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Serenje Town Council summons Investor allegedly forcing locals to sell him their land


Serenje Town Council has summoned proprietor of Blacksters Farm, Nico Anderson, to give his submissions over reports that he is allegedly forcing people of Fipese area in Chibale chiefdom of Serenje district, to sell him their land.

Families that have refused to give in said they are facing eviction from the South African investor and are calling on President Hakainde Hichilema to intervene.

Serenje Town Council Secretary Caroline Mphande could not comment over the alleged eviction but confirmed that the local authority has received complaints from the people of Fipese over land wrangles.

Mrs Mphande told ZANIS that the council has since summoned the investor who has operating in the area for the past five years to make submissions over the reported land wrangle in Fipese.

Meanwhile, Chief Chibale also expressed ignorance over the land wrangle between his subjects and Mr Nico Anderson.

Chief Chibale wondered why his subjects could not seek his intervention in the matter.

And Blacksters proprietor Nico Anderson said he will give a comprehensive statement after a meeting with the local authority.


  1. This is nonsense. How possible is it that someone can be forced to sell land against their will. There are cases on the copperbelt where people sell land to the Chinese but after finishing the money they turn around to claim that land was grabbed from them.

  2. There is no doubt that the South African investor is forcing local people to sell their land to him or else face evictions knowing and having worked with South Africans, they have high appetite to acquire as much land as they given an chance. For his Highness Chief Chibale to express ignorance I can smell a rat. The govt should step in otherwise the locals are going to evicted. Historically the boers are the only people that waged bloody wars over land South of the Equator, that investor should be checked at the earliest possible time.

  3. Why do we entertain such racists? Give a statement? My foot! Send him and his packing. Give him huge bill for anguish caused to those poor villagers

  4. We have eyes but can not see.You can’t see that those rocks are minerals? That’s why the clever SA man wants the land,,,,,WAKE UP!!!!

  5. @Deja Vu you are right. Most of these Zambians who claim they are been forced are just lazy and ungrateful beings wanting to people to sympathise with them. They sell land and late come back and say they were forced. I am a zambian and of course not white and i bought land in chingola then left it in the hands of my mum and dad and came to Lusaka to search for a job and thank God i got. 2 years download the line one the sisters to the person i sold the land from only to conspire with some council worker in the planning department to have me arrested that i forced their brother to sell land to me. It was a shocking turn of events. But am glade justice prevailed

  6. Zambians are too sheepish, especially when they see Mzungu. How can mubunu intimidate you, kamani! Ponona muntu wa ngelete

  7. How can someone force you to sell your property???? I agree with @4 Hex…it’s impossible…is it at gun point…these individuals sold their land willingly and then they claim they were forced…exactly what hunger can do…i know Villagers are always desperate for cash…

  8. Too many colonized, self hating Zambians here ready to defend a Boer even before he makes a statement. Sad sad and very sad. That’s why we sell our mines at 25m usd on nkogonle and buy them back at 1.5 billion USD. Mis-educated fools.

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