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Zambia Evacuates 31 of its nationals out of Ethiopia as rebel conflict heightens


The Zambian government has become the first on the continent to evacuate its nationals out of Ethiopia over security concerns in that country.

The United Nations has warned that there is a risk that the conflict in Ethiopia might descend into a full-blown civil war.

Earlier today, the Zambian government chartered an Ethiopian airlines commercial aircraft in order to evacuate 31 of its citizens living in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The evacuation comes as Ethiopia teeters on the edge of outright civil war over the worsening conflict in the Tigray region.

President Hakainde Hichilema confirmed that he ordered the evacuation.

“Fellow Zambians, on my orders, we have today safely evacuated our fellow citizens from Ethiopia. We thank the Ethiopian authorities for their cooperation and everyone involved in this operation. We pray that the conflict in Ethiopia is resolved as soon as possible,” President Hichilema said.

He has since called on the African Union and the United Nations to work with the Ethiopian Authorities to quickly address the situation.

“We will remain fully engaged on the matter as a conflict free Africa is good for everyone. For us, the life of our Zambian citizens matter wherever they are, we will do everything to get them home safely when faced with insecurity.”

Zambians being Evacuated out of Ethiopia
Zambians being Evacuated out of Ethiopia

President Hichilema’s move has pleased the affected Zambians who were staying in that country.

One such citizen, Brenda Chikwe Helen Mofya, shared her joy over the airlift on social media, praising President Hakainde Hichilema for his decisive action.

“Bally is the one,” she wrote. “He won’t charter plane for his presidential trips but charters one to rescue citizens in Ethiopia. Leadership!

Her comments refer to President Hichilema’s recent trips to New York and Glasgow, for which he booked seats on a commercial flight rather than using the presidential jet.

According to the UN’s head of political and peace-building affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, no aid trucks have reached Tigray’s capital Mekelle since October, despite seven million people being in urgent need of food aid. 400,000 of these people are already living under famine-like conditions.

The UN’s Security Council has called for troops and militias to withdraw from the area to enable access to much needed food and medicine.

Speaking to the council yesterday, the African Union’s envoy to the Horn of Africa, Olusegun Obasanjo, said he had met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the leader of the Tigray region Debretsion Gebremichael.

He said both sides had agreed the conflict was political but there had been no mention of direct talks.

Zambians being Evacuated out of Ethiopia
Zambians being Evacuated out of Ethiopia


  1. It is very nice to read that the Govt has step such an important step to safeguard the plight of the Zambians. This is good because even as we stay live abroad, we are encouraged that the govt know where we are and able to help us in such circumstances. Now the govt should take a step further by poaching the graduates from abroad and lure them back home.

  2. Now PF cadres : Since when did Zambia evacuate its citizens from danger? Mind u when COVID-19 began I watched many Zambians chased out of Chinese communities in China sent to the streets, what did your Lungu do? Nothing! Xenophobia in South Africa what did your Lungu do? Nothing. But now we ve Bally who thinks ahead, before things are worse he chartered a plane for our families. 10point to 0. Hahahaha

  3. Some cadre here don’t even believe that indeed it is Zambians that ve been evacuated, cos every time time they heard/read of evacuations, it was always Americans or British government etc. Nizoona ka, ni Zed this time Yemene yachita evacuation.

  4. Is it not a wonderful thing that without conflict of any kind back home, our fellow Zambians get to fly back home and be safe? Sadly, few on this platform will make the connection or appreciate the fate of Ethiopia mired in ethnic conflicts, and the carless comments of Sean Tembo and the chaos artist Kambwili hell-bent on making political capital through fermenting ethnic divisions.

  5. Deja Vu – Have you developed amnesia all the sudden? When students were stranded in India did the then govt of Lazy Lungu assist? When people were stuck in China did the govt assist…what is wrong with you people and your hate towards this new govt? Just commend them… is it hard to do so?

  6. Thank you HH for exercising your patriotic duty.Now let’s also evacuate the troll Kaizar Zulu into Mukobeko prison.

  7. Tarino Orange _Please don’t confuse personal induced predicament and the situation in Ethiopia. The Indian situation is different because there’s no war there and those affected simply failed to meet their obligations. All countries are evacuating their people from Ethiopia. Which Zambians have been abandoned in a conflict zone.?

  8. I remember RB fid the same when Libya was at war ..he evavuted zambians from there..on foitball should be felix katingo was among the evacuated

  9. @ Dejavu: so u mean to say that evacuating should only happen when there is war? Upuba wama PF cadres wachila mo bati!

  10. Ah, what a breath of fresh air passing through Zambia! With my country taking care of me, why would I find it difficult to serve my country?!? Bally, mwana wa Zambia!!! You make us proud!

  11. I don’t think the Zambian president worried about Zambian citizens who they are living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia peacefully he just fulfilled his masters order from England and the USA other than that Ethiopians are fighting an African war by them themselves believe or not once IF IF Ethiopians defeated by this proxy war from Arab countries ( Egypt , Sudan ) and western countries, modern colonialization of Africa will resume soon so

  12. What criteria was used to select Addis Ababa and Ethiopia to be home of the continent’s meeting place? Given the history of that region with conflicts, would it be a bad idea to suggest transfer of AU Headquarters to a much stable country like Zambia? Or will it be another battle between the Francophone and English speaking nations nonsense?!

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