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Monday, November 15, 2021

Solwezi General Hospital refutes reports that it is turning away people for a COVID-19 jab

Health Solwezi General Hospital refutes reports that it is turning away people for...

Solwezi general hospital Medical Superintendent in North-western province, Namwaka Mukunyandela has dispelled rumours in sections of society that the facility is turning away people seeking COVID-19 vaccines.

Denying the rumours claiming that his hospital is not turning people away but some members of the public, Dr Mukunyandela clarifies that it is some members of the general public themselves who are shunning the readily available Astrazeneca vaccine in preference to Johnson and Johnson, a once off dose, which is currently out of stock.

Dr Mukunyandela said an interview in Solwezi today that the rumour is misleading as no one is being turned away from receiving the vaccine.

“Johnson and Johnson ( vaccine ) started as a once off dose and it has been liked by many as the preferred vaccine for covid-19 but unfortunately as a hospital we have run out of this”, Dr Mukunyandela said.

When people are get to the hospital, they are told that so far the hospital only has AstraZeneca, they are shunning it, she said.

Dr Mukunyandela said people are shunning AstraZeneca vaccine because they know that they have to take the dose twice.

She further said that there is still that initial belief among the people about the side effect of AstraZeneca of leading to death and blood clot.

“I am aware there is a report that people feel that they are being chased or turned away from Solwezi general hospital…but I would like to dispel this belief.

“Currently for Solwezi general hospital we have AstraZeneca vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine is two doses… so you take the first dose after six weeks to eight weeks then you take the second dose…and many people are avoiding this”, Dr Mukunyandela said.

She called on members of the public not to fear to go and get AstraZeneca vaccine, saying from the time they starting administering the vaccine in April, 2021, the hospital has not recorded any adverse effects on anyone.

Dr. Mukunyandela has therefore encouraged everyone to go for AstraZeneca vaccine as it is available at the hospital.

President Hakainde Hichilema, a week ago relaunched the COVID-19 vaccination program with the aim of targeting 70 percent of the eligible population.

Mr Hichilema said having people vaccinated was critical if the fight against the pandemic was to succeed.


  1. Maybe Solwezi hospital doesn’t turn people away, but Chongwe hospital definitely does! I’ve been there SIX times now, on SIX different days, and everytime I was turned away. While the MoH website says there’s vaccines available. NOT!

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