Friday, February 23, 2024

Minister of Green Economy calls for enhanced public private partnership


Government has called on the private sector to partner with it in developing the country’s economy.

Minister of Green Economy, Collins Nzovu says it is important for the private sector players to bring on board their various ideas to participate fully in growing the economy.

Mr Nzowa was speaking when Italian Ambassador to Zambia Antonino Maggiore paid a courtesy call on him at his office in Lusaka today, where he also implored the Ambassador for enhanced partnerships between the two governments.

“We call upon the Zambian companies to come on board. This is a chance we have. Let us learn what conditions will be put in place for us to participate fully. We want real partnerships and real jobs”, he said.

Mr Nzowa said it is gratifying that the Italian government is supporting the new government policies.

He assured the Italian delegation that President Hakainde Hichilema has zero tolerance to corruption.

Mr Nzowa assured that any resources coming from Italy to Zambia will be properly and effectively managed.

“Every resource that comes to Zambia will be put to projects that will have good costs, market costs and that the projects will be implemented according to the right quality and timely completion.

He commended the Italian government for projects that are currently being implemented In Zambia amounting to 3 million United States Dollars.

He said government would like to see that the various projects benefit all the Zambian people.

Mr Nzowa called for further strengthening of the two country’s bilateral relations.

Speaking at the same event, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) Elias Mubanga said he was grateful to the Italian government for the proposal initiated to support Zambia.

Mr. Mubanga said the Small and Medium Enterprises in the country play a vital role and that government will strive to support their endeavors.

“Government has put in place measure that will ensure growth. Very soon you will see more cooperation between the Italian government and private sectors with the Zambian community”, he said.

And Italian Ambassador to Zambia Antonino Maggiore noted that Zambia and Italy share strong bilateral relations dating back in time memorial.

Mr. Maggiore commended government for prioritising the Small and Medium Enterprises and the Green Economy ministries as key drivers to growing the country’s economy.

He said it is important to create and build an economy that is sustainable and provides security to the future generation.

The Italian Ambassador noted that his government places high importance on the newly created ministries and that the objectives resonate with the aspirations of his government.

Mr. Maggiore called for the creation of more joint ventures to contribute to the growth of the private sector between the two countries.


  1. Ati Green economy and you immediately launch into bilateral nonsense. What happens to your faculties of environment and conservation in universities. Start inside then go outward … unless I have missed something. Vima model vakudala you will end up like crooks shunting stolen donations all over the globe. A mambala.

  2. These pops on this PF website is simply annoying. Hire UPND ministers, they nothing to do in those offices.
    Can these lazy UPND ministers help clean up LT?

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