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Garry Nkombo saddened by the manner in which persons with disabilities are shunned by society


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Garry Nkombo says he is saddened by the manner in which persons with disabilities are shunned by society.

Mr. Nkombo said people with disabilities need support from both government and other stakeholders.

Mr. Nkombo who is also Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament said this when he received 27 wheelchairs, food and hygiene hampers from IK Charitable Trust in Mazabuka.

Speaking at the same function, Mazabuka Acting District Commissioner, Timothy Mulenga said the beneficiaries come from vulnerable homes with no capacity to procure mobility aids.

And IK Charity Trust Representative, Haroon Ghumra said the request for assistance by the Department of Social Welfare under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services was in line with his organization’s core objectives of direct social welfare benefits for the less privileged members of society.

Meanwhile, Edna Sakala who represented the beneficiaries thanked Mr. Nkombo and the sponsors for the donation.

Ms Sakala appealed for further assistance so that more people with disabilities can benefit.


  1. the issues of disability and the community are well known. we need evidence by this I mean students of social welfare and social work should be engaged in such research and be able to inform relevant authorities. Zambia has the capability to fabricate mobility aids but the authorities show no interest in preference for donate materials they should be change of mindset by the new dawn government.

  2. Boyi Gary change, behaving like a PF for real.
    What is that orange juice for? Why wear a jacket on such a gathering?
    Did the disabled even get a glass of that orange juice in that expensive juice jar?

  3. We people with mobility challenges are very intelligent and thoughtful to say the list. it will take an intelligent leader to notice our capabilities . we are too proud of our post-polio status. our families know us better .

  4. Is this minister just landed at KKIA from Mars? These people have always been maligned so instead of being shocked by their plight formulate ways to help them get out of the misery.

  5. You have been in parliament for over 10 years Garry! I cannot remember what you have done for these people . So sir stop pretending.
    Indeed if you are sad……there are a lot of jobs that can be done by the disabled in the councils. Give them those jobs. Don’t ask me which jobs … the minister….GO AND ASK THEM!!!

  6. Hakainde had the opportunity to appoint just one person with disabilities to parliament. Did he? NOOOOOOOO! And u say you are sad? Shame!!!!

  7. He is just politicking, if he wasn’t, he could have given direction on what he is going to do about the sad state of affairs.

  8. Talk is cheap…this guy is a lunatic…so he has just discovered that they’re people with disabilities in Zambia…this guy is so fake…fake sympathy…He sounds like he just dropped from planet mars

  9. Did PF even admit to this problem in all its 10yrs ? Give Nkombo a break and stop your righteous hypocrisies of attacking the messenger.

  10. Imwe ba mumbwe,stop attacking Gary,
    Someone to convince me if previous government has ever appointed disabled in positions ba kolwe, the answer is Noooooo,,

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