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Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu warns Police Officers still mounting road blocks


Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu has warned that his ministry will not tolerate any traffic police officers defying instructions not to mount roadblocks.

Mr. Mwiimbu said the police can still exercise their duty of ensuring law and order on roads using various ways such as mobile patrols and cameras.

He was speaking in an interview with journalists shortly after officiating at the 20th edition of the All-Tonga Music Festival hosted by Radio Chikuni in Monze.

The minister has emphasized that instructions were given by his ministry and he expects all police officers to adhere and abide by the law.

“Those who are abusing the law and the instructions which have been given should not blame anybody when the whip is cracked,” he warned.

The music festival, which is an annual event, could not take place last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same event, representative for the Apostolic administration for the Monze Diocese, Miyoba Maanya said the concert is an opportunity to raise awareness on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Father Maanya has since called on the people of Monze to cooperate with government as it offers free Covid-19 vaccines.

“Let us continue to encourage everyone to get vaccinated in order to avoid further loss of life and as we continue to pray for God’s intervention,” Fr. Maanya said.

And chief Moonze of the Tonga people in Monze has urged his subjects to ignore myths about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The traditional ruler has emphasised that the vaccine is meant to save lives as opposed to some myths that it kills.

The music festival was held under the theme “Zyaluminwa Zilayanzana”, which is translated as “United we stand, divided we fall”.


  1. It’s always difficult to rid of bad habits. Those roadblocks were such a nuisance that your stance is a great relief. You can imagine just to drive from Lusaka town centre to Kafue a distance of about 40km would take almost 2hrs. If you start of from Down Town you’ll find at least 2 check points before you reach Makeni junction. 2 roadblocks before Chilanga ie Sandy’s and Chilanga police; another 2 before Shimabala one just as you leave Chilanga and another at Lukamantano. 1 at Yash and another at the railway line as you enter Kafue. If you’re proceeding then you endure 3 others within Kafue. Was that necessary? NO! It just slowed down the economy so I support the stance taken by Jack Mwiimbu. Please don’t back out. You can imagine what we used to go through those of us who usually…

  2. Minister please introduce big visible name tags on police uniforms, we still have hard cores who are still mounting roadblocks. I also remember that PF started like this in 2011 and stopped roadblocks but slowly Police were back on the road mounting roadblocks, where the motivation is money it is difficult to stop, remember the Police have taken the bribes as part of their salary, these evil thieves in uniform

  3. We know how these things work, Traffic Police will be back on the roads, remember Zambia Police traffic police are like street vendors, they know where the money is found

  4. Mr Jack Mwiimbu mounting roadblocks against a directive is illegal …why should you issue warnings? This is a sackable offence …this reminds me of LAZY LUNGU’s of perpetual warnings everyday. What happened to the Dept that was going to investigate corruption in ZP as stated by the IG.

  5. If you lived in Ndola town, you would think there was a state of emergence, it ad the highest number of roadblocks on any given day in the guiness book of records. Mark this town. In Kitwe the traffic police were hiding in shrubs in Nkana East waiting for cars not stopping on stop signs, maybe these should continue though they looked like poachers being in shrubs

  6. Seriously, where will be traffic officers report to work? Where are their working stations?
    Give them motor bikes and cars to ride around then. And most them let them be on traffic lights to help those villagers who have difficulties to cross roads.

  7. If you have already given a directive why giving warning? Just act remember you are the government now and not the opposition to be issuing warnings. Ba Police remember Lungu build houses for you and now look at what is happening.

  8. I would also like the new parliament to revise some archaic laws. You always harass foreign vehicles for not having those silly stickers you put on your cars. Visiyeni ivo vakudala vima ujeni. We should reduce this to checking discs and drivers licenses kwasila.

  9. They will continue mounting road blocks remember most of them are PF cdares in uniform, they are very defiant these chaps


  11. Is it possible to find a police traffic officer whom you can ask for the direction when you are lost? Police traffic Officers are busy looking for unnecessary offenses and offenders to make money than giving guidance. One is more secured and protected to ask from the police officer than a stranger on the street. It is strange in Zambia that there is no caution and reminding the motorist to report to the nearest police station after fixing the faulty part of the vehicle. Anything faulty, one is delayed and made to pay. There is a lot to do and to remind police officers to be cultured

  12. Thank you sir for stopping these policemen from mounting these roadblocks. It’s the best thing the new dawn government has done. The previous minister did not bother to listen to the cries of the public and was happy to allow these cops to mount roadblocks all over the country. People suffered a lot from those cops. Therefore we are thankful for this decision bwana minister. You have liberated us.

  13. In the UK Police address citizens as Sir or Madam, here in Zambia it is the citizens calling Polic as Sir and madam, you have to call them bwana to escape their wrath

  14. If there is one institution which is difficult to control is the the Zambia Police Service because its officers operate loosely. Once the officers are out in the field they make their own decisions and that is the reason they have kept on making random /snap road blocks. The best the Hon Jack Mwiimbu and the Police Command is to be proactive to be on top of things.

  15. Be careful how you deal with police foot soldiers. They will be demoralised and crime rates will rise and crime investigation will stall. Before you stop road blocks improve the poor policemen remuneration. Give them allowances for walking the beat and patrolling out of office. So the same money they used to earn corruptly through road blocks can be earned legally. I would suggest that a certain percentage of money a police officer raises in fines should be given to the officer. We tip waiters why cannot we tip policemen? Let us start a unique system in the world where policemen can earn over and above their salary when they catch criminals.

  16. How about closing in on mini bus who stop anywhere and cause serious accidents like the at Chingwere turn over the weekend

  17. Sorry, I meant “How about closing in on mini bus drivers who stop anywhere and cause serious accidents like the at Chingwere turn over the weekend”

  18. Even while mobile, they will still extort bribes. It’s the public to blame. I was going to Wusakile on a minibus and noticed that it had no fitness. I asked the driver to let me out on account of the bus not fit to be on the road. Instead of supporting me my fellow passengers started to hurl insults saying that I was delaying them. See if we all team up no one will ask for bribes

  19. Ba minister mwakolewa? mobile patrols and cameras? In Zambia? All the money that can buy cameras and police patrol cars and bikes goes into police officers’ pockets. We all know this. Police need policing because most police believe they joined the force to get rich. If you have any job it is to clean up the police force

  20. The Minister is on point in trying to stop thieving Police Officers yet some FOOLS here keep bringing PF into the issue…useless morons

  21. Zambian police is the most CORRUPT force in Africa. You just don’t get rid of a very lucrative hobby like making MONEY!

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