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Mwaliteta’s sentiments goes against President Hichilema’s stance on cadrelism


Kantanshi member of parliament Hon. Dr. Anthony Mumba says UPND Lusaka province chairman Obvious Mwaliteta must apologize to President Hakainde Hichilema for insisting that he is going to set up branches in markets and bus stations.

Speaking when he featured on Hot Breakfast show this morning, Hon. Mumba said Mr. Mwaliteta’s sentiments goes against President Hichilema’s stance on cadrelism.
He said Mr. Mwaliteta is directly challenging the Head of State.

The Kantanshi lawmaker said hooliganism should not be allowed to start in public places such as markets and bus stations.

” This is how cadrelism starts. Why can’t they setup branches in compounds? These cadres won’t just be watching money exchanging because markets and bus stops are trading places. We can’t continue on the same path,” Hon. Mumba said.

” The UPND has not provided any clear way of how these cadres will sustain themselves.We need to have workshops to teach these cadres that life is not just about collecting money because you are a party in government ” he adds.

Hon. Mumba said markets and bus stations are built using taxpayers money and are for the benefit of all citizens and not a select few members of the ruling party.
On Monday the UPND said it will set up branches everywhere, including markets, because there is nothing wrong in doing so.

UPND Lusaka Province chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta, however, said the party’s cadres who will run the branches will not take responsibility of collecting revenue in markets but to maintain order.

Mr Mwaliteta said it is only fair for people who worked hard to see the party in Government to benefit from available empowerment initiatives.

“My cadres will have branches everywhere, including the markets, the only thing they will not do is to take over operations of the council,” he said.


  1. Traffic light change from green to red…so exit PF Bandits enter UPND Bandits….proving that Politicians have one thing in common…ALL LIARS…and HH knows what Mwaliteta was saying and so HH is also part of the every word that Mwaliteta said….How come in UPND everyone can just issue statements without the President knowing about it….useless leadership

  2. Every Zambian trusted you
    But here you are forgetting all the promises you made ..
    The same people who played blame games on the previous government are heading towards the same things the others were blamed for
    You politicians are hard to trust ..
    We shall have a long 5 years. Literally Zambians voted for PF out on three things
    1. Carderhism and political party interference in everything
    2. Corruption and theft
    3. Unemployment and bad fiscal environment

    Don’t go towards this direct
    Especially the first one as it affects every Zambian anywhere as most Zambians are Traders in markets and stations trying a earn a simple living

    Don’t shame us and don’t make ZAMBIANS regrets change in one way or another

  3. This is now becoming a joke of a government….with its baby President…and after Saulosi pointed it out….baby President finally stopped wearing surgical gloves….so if i may ask…what was the purpose of walking around wearing surgical gloves

  4. is this the president’s directive or Mwaliteta’s unilateral decision? There needs to be an official rebuttal to this nonsense and Mwaliteta put in his place quickly.
    If not, then there is a huge problem.

  5. At City Of Lusaka Football Club, if a Coach makes a stupid substitution we say ‘Achosa Mbuzi ayikamo Mbelele!!This is exactly what Zambians did on that stupid Thursday.

  6. Let them psy rent for using council premises then they can set up as many branches they want or and by the way pf will also set up branches

  7. Ba Sarah@6, there has been no rebuttal of mwaliteta’s statement from anyone in the upnd leadership, including the president. Ba Garry nkombo simply said people have”misunderstood” what mwaliteta said. We watched him on video and heard him say what he said.
    If we have misunderstood his statement, what then did he say??

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