enough proof that in reality nothing has changed….just colors from green to red…they’re all the same…money talks….she won’t spend a single day in jail and she’ll eventually get her money back….mark my words

  14. The problem in this world is that you cannot afford to close all your tracks especially when you know everything is sorted and safe under the protection of politicians. Imagine if PF did not lose the election, this would have never come to light. The story she is selling is definitely a lie and ill conceived. But she has to try to get away but the evidence will be needed otherwise she is in big trouble for many other crimes.

  15. And the reason why am saying that this story is dead is why is she walking around freely….
    1. If the money was seized that means there was an investigation prior and a probable cause…you can’t just get into someone’s house and seize their property without any probable cause

    2. And if there was a probable cause that means she is supposed to be in Police custody or out on Police bond or she should have already seen the judge and out on bail…as things stand she is suspected of committing crime but why is she still walking around freely riding around in Range Rover when infact she’s supposed to be in Police custody or out on Police bond or bail
    3. How do you take evidence and let the suspect go out freely doing her business…because if she wins this case she’s suppose to sue…

  16. And to all foreign donors out there still pouring donations to African countries…this is where all your donations end up…in a pocket of a few Politicians….no wonder they like walking around with begging bowls…..IMF please take note…money ends up in people’s houses in Africa and building 48 houses….UPND AND PF BOTH USELESS

  17. Faith’s case and Liato’s are totally different, Liato by then was a Labour Minister, and faith Never worked in Government…. So how can people compare faith’s case to the Liato’s?
    We know how companies behave when they want to be safe side more especially when there conditions of services are bad.
    and when a minister visit then.. (It’s ukwa bags )..if you know you know


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