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7 people die in fatal road accident in Kapiri Mposhi


Seven people have died on the spot in Kapiri Mposhi District of Central Province while nine other are battling for their lives.

Central Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Donald Mwandila, has confirmed the fatal accident in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe and said nine other victims are battling for their lives in Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital.

Mr Mwandila said the accident happened around 07:00 hours at Green Leaf area about eight kilometers away from Fredrick Chiluba Toll Plaza along the Great North Road following a head on collision between two trucks.

He said the accident happened as the driver of the Fuso Truck who was believed to be carrying a family on transfer tried to overtake improperly and in the process collided with an oncoming freightliner truck which was laden with timber from Kasumbalesa.

“The fatal accident happened around 07:00 hours at Green Leaf along the great North road involving unknown driver of unknown age who was driving a Fuso Truck registration number ABZ 1598 from South to North with 16 passengers on board and Silas Ng’andu aged 63 of Lusaka John Leigh who was driving freightliner Registration ABK 7843/AAG 5236T from North to South with two passengers on board,” Mr Mwandila confirmed.

He disclosed that six people from the Fuso truck died on the spot while one died at Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital.

He added that nine victims have been seriously injured among them three female juveniles, three female adults and three male adults and have been admitted to Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital.

Mr Mwandila said the corpses have been deposited at Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital mortuary.

And a ZANIS crew that rushed to the scene found that both vehicles were extensively damaged.

However, some people who were found helping out at the accident scene have appealed to government to consider bringing back police road blocks so that there is sanity on the road.

Green leaf Chairperson, Enoch Kapindula, said there is need to bring back the police on the roads because there was too much misbehaving by drivers immediately after the directive by the minister of Home Affairs to ban road blocks.


  1. LT Once you put the word die there is no need to put the word fatal in your title. You say 7 people die in a road accident, once there is death it is already fatal. Die and fatal mean the same thing, once there is death it is already fatal. so you cant use death and fatal in the same sentence. However, sad news

    • Chizungu ichi, just like I heard some reporter on Diamond news saying seeking for, seeking never goes with the word for, you seek something, you don’t seek for something. for example you seek votes you don’t seek for votes

  2. I’ve lost my grandson in this accident. It’s terrible. Apart from human error, the road is very bad. NRFA must justify why it should continue to collect tolls on such a road

    • Boza. UPND cant be compared with the worst government which has just be rejected by more than half of the electorates, keep consoling yourself you who was wishing you were Henry

  3. Iwe Enoch Kapindula the accident has got nothing to do with the Police mounting the Road Block collecting money. What kind of shallow thinking is that.

  4. Driving in zambia is a death sentence. That is why I fly when am in zambia instead of driving long distance

  5. @Zambiano you are absolutely right. So sad, MTSRIP. Now how can corruption and bribes stop road accidents?. Most accidents are caused by poor judgement by one of the drivers involved. This is of course is a result of low IQ, beer, drugs or a combination of both. The worst thing is that many times passengers in Zambia would be quite even when they can see that their lives are are at stake by the dangerous driving of their driver. The solution is to educate the public to be risk averse rather than bringing back unpopular sham road blocks.

  6. The sadness doesn’t ebb! A few days ago, nine people died in an accident – blamed on speed and driver error. This time, an accident has taken 7 lives; also apparently caused by erroneous driving! Will there be a year, when lives won’t be lost on Zambian roads? It’s unacceptable.

    Why do our drivers frequently fail to recognise danger posed by making certain maneuvers on busy roads!!? There seems to be a ‘common’ outrageously cavalier attitude to driving in Zambia. People drink and drive. There is little regard for other drivers, and total disregard for human life. Would I be wrong in saying there is a deficit in the way drivers are trained? And why won’t the police mount random breathalyser road blocks? The whole situation is truly sad & disheartening.

  7. I have noticed that main causes of accidents in Zambia is lack of driving skills. I have witnessed most drivers overtaking on blind spots. Apparently this is very normal on our roads. And believe me this is the main cause of accidents in Zambia. Also the drivers will overtake vehicles when they feel like and have no regards to the oncoming traffic. These are the two leading causes of serious accidents.
    I would recommend most drivers on our roads to go to driving schools and it has nothing to do with the conditions of the road.

  8. Most of he drivers on Zambian roads are not skilled because in the past there was much corruption at RTSA where those that sought driver’ licenses just paid some kangono and it was deal done. Even converting from small vehicle to a truck was just the same. Mot people have called for restoration of road blocks at certain points and even Njombe the comedian raised similar concern. Why can’t Hon Jackson Mwiimbu, Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister reverse the status quo. I am sure most the people that perished are our brothers and sister who take their mbuzi and ba nzolo ku Kililaombwe for sell to Congolese businessmen. Ba Hon. Jack that decision to do away with road blocks has not been received well by the general public who are the main road users. Reserve the decision it is not…

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