Water Resources Management Authority happy with Revised Borehole Application and Registration Fees

UPND borehole project in Lundazi

Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) says it welcomes government’s decision to realign the borehole application and registration fees for domestic users.

Stating that the gesture is of goodwill to the Zambian People, the Authority says it is obliged to support government’s efforts of improved access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation services as stipulated in the Water Resources Management Act NO. 21 of 2021.

WARMA Public Relations Officer Mubiana Nalwendo saying in a statement last evening that the Authority has applauded the upward adjustment in the 2022 budgetary allocation to the water and sanitation sector.

Mr Nalwendo stated that the adjustment is another indication of governments devotion to supporting the country’s socio-economic growth for the benefit of all Zambia.

“The budgetary allocation which we describe as significant in actualizing our mandate, comes at the right time when WARMA is in the process of formulating its 2022 to 2026 Strategic Plan.

“ The upward adjusted budgetary allocation to the sector will aid the authority in accelerating the attainment of the National Vision 2030 and targeted Sustainable Development Goals,” he said.

He noted that the increment will re-energize the Authority’s long-term commitment of promoting a dynamic, integrated, participatory and multi-sectoral approach to water resources management and development.

Mr Nalwendo further congratulated President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration for a successful all-inclusive budget preparation and subsequent presentation for the year 2022.

He explained that the 2022 budget clearly indicates governments commitment to embarking on a steady trajectory of economic recovery.

He added that the budget’s theme ‘Growth, jobs and taking Development closer to the people’ gives hope to the agenda of transforming the country’s economy and placing people at the centre of national development.

He further urged domestic water users wishing to drill boreholes must continue applying and registering with WARMA for sustainable management and regulation of water resources.

Mr Nalwendo noted that the Authority will engage and sensitize the public particularly the domestic users on government’s pronouncement, interpretation and expectations.


  1. Very poorly written story. Explain to the reader what has happened. How much did drilling a borehole in a certain place cost before? And now? You take someone s speech and just relay it to us?

  2. Nothing works in Zambia. The ACC doesn’t work, State House doesn’t work, FAZ doesn’t work and reporters don’t work. Who will save this country?

  3. It’s funny how people are just quick to praise even someone’s dream…mostly these are just proposals but you hear people jumping up and down not even knowing what they’re jumping up and down for….and Politicians like to play on people’s minds and Zambians have become prey….just telling them beans all day

  4. Realign to what exactly? What are the changes? Will the application process be less convoluted – to what period, will it cost less – to how much…?? Can we be factual? This report is just “spiel” on a reel!

    #plant a tree now!

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