Tuesday, June 18, 2024

FRA Buys an additional of 400,000 metric tons of maize to avoid wastage of the staple food-VEEP


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has announced that government through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has bought an additional of 400,000 metric tons of maize to avoid wastage of the staple food,

The Vice President said despite the good rainfall during the last farming season, the previous regime only planned to buy 500, 000 metric tomes from farmers threatening the food security as more maize was going to waste due to high corruption practices.

Mrs Nalumango said this in Chisamba at a meeting to drum up support for UPND candidate Fred Choong for this Thursday Council Chairperson bye election.

“The former ruling party promised to start distributing farming inputs in August but they had nothing in stock until the new dawn government started mobilizing resources to procure more and farmers have now started collecting their inputs,” she said.

The Veep explained that voting PF is retarding development because the former regime failed to development the area for the past 10 years they were in government.

“I appeal to the people of Chisamba to vote for the UPND candidate to alleviate the sufferings you have gone through in the past years,” said the Vice President

And Chisamba Member of Parliament Kasanda Chushi says it is time for the people of Chisamba to move forward to end the suffering they have gone through.


  1. Right…… so the FRA now gets into trading into the commodity. That will give a handsome profit! That will go a long way in paying off all the debts that Edgar China Lungu has left behind!

  2. 2011 we had elections and change of government but we received fertilizer in September and FRA had bought all the maize. Up to now we haven’t received the FISP and it’s already raining. PF may have been corrupt but very efficient with FISP. I hear that Upnd think that the dealers are PF supporters, so are we going to derail the process because of political affiliations?

  3. Some things in Lusaka, how can you ask “whose budget”?
    Good job Ba Nalumango, now grind those maize and flood the market with roller meal.

  4. This government is the worst at doing work quick, they are always slow, slow in doing anything including arresting thieves they suspect to be looters according to their accusations, however no one is called a thief until proved by the courts of law.
    Zambians are still waiting to see how intelligent the managers of this administration are , as they were bragging about during elections, they have proved themselves that they are no match to PF.


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