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Government suspends debt swap recovery


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has announced that the debt swap recovery on civil servants has been suspended.

Mrs Nalumango said there will be no more deductions from owing civil servants by government who were affected and that all those affected will be refunded before the November salaries.

The Vice President was responding to the Leader of the Opposition Brian Mundubile during the Vice President’s Question time who wanted to know what permanent solution government had for the civil servants as the minister of Finance delivers the National budget next week.

Mrs. Nalumango explained that government has signed with the public service unions to suspend the recoveries that were initiated.

She stated that currently government is running on the Patriotic Front budget and collective agreement and negotiations are underway.

The Vice President added that government will re-look at the entire initiative and its effectiveness as they come up with a permanent solution.

She said the civil servants play a key role in service delivery.

Meanwhile the Vice President congratulated the Patriotic Front for retaining the Kaumbwe and Lusangazi Parliamentary elections.


  1. Why is it that CS have not power in decision making over their own Salaries and payslip? We understand the unions but unions equally need to consult its members before agreeing to any action affecting/denting the pay slips. As much as i perceive it all, Debt swap was done INDOORs and it has affected CSs negatively because it was politically driven…all the penaulties initiated by rending institutions are secondery to poor political decision making and it is at the most inconviniencing.

  2. Part of the reason Zambia needs such election results as those from Kaumbwe and Lusangazi is so that the UPND government does not ride roughshod over the people the way it tried to do with civil servants over debt swap. The UPND government should have bothered to interrogate how the debt swap came about and the legality of the initiative especially that it is in the collective agreement. But all the UPND did was to dismiss it as a political ploy of the former government meant to win it support from civil servants without bothering to find out about the genesis of the initiative. Veep Nalumango was even on record arrogantly telling civil servants that they did not expect government to pay back what they had borrowed in their personal capacities when the idea of a debt swap was intended to…

  3. …put civil servants on favourable terms with micro-financial institutions to which they were going to pay back the accrued loans after GRZ had paid loans on their behalf to commercial banks.

  4. “INTENTIONAL GROUNDING. It is a foul for intentional grounding if a passer, facing an imminent loss of yardage because of pressure from the defense, throws a forward pass without a realistic chance of completion.”

    What’s supports principles governing in pronouncement in your UPND GRZ sphere?

  5. Whoever in here is amongst the so called 2.8. Mwalitulisha Chikanda Wakocha.
    The worst Decision Zambians made.
    21st Century 57 years old and we are entertaining indecisiveness from the top man?.
    Muna tigonga.
    And now seer one comes back to tell you in your face that you don’t see but only hear. Edgar worked but you never saw only heard of his corruption.


  6. Leader of the Opposition Brian Mundubile during the Vice President’s Question time

    We thought Mundubile was mentioned in the Faith Musonda’s companies any connections to the loot found in Faith’s Kasama House?

  7. Why is that the VP keeps on dodging this question and gives civil servants generalized answers. If govt wants to cancel the debt swap just come out in the plain and tell the civil servants and give them their allowances than hiding behind that office and keep the civil servants guessing.
    Its in my opinion that this government either cares less about its civil servants or hates the debt swap deal.
    First and foremost, no knows which official made the pronouncement that the debt swap was cancelled. It was in daily mail with very few details. It was not on even on ZNBC the official GOVT mouth piece. There was no formal document put in writing to detail the debt swap cancellation. The President was quiet, VP quiet and even the secretary to the cabinet quiet.
    However confirmation was only…

  8. Chipantepante govt. You suspend an initiative simply because it was done by PF, but you run back to the same thing. Umungulu weka.

  9. I’m confused with the upnd when we ask them about their campaign promises they say “we still using the of budget” but why have they suspended the debt swap which was initiated in the of budget?I think it’s an fair.

  10. Debt swap makes sense to a truly pro-poor government but not a pro-capitalist government. We just say it was a political gimmick by PF to win elections but completely ignore the poor public worker entangled in debts and is almost contemplating suicide for failing to provide for his family. Please let’s consider before we make any judgement or decision. People borrow for various reasons, ministers inclusive.

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