Saturday, June 15, 2024

Labour Unions Welcome Debt Swap Recovery Suspension


The labour movement in North-western province has expressed happiness over government’s decision to suspend the debt swap deductions on its members.

Professionals Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) provincial chairperson, Gilly Kakunta says his union is grateful to the government for rescinding its position to continue deductions the debt swap recovery from his union members.

Mr Kakunta said in an interview that the union is happy that the government has rescinded its decision to recover the debt swap.

“Now that government has rescinded its decision and promised to work with the unions throughout in as far as debt swap is concerned we are grateful, that is how the government is supposed to operate,” he said.

Mr Kakunta said the decision also shows how the new dawn government is committed to improving the welfare of the teachers.

Government and public service unions yesterday has issued a joint media statement announcing the suspension of debt swap recoveries from public service employees who benefited from the debt swap..

“Following concerns from public service employees on the recovery of monies advanced to them in July and August, 2021 as part of the debt swap implementation process, it has been agreed between government and the public service unions to suspend the recoveries.

“Consequently all monies deducted from the employees will be refunded before November, 2021 salaries are processed”, reads the statement in part.

The parties agreed to continue discussing the debt swap scheme as agreed in the collective agreement and therefore, urged all public sector employees to remain calm and their matter is receiving due attention.


  1. But what has this union’s mother body said on this issue…there seems to be no coherence with these unions. The supported this debt swap without even clearly explaining to their members that its the same govt that put them in this mess by not remitting their funds to the commercial banks. Members of these unions need to vote in new leaders!!

  2. I might be going at a target to the subject matter of discussion here. But am really interested to know what labour movements in Zambia are doing, to help voiceless employees being quarantined against their will, or coersed into quarantine by threat of job loss? Some of these men have not seen their wives and children since April 2020, because their employers fear they will bring back Covid-19!?? The men are confined to their employer’s compounds or factories – How can this be alright, in a country espousing human rights? It’s inhumane treatment & should not be tolerated. Labour movements/government, please help the men go home to their families and also retain their jobs; because that’s the law & right thing to do!

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